Monday, October 31, 2005

Too bad he had to run home to protect his girlfriend

Good thing this guy in South Africa (where guns are very tightly regulated) got home and back with his gun to protect his girlfriend from being raped. In Ohio, hopefully the guy would have been able to stop the situation immediately by carrying.

This does illustrate why some feel you should be able to carry in places that serve alcohol, as long as you don't drink. Most dates involve a stop at such a place, usually in an urban area, usually at night. Would be nice to have the option of self-protection.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another felon behind bars, too bad they didn't get him sooner

This felon shot up a bar in Illinois and killed one, injured another.

He was sentenced to 85-yrs in prison for murder, attempted murder, and a felon possessing a firearm.

Has anyone ever thought felons should be more closely monitored? I know probation exists for this - but once you've proven you can't be trusted, why not check up on these a-holes every now and then? Toss their home, find anything illegal, and charge them if something is found.

Once you've broken the law for something serious, you should lose your right to vote (though the Democrats like Hillary are trying to change this - it would improve their chances of winning, believe it or not), the right to touch a gun (already in place, though rarely enforced), and the right to privacy.

Repeat offenders account for A LOT of crime. If we harassed these guys more, maybe the repeat crime would be stopped before more people die.

Lack of common sense in Canada

They've registered all guns (at a cost of billions that hasn't solved a single crime), now they want everyone who shoots at a gun range to register. This newspaper claims that gangsters are improving their markmanship skills at local gun ranges.

These geniuses ever think "gangsters" could practice by shooting outdoors? Canada isn't the most urban place, afterall. And what about practicing by shooting at innocent people, or police?

Why don't they worry about CATCHING the bad-guys when they're doing bad things, instead of worrying about the extremely small percentage of bad-guys dumb enough to go to a public gun range (where evidence from their guns, pictures of them, etc. can be easily collected)?

Another accidental discharge - though he shouldn't have been carrying

This 17-yr old kid was carrying to a HS football game. It appears as if he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun while it was concealed. A nearby student was injured.

Sure, this guy shouldn't have been carrying: he's below 21 (which makes it illegal for him to own a handgun at all), he didn't have a permit (because he's not 21), and he was at a school event (where it's illegal to carry).

Given all the things above, we can still learn from this. Situations like this emphasize how important it is to carry safely. You need to make sure the trigger guard of your gun is covered - especially if your gun doesn't have a manual safety.

The biggest culprit of these goof-ups are Glocks. I'm not anti-Glock, I own more than one. But they don't have a manual safety and come in very compact sizes. People tend to carry these sub-compact Glocks chambered and in a pocket - no holster. When something catches that trigger (though they do have a "double trigger" which makes it somewhat harder to accidentally pull) the gun fires, causing a situation like this.

I carry a Glock 36 now and then. It's a single stack, compact 45-ACP. Small, lightweight, and super-tough. But I don't keep it chambered when I carry it. A big no-no according to some instructors. Sure, it takes me an extra second-and-a-half to be ready if something comes up, but this trade-off is fine with me if it eliminates the chance of an accidental trigger-pull.

Just be aware - accidents can happen. Those who carry are charged with the responsibility of carrying safely. Accidents are very rare, but when they happen it hurts the cause of concealed carry.

If you carry, and aren't sure if you're carrying safely, email us and we'll advise. Carry safe!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lock up your guns!

This teen in Southern California went nuts and killed two strangers then himself with a shotgun.

One, it would have been prevented if the gun would have been inaccessible to unathorized persons (the teen). Two, it would have been stopped sooner if the "neighbor" he confronted would have been armed.

It's a sad thing... especially considering it was preventable.

200th gun-death in Jamaica, where guns are illegal

A 13-yr old boy was the 200th this year to die in Jamaica. Most guns are illegal there. I was in Jamaica not long ago - and I tell you what, I wish I could have been armed (though Margaritaville was AWESOME!).

A good example of how making guns illegal doesn't work. If you don't beleive the stats (that gun crime goes UP when guns are made illegal), check out what this Jamaican says about it.

Firearm classes improve safety

As an Instructor, I'm all for more training. In Colorado, they require anyone applying for a hunting license to take a firearms safety class. Studies there have shown this reduces the risk of accidents.

Not sure if I like the idea of mandatory training, but it I think it is good to encourage those you know who are interested in firearms (even if they don't plan to apply for a CHL) to get some learnin'.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Wisconsin's continued debate over CCW

Frustrating to be pro-gun in Wisconsin.

Hidden threats: Handgun permits

This paper is a bit behind the ball. It's not a negative article, but does deomonstrate the ignorence out there on CCW nationwide.

This is why I voted for Jean Schmidt

She got her CHL, as did her husband.

A cool law

This guy got 30 years in prison for dealing crack while he had a gun on him.

Virginia has a cool law - if you're caught committing a felony while you're armed, it bumps your sentence up 10 years. So far, it seems to be helping. They did a study of inmates about a year ago and a large percentage said they stopped carrying (illegally, obviously) due to the law (I'll try to find the study for a future post and link). It's called Project Exile in Virginia.

Parts of Michigan are also toying with the new idea. They call it Project Safe Neighborhood in Michigan.

These are the sort of gun laws I'm OK with. The laws are supported by the NRA.

Get the bad guys with guns - and the ones without - and leave us good guys alone.

Gun violence increasing in UK

Even in parts that have always been relatively safe... maybe letting the good guys defend themselves would help?

Shot fired by accident

While this doesn't happen often, it makes us gun people look like we're putting everyone in danger. For God's sake - follow the rules!!

1) Point guns in a safe direction (seems as if this one was followed)
2) Keep your finger off the trigger (broke this one)
3) Keep firearms unloaded until you're ready to use them (broke this one - CCW isn't legal in Wisconsin yet).

Another felon who touched a gun behind bars

It's a great trend!! Put the a-holes in jail!

Not pro-gun or anti-gun, but definately interesting

Article from Canada. The author says he's tired of hearing that the streets of Toronto are safe, even though there's gunplay in the streets daily.

He even says he's tired of hearing Canadian politicians blaming the U.S... interesting.

Albama govenor carries... though he's on trial.

A strange story. Gives you perspective on how commonplace carrying is in most states that have had CCW laws for years. It's still in its infancy in Ohio. We'll get there...

Someone in another country is realizing it doesn't work..

A rare article giving STATS (yes - facts!) that clearly demonstrate restrictive gun laws in South Africa haven't reduced gun crime. In fact, it's gone up. A good read.

Move South, please!

