Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sort of like car-carry in Ohio...

In Wisconsin, a big hurtle holding up the right to carry has been jumped. The police are now OK with the law, since they'll be able to see who's carrying when they run your plates. Ohio is similar, only we have the stupid "visible and unobstructed" rule as well.

Hopefully Wisconsin will get to carry soon, and Ohio's law will be fixed to allow sensible car carry.

Attorney General defending Concealed Carry in Ohio

Jim Petro is fighting to get rid of the local laws that can confuse those who carry... and running for Gov.

Ken Blackwell is also pro-carry. Interesting choices coming up for the election.

Lock up your guns!

A brave guy who probably should have spent more time at the range

This is the guy who drew his gun (it turns out now he as an asst. store manager with a license to carry) on the crazy dude who went on a spree at the mall. He didn't fire, because he said he couldn't make out who was shooting. He even admits that the bad guy was faster than he was, and that's why he was shot.

Spend some time at the range and you realize that a shot less than 30 feet can be made center-mass without much of a problem (or much aiming), as long as you're well practiced.

I guess it's good that he held his fire, not sure who he was going to shoot at or confident in his marksmanship.

Goes to show - practice, practice, practice.

Why the "no carry in bars" doesn't matter

It's all ready illegal to have possession of a gun while drunk, just like it's illegal to operate a car while drunk.

The section of the Ohio CHL law that says you can't carry while in an estabishment that servers alcohol for consumption on premises isn't necessary - you can't drink and carry anyway, so those carrying into such places wouldn't have been able to.

How did this happen?

An armed robbery in England, where guns are illegal?

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"

It becomes like your keys

Not sure if this guy was carrying legally or not, but he walked through an airport screener with a gun, getting himself into some serious trouble.

Remember to check yourself before you go into a restricted area!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How could guns keep people safe?

Canadian border agents want to be able to carry... their liberal friends up there should let them know that guns cause crimes, they don't protect people.

Make sure you only carry where it's legal to do so

Cops not carry when off duty?

Some are complaining that cops shouldn't carry when off duty - an occasional cop gets shot by another cop, mistaking them for a criminal.

First of all, not sure it's good that any cops are taught that anybody with a gun is a bad guy. Second, I'd feel a lot better if I was somewhere and I knew an off-duty cop was there and was armed.

I'm not sure this problem really is a problem - it's happened a few times, but it's much more often that someone gets killed because they cannot defend themselves, including off-duty cops.

To address the concern if this could mean bad things for civilian concealed carry? Remember the class- you aren't a cop just because you have a permit to carry. And you shouldn't act like you're a cop. You cannot escalate or cause a situation, as you would be doing if you tried to break up a fight.

Let the cops act like cops. Your carry permit is there to protect YOU and YOUR family, not the public at large. Unfortunately our society has become too lawsuit happy for good guys to protect others...

*Hat tip to SW for the link

Follow the safety rules

This poor kid was shot and killed when a neighbor who, according to the article, accidentally discharged a shotgun while trying to unload it.

2) Pointed in a safe direction (the ground or the sky if you're pointed at dry-wall and there's someone on the other side).
3) Keep it unloaded unless you're using it.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

If it's all they say it is, I'm all for it

Legislation is up in Congress to update the amount of info that is shared during a gun background check. It would include info if someone is mentally ill, has a restraining order against them, etc.

If what they're saying is not included already, it probably should be. Gotta be careful with this sort of thing, though. Anti-gunners typically try to throw in things that would hurt gun owners - like including how many guns you already own in your background check. Just be aware, if the NRA supports it, it's probably OK. If not, there's a catch the media is probably not reporting.

A situation like this arose a few years back with the legislation to make "cop killer" bullets illegal. The NRA supported the original legislation, which made teflon-coated bullets illegal (which can go through bullet proof vests - though rifle rounds go through bullet proof vests, too). The problem was that's not all it made illegal. It also made many common hunting rounds - bullets that have nothing to do with "cop killer" bullets - illegal. That is why the NRA did not support it.