Florida was the first to get rid of the "run and hide" statute in the use lethal force rules (Must be in danger of serious bodily harm or injury, not caused/escalated the situation, and duty to retreat), now it appears Michigan is pushing for the same thing.

To insist that people try to escape when they're threatened is ludircris - and dangerous. I don't know about you, but getting a knife in the back while you're trying to escape doesn't sound like "self-defense" to me. It sounds like another victim of a stupid law.

Shoot a cop and only get 10 yrs in prison

This is BS. This guy was a felon with a gun, shot a cop, and only got 10 years in prision.

He should be in jail the rest of his damn life.

Gun-grabbers ignore pesky facts

Good article from Texas on the new Protection of Lawful Commerce law.

This cop died because his gun jammed

Don't be like this poor cop - keep your carry gun clean and put good ammo in it.

No, the "city" does not want tougher laws

It's the anti-gunners in the city who want tougher laws. And how many people in Cincinnati are killed by "assult rifles" each year - who would the tougher laws protect?

Nearly no-one. Watch the news. Who dies by being shot and shot with what in Cincinnati? It's thugs who own guns illegally shooting each other with cheap handguns.

How about we try enforcing the laws on the books - take guns away from felons and people under the age of 21 - don't you think that would help more?

Hey Canada - don't blame the U.S.

Good to see a U.S. Gov't official sticking up for us.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Paul Hackett isn't the solider he claims to be

Yea, he served. And I thank him for that. But check out this article.

The guy's a weiro hot-head who's staunchy anti-war and anti-Bush.

I don't have a problem with someone being any of the above - but did you see his commercials during the election he lost with Jean Schmidt? The guy claimed to be a good-old solider boy. He didn't even say he was a Democrat...

Just be aware, not everyone is who they appear to be.

This is why carry permits exist

This poor lady had a lot of warning that her husband was a nut-job.

Not to be callous, but she could have taken steps to protect herself and her family. I don't care how scary someone is - as people used to say in the early 1900's - "God didn't make humans equal, John Browning did." (John Browning invented the 45-automatic handgun, one of the first big-bore mass produced handgun in the U.S.).

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When all else fails, blame America

An excellent article about the "Blame America" culture in Canada, focusing specifically on their ludicrus claim that it's our fault they have gun crime...

I need to at least get a summer house in Florida

Flordia became the first state today to react to the anti-gun nonsense that went on during Katrina. They've worked up legistation to protect citizen's firearm rights during a state of emergency.

It's sad it has to come to this, but it's good to see at least one state sticking up for those left in a natural diseaster's wake.

Don't think it can't happen here

A tow truck driver in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been sentenced to three years prision for possessing "live bullets" and eight years prision plus three hits from a rotan for posessing a firearm.

There is a mention of a crime, but he wasn't convicted of it. Owning a gun for protection (tow truck drivers aren't in the safest of circumstances) landed this guy 11 years in the can.

Meanwhile, in Thailand (where guns are also illegal if you're not police or military), an armed gang went on a spree to collect more guns from cops.

If liberals had their way, this is how the U.S. would be.

Sees the folly of his ways

Anti-gunners LOVE stories like this. A man has a gun accident, sees the follies of his ways, and turns in his guns, vowing to never shoot again.

Too bad if the guy would have followed basic rules (like know what you're shooting and what's beyond) and not been popping off rounds near a busy road, it wouldn't have happened.

Good day for gun manufacturers and owners

Protection of Lawful Commerce act signed into law.

Ban the guns! Then ban everything else!

Anti-gunners in California are complaining a billboard promotes gun violence. Ever looked at the cover of an action flick's DVD case?

It's just like in Canada, where they're trying to ban toy guns. At least some Candians think it isn't such a smart way to confront their raging crime problem.

Folks like these don't understand the real problem is making everyone easy prey. Let people defend themselves and the police would have a lot less bad guys to deal with.

Making the guns illegal doesn't reduce crime. Period.

Guns are morally neutral

And it is our responsiblity to use them morally. Good article.

Bond's a puss

I know, it's blasphemy for many to hear such a thing... But look how the new Bond views guns (and a lot of his gun-owning fans).

"Guns in noncriminal hands save lives"

Good article in Investor's Business Daily. Rare you see this sort of thing in big mags like this. Refreshing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

From a Brazilian

Here's a pretty typical article from Japan on the Brazil gun ban. Check out the comments on the end, though.

Most are typical anti-gunner BS. But keep reading, the post from a Brazilian is very interesting:

braziliscorrupted Click here to see all messages by braziliscorrupted Click here to see profile of: braziliscorrupted (Oct 25 2005 - 12:26)
I respect your opinions, but if you lived in Brazil, you would understand why it was rejected.
There is corruption everywhere here.
Few criminals are arrested and very very few are judged.
A legal gun is very restricted and expensive, but the illegal are very cheap and easy to get.
Only "good" people would be affected by this sale ban.
Farmers would lose their properties to armed groups.

So, don't just think we're nuts or dumb. Reality if very different here.

Actually, Brazil isn't different from America. Or any other place on earth. If you take guns away from the good guys, who's left with guns?

Such accidents are rare in the U.S. too, Franz

A boy killed his brother by accident with a gun in Germany. The article says that such deaths are rare in Germany, since guns are tightly controlled.

Did you know in the U.S. it's more likely that a child dies from drownding in a bucket of water than from a gun death? Or that a child is much more likely to die from a medical malpractice mistake than by a gun accident?

Sure, laws are looser in the U.S. But strict laws in Germany didn't save this boy. And how many victims of Germany's rising crime rate has it created?

Blame the big guy below

Canada has long blamed the U.S. for its gun crime. They failed to notice their gun crime increasing every year (by double-digits, as a matter of fact) since they've begun making laws stricter. While their big brother to the South has seen a decrease in gun crimes (as laws loosen nationwide and on the state level).

For some people it's not about results, it's about intentions. In the U.S., allowing people the freedom to protect themselves is working. In Canada, they're just making sure the criminals don't meet any resistance.

Strict gun laws doing a bang-up job in Canada

At least they're getting more cops... would be nice if they realized a man with a carry permit can do more to protect himself and his/her family than a dozen cops in his city.

Lock up your firearms, even at home

This article brings up a good point. Remember in your CHL class - always make sure firearms aren't accessible to unauthorized persons.

Locking them up at home helps deter bad guys from getting them. While I don't think it should be the law, it is common sense.

Another felon arrested and jailed!

One of the charges - a felon using a firearm. Good stuff! Keep it up, prosecutors!

Punish the bad guys, not the good guys!