If you ever have questions about the validity of gun legislation, visit to get the low down. They haven't posted an opinion that I've found on this, yet, but I'll update you when I see something.

Wisconsin still wants the right to carry

Greek Olympian wants more Greeks to shoot

Might be a tough-sell in Europe, where the politicans are freaked out by the idea of someone actually defending themselves with anything but a bad attitude.

Rule 2: Always point your gun in a safe direction

This is why we say NO AMMO in the room when cleaning your gun

Pretty sad when just having a gun is a crime...

In Jamaica, guns are highly regulated. Handguns are basically illegal for normal citizens to own. This guy went to jail for having a gun, then just got caught again and will be serving some more jail time.

Yes - felons shouldn't have guns. But the crime he committed wasn't a crime, as far as I'm concerned. Just having a gun shouldn't be enough to go go jail, unless you've been shown to not be able to handle it (by committing a serious crime).

The article says he's an entertainer, so presumably he has the gun for self-defense. Many cultures make any attempt at self-protection (e.g. England, France, Jamaica) a crime. Sad when people can't even defend themselves legally...

Point your gun in a safe direction

Your foot is NOT a safe direction...

How is this possible

Rash of shootings in the UK (where guns are illegal/restricted)...

And in Canada (where guns are highly restricted), cops claim gun crime is a high as ever.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ohio law update: NO CHANGES THIS YEAR!

I'm getting a lot of questions from people who ask, "What changes to the law have happened this year?"

The simple answer: none. Many changes have been proposed, but none have gone through.

The only changes have really been the hours that sheriff's issue permits, which has nothing to do with the legislature. Hamilton County requires an appointment, Clermont has limited to accepting permits a few days a week, etc.

Changes that are being discussed include recriprocity with more states, simplifing the car-carry law, and some other little changes. Again - nothing in the law has changed up to this point.

If you ever have questions about what the law is, the absolute best source is the Ohio Attorney General Website. Even the little book we hand out from the Attny General is up there in PDF form. Otherwise, email us at with your question and we'll get it answered for you. We aren't lawyers, but we can tell you what the sheriff/attorney general has told us!

Canada is almost at the brink...

It appears that many Canadians are finally getting to the point of understanding that crime cannot be prevented by limiting gun rights.

Violent crime is skyrocketing in Canada, and they have been restricting gun rights dramatically in the last several years.

Maybe they'll get to the point, like D.C., where people stop putting up with the political BS and start looking into real solutions. A good first step would be to allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves...

A good point in the article - stiffer punishments won't affect someone who is willing to die in a shootout (as anti-CHL signs don't deter criminals in Ohio), but a bullet in the head from someone who is legally defending themselves certainly will.

Concealed Carry - a matter of trust

Great article outlining the case for concealed carry - and the false claims 0f those who oppose it.

Typical anti-carry rant from a cop

Most cops are 100% on board with concealed carry - they see that it works, and know that they cannot be everywhere all the time to protect people.

Others take the "Rosie O'Donnell" and "Micheal Moore" stance - they have a bodyguard (or in a cop's case, they have a legal right to carry), so it's better if everyone else DOES NOT.

It's a shame, but I really feel people who espouse this view are doing so out of a selfish desire to allow themselves defense and not others. They figure if they're the only one with a gun (or their body guard), they're better off.

The fact of the matter is CCW laws reduce crime whenever they're passed, and no state has ever repealed the law once it's gone into effect. In almost every instance, those who oppose the law end up in favor of it. Anything else is just hypothetical BS.


This is why you should practice with your carry gun

This guy tried to stop the mall rampage the other day in Seattle, but didn't get off a shot before he himself was shot twice. He was delivering a bank drop-off, so it can be assumed he was an armed guard.

Goes to show - if a real life situation arises, you need be ready. Practice often, and keep your carry gun in good shape.

In my book, he's a hero for even trying. Statistics show that an armed individual is much more likely to be able to successfully defend himself in an encounter like this one - but there are always exceptions.