Part of a trend?

This guy says that the Brazil pro-gun vote and the recent protection of firearms companies signals an oncoming boom in firearms rights... let's hope he's right. It is rare to get this much pro-gun news in such a short period of time.

Hawaii congratulates Brazil

Hawaii has some of the most anti-gun laws in the U.S., yet this guy writes an excellent article touting Brazil's vote to NOT ban guns.

Good to see some people on that sunny little island have their heads on straight. Now let's see Hawaii pass concealed carry...

College columnist

According to this college columnist, the Firearms Protection Bill "protects the wrong people."

Again, do I have to use the car analogy? If you get hit by a Saturn, you don't sue GM.

Of course the media isn't anti-gun...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Anti-gunners fighting fixes to Ohio carry

Get ready to hear a lot of whining like this. Ohio legislatures who passed concealed carry not too long ago are trying to clean up a few of the dumber aspects of the law.

Wisconsin is still subjected to the "sky will fall" articles like this one. 38 states have it, not a single one has repealed it.... need any more proof?

The anti-gunners have a proven cycle. First, tell everyone that concealed carry doesn't work, makes it more dangerous, etc. Then when it passes and it's working, they fight any changes that make it easier to carry.

Lucky for us their cycle hasn't worked in most states, so we're probably gonna see our laws get easier to deal with in the not too distant future.

More Brazil fallout

As mentioned earlier, Brazil voted to NOT ban guns in their country over the weekend.

Here's a pretty typical foreign press response pre-vote article. Another one that's more neutral, but still sounds like anti-gunners crying.

There are some positive articles out on the wire, though. Here's one, here's another.

And here's something funny, even Brazil's rock stars are liberals.

More looting..

Whenever a natural disaster strikes, the bad guys crawl out from under their rocks to take advantage. Cancun is being looted right now after the hurricane did its damage.

If you lived in Mexico, you couldn't legally own a gun to defend yourself, your family, or your property from the looters.

Notice there wasn't much looting in Texas after the hurriane? Try to do a search on Google news. Nothing. Take a guess why...

Good thing the NRA got FEMA to back down from their ban of guns in temporary housing for the victims of Katrina.

An excellent example of media bias against guns

Brazil resoundly rejected a nationwide gun ban Sunday, telling the world it isn't the guns that are the problem - it's the crime.

There's something deeper here, though. In the lead-up to this vote, there were dozens and dozens of media stories on how horrible the gun crime there is, and how Brazilians were fed-up with the guns, and how the gun ban would win in a landslide.

Looks like the typical bias (as demonstrated from the headline of the article linked above) once again misses the mark of what people actually want.

Good for Brazil. Now they need to get out there and arrest the a-holes causing the problems. Let the people defend themselves, but also put the bad guys in jail or the morgue.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wisconsin deserves right to carry

Another editorial. And another.

I feel for Wisconsin - Ohio went through the same battle for many years. It's our responsibility to support those fighting the same battles.

Just let people protect themselves

An excellent editorial from Wisconsin. People are getting sick over the bickering over concealed carry there - citizens just want a way to protect themselves, like almost every other state in the U.S. has.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Positive article on the NRA

This is the NRA that I know. Not the BS I usually read in the papers.

Main goals: firearm safety, training, and perserving firearms rights.

Another felon in jail

Keep putting felons who TOUCH a gun in jail... criminals off the streets mean a safer world for all of us. Here's another...

Guy needs to check his research...

This guy is lamenting the possibility of a Michigan law that allows people to defend themselves in their own homes without repercussion - fighting situations like in NY where people are jailed for shooting an intruder.

The basis of his argument is a personal anecdote and a flawed study. The anecdote I'll give him - maybe in that situation he is right. Or maybe someone who had half-a-brain wouldn't shoot someone for just coming into their garage (maybe say something first, like the NRA says). But the study claims that people are X times more likely to be involved in a homicide if there's a gun in the home... one problem, the study in question included FELONS and was of a small sample that included a high-crime area. Sure, if a felon and a gun live under the same roof, it's not too safe... but common sense would dictate that a valid study would weed out illegal gun owners.

Brave teacher

Too bad teachers are disarmed by law. And it looks like the Federal law keeping guns off school property didn't stop this crime.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Myths about gun control

Well written, well researched. Keep this one on file and pass it onto your anti-gun friends.

A few Wisconsin folks defend concealed carry

Posted the pretty harsh anti-ccw article the other day, here's a retort (though not terribly well written) that ran today.

Seems like people on both sides need to look at the facts a little closer. Concealed carry is easy to defend - it works everytime it's tried. Simple as that.

House passes protection for gun makers

A "just the facts" article on the bill. Don't believe the anti-gunner hype.

The struggle over carrying to school board meetings

A lot of people argue that carrying isn't appropriate to some occasions, like this one.

I say err on the side of letting people carry. Arrest them if they do something they shouldn't, but always lean towards freedom.

Everyone should own a firearm

A good article examining the 2nd ammendment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Doomsday provision

Excellent article that breaks out the common-sense about guns...

This needs to pass

A bill is up in Congress to block frivolous lawsuits aimed at gun manufacturers.

The anti-gunners will tell you no other industry has this protection. I'd say that no other industry is continuously sued for producing a legal, non-defective product to pursue political interests.

This is a typical tyraid against the bill. The truth is, it only protects gun makers whose product isn't defective. You don't sue Ford if you're hit by an Explorer. You sue Ford if it explodes when you put gas in it. See the difference?

It has been a stated tactic by anti-gunners such as the Brady campaign that if they can't get the laws to change, they'll sue gun-makers out of existence. Their response to this sort of legislation is that it is "special interest" pandering.

Hopefully this bill will pass protecting our ability to buy guns in the U.S., and thwarting the intention of the anti-gunners.

At least they're proscecuting him for illegal possession

States need to prosecute felons who touch a gun EVERY time, to the fullest extent of the law. Like this guy who shot up a woman's SUV.

Put the criminals where they belong - in jail or in the ground. And maybe if someone in the parking lot would have been carrying, this guy would be in the latter.

Why do they fail to mention guns are illegal in Austrialia?

Oh yea, because they were on the anti-gun bandwagon. But after they were banned, gun crime went UP. And no anti-gunner wants to admit that banning guns doesn't solve the problem - it just keeps guns away from those who need to defend themselves.

Would have been better if the coroner caught the bad guy

Poor Ohio woman answered her door to help someone claiming to have car problems, only to be shot. At least they caught the bad guys. Yet another reason to carry, even while answering your front door.

Crazy Irish

OK. First, let me say I'm Irish-German. Second, let me make fun of Ireland.

They're trying to ban "lethal knives." They're on the same kick in the UK. Banning guns didn't reduce crime, it went up (gun crime, too). So they think the next logical step is banning anything that can be used as a weapon.

It's not the criminal, it's the knife that's causing all the problems. Would be very frustrating to eat a steak over there if garbage law like this comes into play...

Good article on cleaning your gun

Rare you see these sort of things in newspapers, so I thought I'd point it out.

Anti-gun cheesehead

This guy quotes flawed studies that have been debunked, and even uses the logic that "no one believes concealed carry is a good idea."

Have you noticed the 38 other states with the law? And their crimes DECREASING?

Typical anti-gunner BS with no foundation in truth. They have to lie for anyone to be on board.

And beyond all this - what's wrong with people's elected officials doing what they were elected to do? Give people freedom to protect themselves..

Politics getting in the way of people's rights

It's a shame that Wisconsin can't get it's act together. Political games have kept citizens in this state (and the pressure of Chicago near by) from getting concealed carry passed.

Wisconsin is one of the few hold-outs in the U.S., though it's passed the state legislature several times and been vetoed.

They aren't catching CHL holders

With pat-downs at Bengal's games.

It's against the law to carry anywhere that serves alcohol for consumption on premises in Ohio. They dispense a lot of beer at football games, so leave your piece at home.

This is yet another example of why they should change the law to be like a lot of other states - you can carry as long as you don't drink. That walk from the parking garage downtown to Paul Brown isn't a very safe one...

Another Cincinnati rape

Women in Ohio - protect yourselves with a CHL.

That Glock should have been pointed at the bad guys

Instead of in a drawer somewhere, next to the cash these guys busted in and stole.

Murder rate lowest since 1965

Concealed carry has sure caused a "wild-west" scenerio... again, the anti-gunners are right!

Another pro-Florida editorial

I just love these...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I love Florida

An article titled "The Gunshine State" puts the anti-gunners in their place... ain't just the NRA guys carrying, it's the mom and grandmom down the block.

Hope So. California isn't relying on 911

Service went out today for a while. A lot of anti-gunners say that people should call 911 if someone kicks in your door, grabs you, whatever...

Doesn't work so well more than not, since it only takes a few minutes or even seconds for a bad guy to get his way, and he knows that. Especially hard to do when your 911 service goes down.

Fact check

This lady needs to do a few internet searches before writing an editorial.

She claims gun crime in the U.S. is up, while in Canada (stricter gun laws) it's down. That's wrong. It's down in the U.S., up over 12% in Canada.

And she says that CHL holders aren't being caught for gun crimes because CHL holders are good at not getting caught... whatever, lady. CHL holders are the most law-abiding citizens in Ohio. That's true in every state with concealed carry.

She needs an internet browser and a clue.

911 didn't help this guy

Those brave Canadians

Letting a woman get beaten and robbed in public.

Brady campaign against bat violence

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fight guns with bureaucracy

Like they do in Canada, NY, and Philly, and nothing comes of it.. because the guns aren't the problem, it's the CRIMINALS.

At least the Canadians aren't blaming the guns alone in this article

Come on...

This lady, backed by the anti-gunners, is suing a gun shop for selling a gun to someone who killed her cop husband.

While I feel for the lady's plight, and anybody who shoots a cop should be fried in the electric chair, blaming the gun shop is like blaming the car dealership for someone killed by a drunk driver.

This is why the protection of legal commerce in arms act had to be passed. It's ashame that groups like Brady have to pick on gun shops to prove their political points, instead of tackling the problems of crime in society.

We need a law like this in Ohio

Alaska is trying to pass a law saying local gun laws are trumped by state laws - the way it should be.

We've got lots of goofy local ordinances in Ohio, making following the law more difficult than it should be. We'll keep an eye on Alaska and see what happens...

In the UK, they only trust handguns with the military

Firearms injuries/deaths have gone UP in Australia

EVERY year since handguns and most other guns (weapons like swords included) have been made illegal.

Cowboy shooting champ in Hamilton

Kinda cool... good to see positive news coverage of any shooting sport.

Canada doesn't want to deteoriate to an American City

Guns are strictly controlled in Canada - including an eloborate, expensive, and entirely ineffective registration system. Yet they still have problems...

Congrats to a democratic Iraq

This blog is not dedicated to politics. However, freedom is a big part of guns and gun ownership.

Iraq had a 93% turnout at its second free election on Saturday. There were 13 terror attacks, down from 347 at the first election.

Iraqi citizens are showing that they are willing to risk death for freedom by going to the voting booths.

We hear a lot of negative press on Iraq. But what it all boils down to is this: a nation that just two years ago was under the fist of a brutal dictator is now VOTING in FREE ELECTIONS. Sure, the transition has been and will continue to be difficult, but things are moving in the right direction.

Women - get your license to carry!

Murders were down in 2004 according to the FBI, but forcible rapes were UP.

It's hard to rape a woman when a 38 special is pushed into your face...

Women - get a carry license to defend yourself. Men - encourage your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother to protect themselves the best way legally available.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why you should carry in Toledo

A big riot broke out in the streets. What if you happened to be driving through? Or lived in a neighborhood close by? Scary stuff...

UN trying to get gun ban... again.

It would be a sad day for gun owners and countries who like their crime rates low if the UN (read: folks like John Kerry) take over.

Another felon with a gun


Ongoing battle in other states for concealed carry

Wisconsin and Minn. have been fighting for a long time to get their right to carry. Too bad they don't look at the success in the 38 other states where it's legal.

Convicted felon strikes again

They need to enforce the Federal law that puts Felons (like this jerk) in jail for touching a gun.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Wow... an accurate prime-time portrayal

You almost never see a case on TV or in the moves where someone defends himself with a gun (except for cops). Especially a case where an armed individual does what happens in 99% of cases (according to the FBI) - scares off bad guys by being armed.

Thursday night CSI on CBS opened with a guy flushing a bad guy out of his house with a pretty 9mm Beretta. No shots fired, guy ran off, and he protected his family.

Kudos to CBS... or at least to a writer who actually knows how things usually go down.

This has nothing to do with guns

But it's funny, and my wife thought I was making it up when I told her about it, so I thought I'd share.

The way it should be

Felons who TOUCH a gun should go to jail... would be nice if this was enforced more often.

Anti-gunners in London

This is a very confusing article. But the jist as far as I'm concerned - how could anyone be anti-gun in London after the results? Their gun-crime rate is HIGHER than before guns were illegal. All statistics have proven this out...

Dude might want to find a new cause to screw up the UK a bit more...

People in Brazil could "kick" their way to freedom

Guns are illegal in Australia, but this guy still ran into the bad end of one. His only defense? Kick the bad guys.

Will this be a problem outside of places with anti-gun signs?

People busting into cars that they think might contain guns... Hate those damn signs.

Brazil's vote is Oct 23

We've mentioned before that Brazil will be voting whether to ban guns or not. By the looks of things, it'll probably pass.

But check out the rules already in place for Brazil. You have to be 25 yrs old, can only by 50 cartridges a month, have to have a background check and gun training...

If Brazilians think that it's the people who go through all this that are committing the crimes, I think they'll be in for a big surprise that gun crime doesn't dissappear, or even decrease, after guns are made illegal.

Notice that no where has anyone compared the LEGAL gun owners who commit crimes to the ILLEGAL gun owners...

Local prosecutors should do this more often

Local prosecutors are letting the Feds take over, putting this guy in a much bigger pot of boiling water. More local prosecutors should follow suit. If the criminals are tried in Federal court, the chances of them getting back into society decreases greatly.

Good editorial for allowing people to have a firearm in their car

You gotta be kidding me

Typical media BS. The AP is reporting Bush staged a press conference.

You gotta be joking! They went through who would talk when - they didn't ask what they'd be asking. Have you ever been involved in ANY media event, AP? This is done EVERY time to make sure there's no dead-air in the broadcast.

Beyond that, they say that Bush lead them on by saying "The American People support you," or something like that. Don't the protesters say they support the troops but not the war? What's wrong with saying you support the troops? How is that leading them?

This blog is not dedicated to pro-Bush or pro-war, but gun stuff. This is, however, typical of how some media sources twist info to make it look bad, when there's really nothing there. Happens with guns, concealed carry, etc. all the time.

Pregnant women should carry

Wow... people are sickos. Stealing babies from the womb, again. At least the mom and the baby lived. Too bad the assailant did, too.

Russia says they will crush terrorists

Would be nice to hear this sort of talk in the U.S. more often.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terrorism at your doorstep

In Russia, they've been battling terrorism for a long time. Today, Russia erupted in voilence. U.S. news isn't too good about reporting this sort of thing.

Don't know about you, but it makes me glad I've got the ability to legally defend myself is this sort of thing pours into my neighborhood. Sure, one guy couldn't do much against a force of many. But I'd rather have the option...

Some people in Columbus should get their CHLs

This guy was robbed in his back yard, this was the "third case in two weeks" of an attack.

I'd vote for this guy

Some Senators stand up for an industry battered by anti-gunners who want a back-door to getting their political agenda pushed through.

It's a good thing the military is armed so they can protect themselves

Notice no one was hurt. Changes are, the dude got an M-16 in his face and gave up REAL fast. Same theory works for rapists and a 38-special, believe it or not.

This would be "escalating the situation"...

Even though no carry permits are mentioned, it's good to note that this is an example of what NOT to do.

China school shooting

Guns being illegal didn't stop this crazy bastard. He made his own! Just goes to show, bad guys will be bad guys, regardless if guns are illegal. Looks like he got away, too.

Maybe no one but the bad guy would have died if they followed Isreal's lead - allow teachers to be armed.

San Fran gun ban hurts good people

Great article. Very well researched, too. Good to keep on file in case someone claims banning guns works.

Good use of the term "machine gun"

Usually , media sources refer to a "machine gun" as an "assault rifle" or vise-versa. In this case, they may have actually got the term right.

Machine guns and assault rifles aren't necessarily the same things. A machine gun, by definition, fires continuously as the trigger is squeezed. An assault rifle, which is actually a BS term for anything that looks like a military rifle, is almost always semi-automatic (one cartridge fired for each trigger pull).

This is a good example of the media goofing the terms. They say a "Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle." What they probably mean is an SAR-1, the semi-auto version that looks like an AK47. Two completely different guns. The AK47 is a machine gun, the SAR-1 is a terribly inaccurate semi-auto rifle that looks like an Ak47. The SAR-1 functions in the exact same way as your daddy's hunting rifle.

So, which was it? Who knows, the writer just got the point across that the scary "assault rifles" are out there and shooting up people.

And most guns are illegal in Ireland anyway... proving yet again, making guns illegal doesn't really effect the bad guys.

Looks like terrorists don't have problems getting guns in Russia

Where most guns are illegal... goes to show a ban in the U.S. (even at gun shows) woudln't keep bad things out of bad people's hands.

Move out of the UK is all I can suggest

It's pretty sad when the real victims of crime become the criminals due to stupid anti-gun laws. In the UK, it's a bigger offense to defend yourself than it is to commit real crimes.

Let's hope the UK sees the folly of its ways, and the U.S. doesn't go down the same misguided liberal track.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This one won't go over well with anti-gunners...

A Revolver Club (yes, gun club) invites kids to participate. There hasn't been an accident since 1914.

AWESOME letters to the editor

Gotta read this one and this one. Slamming those anti-Florida law editors nicely.

Gun ban isn't stopping crime... let's try banning airguns

Too bad the killers aren't to blame

Considering guns are illegal in the UK, and her daughter died in a drive-by, you'd figure anti-gunners would be scratching their heads to figure out how this one happened.

It's an anti-gun paradise in the UK, and still it isn't the bad guys at fault, it's "gun crime."

FEMA reconsiders gun ban at Katrina camp

Good thing someone's listening... unfair to tell victims of a natural diseaster they don't have the right to defend themselves or their property.

Right to carry states 2005

Gun sales up post-hurricane

Do you blame people after the havoc that happened? I'd be on my roof with the skeet gun...

People think the 500-magnum is too big..

People in my class think I'm joking when I say the 500-magnum, 44-magnum, or 357-magnum are important to protect against some types of attacks. Here's one situation where these people wish they would have had a big-bore bear defender.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Felon causes horrible accident

In a Day-Care, no less. And wouldn't you shut down a day-care where the felon son of the person running it lives there?

Not only is it illegal for him to touch a gun, but he filed off the serial number. I hope this a-hole spends some serious time in prison.

She should have been carrying...

Could have ended it the first night, if she would have been carrying.

Residents decry gun violence

At least they say it's the teens, not the guns, causing the problems. But still, when you see "gun violence" (as if it's not bad to be beaten with a ball-bat) and a picture of a gun with the words "Crime" behind it, it sort of sends a message about the guns.

And jobs are a great way to reduce violence - and so is letting people fight back... that one is often overlooked by the writers/editors, who would rather make a cute graphic blaming the inanimate object for the issue.

It's usually the local governments trying to take the guns

Like this case in North Carolina - they're trying to forbid people carrying openly.

Ohio has a similiar local-gun affliction. Did you know it's actually illegal to have a handgun in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Toeldo? The laws haven't been enforced, though, because the state steps in and says "YOU CAN'T DO THAT" to the cities... would be nice if there was a state law that makes the local laws go away (like it says in the State and U.S. Constitiution - you'd think that'd be good enough).

More Florida coverage

Anti-gunners have their panties in a bunch! They're using plane-banners to warn people not to "argue" with Floridaians (probably a good policy, even without guns in the mix).

Good to see the media isn't 100% on the anti-defense kick, though.

It becomes like your car keys

People in my CHL classes don't believe me - once you get used to carrying, your piece becomes like your car keys. You forget about it, leave it places, don't remember if you have it, etc.

This happened to one unlucky TX State Legislator. Accidentially brought it to the airport. Big no-no.

So stay aware of them... and nice to see a lawmaker carrying a peacemaker.

One positive about Miers

At least she's a gun owner. Don't know much else, but that makes me feel a little better.

Good thing guns and tasers are illegal in NY

Wouldn't want anyone defending themselves in a peaceful little 'burb like NY City...

More issues of possible concern on Nov. 8 ballot

Register to vote, everbody! TODAY is the last day! (hat tip to Pat D. for the link)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Register to vote in Ohio!

Tuesday, Oct. 11, is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming Ohio election (held 11/8). The big issue - who will be the next Gov. of Ohio.

The candidates:

Ken Blackwell, Jim Petro, and Betty Montgomery.

Montgomery is anti-gun, so don't even consider her.

Petro is the current Attorney General, and he's been AWESOME when it comes to gun rights.

And Blackwell, well this is from his website: "As a life member of the National Rifle Association, Ken Blackwell is steadfast and resolute in his support for the right to bear arms. In 2004, Ohio passed a conceal carry law to allow peaceable citizens to carry their firearms. As Governor, Ken Blackwell will push for legislation to stop media access to the concealed carry list. Concealed carry permit holders should have a right to privacy and not be treated like criminals. Statistics show that concealed carry permit holders are only a threat to criminals."

So who's the better candidate - Blackwell or Petro? Not sure yet. Blackwell stuck to his guns when it came to the '04 election stuff in Ohio. But Petro's been kicking butt when it comes to the current law, including getting CHL holders access to other states.

Will update as we get closer... either way, REGISTER TO VOTE!!

Dude tried to hijack the wrong truck

Another Concealed Carry save!

Good pro-Florida editorial

Nice to see people swinging back against the anti-gunners trying to smear Florida.

Another from California

Spoke too soon! Looks like Gov. Terminator vetoed a bill that passed California's house and senate - to make it harder to buy/sell ammo. Hopefully his veto will kill the issue, or at least show the Dems in California's legislature that not everyone agrees.

Usually, Arnold isn't very friendly to gun owners. About a year ago he OK'ed a measure which made 50-cal rifles illegal there, though they had NEVER killed a single human being in the state... makes a lot of sense, huh? Anyway, it's a good day today in California!

At least someone in San Fran has a brain

The San Francisco Police oppose banning handguns in their city. Usually, liberal cities have liberal police (after all, the politicians have a big influence on who gets the big jobs in public agencies).

Good to see they realize it won't help them do their jobs. Good gun news from California - savor it!

Most workplace shootings are... drumroll... ROBBERIES.

The study that claimed workplace shootings increase when companies don't forbid employees from having guns in their cars is trash.

Overlooking things like robberies being the biggest "workplace shooting" of all seems minor, until you realize who's sponsoring the study... again, gotta lie to get people to believe them.

More anti-gunners freaking out over Florida

The new law is "bound to lead to senseless tragedy." Yea, just like concealed carry laws. And gun shows. And rubber bands without safety locks built in. Typical try-to-scare the uneducated BS.

Many people don't even know that the law STILL states the first two aspects - you need to honestly believe you're being threatened and not create or escalate the situation.

Just goes to show, anti-gunners usually have to resort to half-truths or lying to convince people they're right.

I say this a lot - LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!

Lock up your guns so kids and unauthorized people can't get to them. There isn't an excuse - free gunlocks are readily available from programs like this, or from the local sheriff's office.

While I'm not into the agenda behind some of the groups giving out gun locks, it is the responsiblity of any gun owner to keep their guns out of the wrong hands.

If more people used their heads

When shooting outdoors, they wouldn't need to discuss such legislation in Georgia. Too bad a few dumbasses mess it up for everbody else.

Too bad handguns are illegal in Ireland

I'm sure anti-gunners don't like to admit that making them illegal doesn't stop craziness like this. Good thing he didn't open up the door - his only defensive weapon might have been an empty beer bottle.

For everyone who leaves their gun in the car to get a snack...

Convenience stores are a hot-bed of bad stuff. This guy died three days after getting shot four times by a middle-aged woman during a robbery. No warning or even asking for the money - just opened up on him. Makes you wonder why anti-gunners think that submitting to the requests of a bad-guy will make you walk away without injury.

Indiana has had concealed carry a long time - too bad there wasn't a customer in the store carrying to stop the situation... or at least prevent another poor clerk from getting shot by taking down the woman burglar.

Get this guy some common sense

So the prision population goes up, and crime goes down... So the Guardian's suggestion (along with the NY Times and others), is to let more criminals out...

What the heck? It seems to reason that with more criminals behind bars, less criminals will be free to... well... commit crimes.

Goes to show how the reasoning of anti-gunners works. More people carrying reduces crime? Well then, let's make guns illegal.

I assume they used squirt guns

In this drive-by in Scotland. Guns are pretty much illegal there - hell, airguns are even licensed - so there's no way for a criminal to get one, right?

Good to see people are defending Florida's new law

Gun groups are encouraging people to go to Florida for vacation - since you have the right to defend yourself there, and anti-gunners are campaigning to tarnish Florida for it's new rules.

I might just schedule a trip there myself this winter... Florida in winter- when Ohio is bitterly cold? And I get to carry? Sounds like a good time to me.

Toy gun crimes on increase in South Africa

Again, the problem isn't the gun, or in this case, the toy gun. It's the a-holes using them for bad purposes. Take them out, and the problem goes away.

Do you really think making toy guns illegal will decrease the crime rate? "Man stops raping women because his toy gun is confiscated by police," reads the headline... yea, right.

Another typical anti-gunner's editorial

The effect has been "negligible" - so why not grant people FREEDOM if it won't increase crime?

Do the anti-gunners really believe that granting someone the right to protect themselves hurts people? And don't they see that by saying that it hasn't increased crime, they're debunking their own fervent claims that Ohio would become the "wild West" if it passed?

The whole concept of a free society is that you're free to do anything you like, as long as it doesn't hurt other people. Why curb freedoms if it's only because you think something is a bad idea? If it doesn't increase crime, or has been shown to decrease crime in other places, it should be LEGAL!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Can't see the forest for the trees

This is a typical response from an anti-gunner. It specifically speaks to the people trying to get it against the law for companies to forbid people to keep their guns in their personal vehicles.

The problem with this line of thinking - all the people who went on shooting sprees would have done so whether or not it was legal to have a gun in your car. People who go on shooting sprees DON'T care about the law. You think getting fired is a concern for someone about to kill his co-workers? That's the punishment the companies who refuse to allow people to have guns in their cars.

However, if one good citizen had a gun in the vehicle in ANY of the situations this man speaks of, maybe the carnage would have been stopped. In fact, many times it has been stopped, thanks to a law-abiding citizen with a piece in the car and the bravery to confront a crazy person trying to wreak havoc.

And the study he sites? Do some research. It's been completely debunked as BS. It was sponsored by a number of anti-gun groups, to start. Ever done any research on how concealed carry effects crime rates, friend? ALWAYS causes a decrease.

The problem isn't the gun, buddy. It's that good people can't defend themselves from bad guys. The law doesn't effect the bad guys - but it could get the good guys killed.

Woman in VA gets attacked in her home

At least they caught the guy. Would be nice if he would have gotten one in the chest by the lady, instead of the other way around.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gun prosecutions up under Bush

Bush's administration is the most pro-gun since Regan and crime is down, gun laws have been loosened (Clinton gun ban was allowed to sunset), and they've solidified the government's position that the 2nd ammendment is an individual, not a collective right (it is called the "Bill of Rights" afterall, not the "Bill of Government's rights").

Goes to show that if the bad guys are locked up, crime goes down. Making life harder for law-abiding gun owners does not reduce crime.

Prosecute the guys who commit crimes with guns (or crimes at all), not the people trying to buy or carry a gun to protect themselves from the bad guys.

Good retort to Brady's anti-Florida campaign

Friday, October 07, 2005

Brave old guy

Who happened to have a carry permit and a piece when he was robbed. Instead of choosing to be a helpless victim, he made the world a better place by putting a bad guy on ice.

Canada's national registry

Doesn't work. Turns out most murder guns are unregistered. Surprised? Crimials buying their guns illegally don't go to the local police station to let the cops know they have them... sort of like criminals not going to their local sheriff to get a concealed carry permit. That's why the anti-carry signs in Ohio work so well - they tend to keep only the law-abiding CHL holders who have their info on file with the sheriff out, not the criminals.

A gun registry has never worked in any country or state. Spend a few billion, and they get NOTHING from it. Just more paperwork and a bigger pain for gun-owners... oh, and confiscations when they decide to.

Even uber-strict gun control doesn't work

In this country, only one man can give someone a firearm (illegal for everyone else to get one). Yet even this system, which anti-gunners claim would work (only the police and military should have guns!) doesn't work.

The fact of the matter is, criminials are criminals, and they'll find ways to do their evil deeds. All we can hope is that they run into someone like the old guy in the article below.

Political races in your area

The NRA provides a good website to let you know what elections are coming up and where candidates stand. We'll re-post this when we get closer to elections - it's a good resource to bookmark.

Probably easier to just shoot them

And the ACLU might not complain.

Safer workplace = safer society

Allowing workers to keep guns in their cars would foster a "safter society" according to this Florida State Rep. Hopefully this logic will find its way north.

Pot and Guns

I'm surprised that they found a gun wasn't the lead to the story. It's Canda, afterall.

Nice to see

That they're actually admitting it's illegal for a felon to touch a firearm. Everyone who makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to get a gun should take note - those proven to not be responsible can't touch one anyway without breaking the law.

Not a good idea

To shoot into the crowd as a warning shot... you might... well... shoot somebody.

How did this happen AND why you should be able to carry in places of worship

It's illegal to own a gun in Ireland, and if you could own one there, it'd be good to carry to the mosque.

Lock up your guns!

My god... Buy a $20 cash box and keep your guns stored properly!

Better make air guns illegal, too

In Japan, guns are illegal. In fact, the world champion of practical shooting for 2005 was Japanese, and he practices with an air-gun. Now they claim there's an air-gun epidemic - don't blame the kids, blame the air-guns.

If someone starts throwing chop-sticks at people, maybe they'll switch to sporks (I think we all know that forks are too dangerous an alternative).

Some say only police should have guns...

Home invasion

Freaky stuff... make sure you've got one loaded (and locked up) at home, in case you're next.

Can't say this enough...

Lock up your guns.

A good rule of thumb for voting

If the Brady Campaign is against, cast your vote for. This one's for the governer's race in Va.

Women need right to carry in California

If you vote in Columbus

My first suggestion would be to not vote for a Democrat, but if you vote that direction, take note of who's on your side as far as gun-rights go.

Resuers to stay armed

Arizona firefighters want to protect themselves. They should be allowed, and the anti-gunners in FEMA should worry about protecting the rescuers, not politically correct BS.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

More anti-Florida bashing

The anti-gun folks just hate that Florida got rid of the "run and hide" provision of their self-defense laws.

Good thing it wasn't a hair dryer

Crazy UK kids...

But guns are illegal...

In Ireland and Australia. The anti-gun folks tell us that if you make guns illegal, then guns and gun-crime go away. How do these people in these two ISLANDS, surrounded by states where guns are illegal, get guns, then?

OOOOOhhh... Criminals don't follow the law... so... I guess outlawing guns only leaves guns with... well... outlaws.

Cocked and... locked?

Oops. Let's hope this isn't a guy carrying who accidentially popped one off. Keep safe - cover those trigger guards, keep the safety on, and wear a proper holster.

Lock up your guns!!

12-year old brings one to school. LOCK UP YOUR GUNS, PEOPLE!

Jim Brady needs to be a man

Jim Brady - we all feel bad that you took a bullet for Regan. But come on, you really think that your efforts are helping people? Background checks at gun shows? Why? Do you have ANY data to back up that criminals or terrorists get guns from gun shows? No? Well then, shut it. Regan was an NRA guy. He would not be proud of Jim Brady today.

Wisconsin debating concealed carry

A typical pre-carry article. Shows carrying in a favorable light, which is rare. We went through this in Ohio for years before finally getting the law passed. Sad part about it is Wisconsin has passed CCW legislation several times, only to be vetoed by their anti-gun Gov.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kofi is not your friend

The UN wants a lot... including your handgun.

Why you should be able to carry in places of worship in Ohio

Again... how did this happen

It is illegal to have a handgun within the city limits of Chicago, unless you're a cop. So how did this happen? Criminals are criminals because they BREAK the LAW. If someone with a pair would have been legally carrying in the bank, maybe this story would be about a dead bank robber, not an incapacitated officer.

The media LOVES this kind of story...

A man, loved by his family and friends, never having "even raised his voice in 30 years" snaps... With guns nearby, he tries to kill his whole family.

A few problems with this story.

1) If, as the story states, he has a documented case of clinical depression, it was against Federal law for him to touch, much less own, a gun of any sort.
2) In NY, it is VERY difficult to get a handgun permit. Most ex-soldiers can't get them. I doubt this guy had one, so requiring a permit to own a handgun didn't stop him.
3) Do people you know just snap and go on rampages? People I know don't...

Anyway, the anti's will chock this one up as proof that they're right. I say it's proof their limitations don't stop this sort of thing. ENFORCE the law. Stop making new laws.

Scandal shows why gun-control groups can't be trusted

If you trust Chuck Schumer, then I've got some swamp-land I'd love to sell you...

Brandon claims these activists are morons

Always trust the hostage taker

Guns DO NOT go off unless the trigger is squeezed...

I can't stress this enough...

LOCK UP YOUR GUNS so UNAUTHORIZED people don't have access. What's wrong with people? You have kids - YOU LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!!!

People complaining about FEMA's anti-gun stance..

During the floods, looks like FEMA showed some anti-gun bias... keeping rescue workers from doing their jobs.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Monday, October 03, 2005

Rule #3 doesn't apply in the sunshine state

Remember in your CHL class - there are three things you need to show to justify using deadly force:

1. You cannot have caused or escalated the situation.
2. You must truly, honestly believe you're about to receive serious bodily harm or be killed.
3. You must have not had an avenue of retreat (known as the "duty to retreat").

Guess what, #3 doesn't apply in Florida anymore. And the anti-gun folks DON'T like that one bit.

Should I have to run away if someone's trying to kill me? Don't think so. Hopefully this will catch on.

Florida trying to make it illegal for companies...

To forbid employees from having a firearm in their cars at work. Should be a national law! Or at least provide special spaces, like handicapped ones... I'd go for that. Maybe put barbed-wire electrified fences around the cars, so nobody can get hurt by them...

Because it worked so well in other places...

Brazil is considering banning guns. They have a vote on the matter coming up soon. Rather than deal with the problem - crime and a corrupt police force - they're choosing to blame everyone with a gun.

England tried it. Crime went up. Australia did it. Crime went up. Closer to home, DC did it. Now it has one of the highest murder rates in the U.S. When will people learn?

If taking away guns got rid of crime, I'd be for it. But it doesn't. Did the Clinton gun ban effect crime in the U.S.? Not according to the U.S. DOJ. In fact, no gun law that doesn't involve jail-time for the CRIME committed with a gun, not the possession itself, has ever proven to have an effect.

Gun registration uh-oh

Fake registration sites in Canada are causing some problems... But remember, registration almost always leads to confiscation. Think England, Australia, New York, LA, etc...

not sure how this happened...

Most firearms are illegal in Englandhow the heck did he get it

Man… if CRIMINALS can get a hold of guns… that means they don’t care about the law… good thing law-abiding good citizens don’t get guns in the UK. Then they could protect themselves against the bad-guys…

stun guns may be lethal..

So much for “less-than-lethal” alternative… guess it’s back to rubber-band sling shots for those afraid of a little boom-boom.,2763,1583867,00.html?gusrc=rss

Law to keep employers from banning guns in cars

Would be nice to see this in Ohio.

Major Victory For Firearms Owners In Louisiana

Thank the NRA for stopping illegal confiscation when people need to protect themselves most.

Right to Bear Arms - from the founders

Right to Bear Arms (2nd Amendment)

No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms.
The strongest reason for the people to retain their
right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to
protect themselves against tyranny in government. -
Thomas Jefferson

This constitution shall never be construed to
authorize congress to prevent the people of the United
States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their
own arms. - Samuel Adams, Continental Congress

To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole
body of the people always possess arms, and be taught
alike, especially when young, how to use them. -
Richard Henry Lee, Continental Congress, Signer
Declaration of Independence

I don’t like the idea that the police department seems
bent on keeping a pool of unarmed victims available
for the predations of the criminal class. - David
Mohler, after being denied a permit in NY. Apr 1989

The Second Amendment is the palladium of the liberties
of the republic. - Joseph Story, 1833, Supreme Court

The best we can hope for concerning the people at
large is that they be properly armed. - Alexander

In 1789, when used without any qualifying adjective,
"the militia" referred to all citizens capable of
bearing arms... The "militia" is identical to "the
people." - Akhil Amar, Yale school of law, Mar 1991.

Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in
awe, and preserve order in the world as well as
property... Horrid mischief would ensue were
law-abiding citizens deprived the use of them. -
Thomas Paine

The great object is that every man be armed. - Patrick
Henry, 1788

Americans need never fear their government because of
the advantage of being armed, which the Americans
possess over the people of almost every other nation.
- James Madison

Remember New Orleans...

In the wake of the hurricane Katrina disaster and
subsequent gun confiscation by New Orleans law
enforcement, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne
LaPierre has coined the phrase Remember New Orleans.

When they try to tell you that you gun owners are just
paranoid...Remember New Orleans.

Why do you need the right to carry?...Remember New

Why does anyone need a high capacity
magazine?...Remember New Orleans.

Would the government ever confiscate your
guns?...Remember New Orleans.

signs didn't stop this guy...

Bar Robbed in Ohio. If he had a license, he'd know it was illegal to have a gun in a bar...

That extra fine would have really ticked him off... maybe even stopped the crime.

Cleared in home shooting

Good news for anyone who hears a bump in the night...
Student cleared of fatal shooting

carjack the wrong dude

At least law enforcement is allowed to protect themselves in this state…

Good site for gun auctions

Just make sure you get an FFL lined up, first. If you live in the Cincinnati area and need somebody, shoot me an email ( and I'll get you in touch with someone.