TX expands carry to five other states, not Ohio (yet)

Anyone who is disheartened by the limited reciprocity of Ohio's CHL can find hope in the states expanding their reach, like Texas. Ohio's law is the newest right now, so 17 isn't so bad at this point.

We'll get there!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Carrying saves a pizza guy from robbery or worse

Notice the spin on the story - they focus on the guy who may have been shot, instead of the fact that this man (who, according to a, obtained his Ohio CHL on Aug 8) defended himself.

Anyway, this guy was beaten and held a knife-point while trying to deliver a pizza. Fortunately, he had a 9mm and the smarts to get a CHL. He's alive, it's possible one of the bad guys isn't.

The message to criminals: not all Ohioans are easy pickings, anymore.

Cabbies should be able to carry

In Wisconsin, the battle for right to carry still rages on. This article shows the face of concealed carry - those who are at risk everyday and simply want a way to defend themselves.

Right to carry is not about armed thugs who want to not go to jail for carrying on the way to a robbery, as anti-gunners would have you believe. It's about everyday people who'd rather not end up on the 6 o'clock news.

This is exactly what anti-gunners want...

A lot of times, calls for mandatory training are part of an effort to discourage people from owning firearms in the first place. Those afraid of violating the law or who can't afford training are forced to give up their guns.

And in Africa - where gun ownership is tightly controlled- just that is happening. Note the section about confiscation. This is always the next step after registration...

Restricted areas aren't a gun-free utopia

This USA Today article is claiming that violence at school football games is rising. Guns are found on people, fights break out, etc.

But wait - guns are illegal on school grounds in the U.S. Even if the football game is off-site, guns are illegal at school events as well.

So the gun-free the anti-CHL signs all over Ohio schools might not be working? Goes to show it's not the law-abiding citizens that are the problem...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A good retort to anti-carry folks

Middle-of-the-road in Utah

In Utah, they're debating whether to allow people without carry permits to have a loaded gun in their vehicle. This article is from someone who appears to support carry, but does not like the idea of untrained people having loaded guns with them.

These measures that aren't staunchly anti-gun, but certainly aren't pro-gun either can be hard to negotiate for supporters of gun rights. Yes - he has a point. Untrained people with firearms can be a problem. Just as untrained people with a chainsaw can be a problem. But you don't require someone to get training on a chain-saw by a government approved program before you let them have one with gas in it in their car.

Beyond this, the guy never mentions that in many states having a loaded gun in the car has nothing to do with carry permits. Kentucky, for example, lets you have a loaded gun in your glove box without a permit. Vermont and Alaska allow anyone to carry, without training. Many other states don't require formal training before applying for a permit.

Whenever you erode the rights of law-abiding citizens (afterall, you can't touch a gun legally if you're a felon), you hurt the cause for everyone else.

Canada trying to figure out why gun crime still going up

The Prime Minister has made it his mission to lower gun crime in Canada.

Still, they can't see that letting people protect themselves is an obvious way to curb the violence. The only people in Canada who have no problems getting a gun are the criminals.

School crime rate 1/2 of what is was 10 yrs ago

Believe it or not…Won’t hear this on the news.

Follow the safety rules - even in the bathroom.

This guy shot his hand in the bathroom at a gun show in Minnesota.

This lady put a bullet in her foot with a rifle, also in Minnesota.

1) Keep your finger (or any bathroom hooks) off the trigger.

2) Always point in a safe direction (not at your hand or foot!).

3) Keep it unloaded until you’re ready to use it (taking a dump is NOT using it).

Monday, November 21, 2005

Be careful if you're flying with a gun

Not flying the proper way can get you in a lot of trouble, if you plan to bring your gun. This pilot found out the hard way.

How did this happen?

Guns are illegal in NY City! How did this guy get shot? It’s a mystery…

How is gun violence surging in Jamaica, where guns are illegal? Is that possible?

In Canada (where guns are restricted/illegal), a retaliatory shooting occurred at a funeral of a teen-girl.

And in the UK, where a female cop was killed by armed robbers, some are calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. How about letting your cops have guns to defend themselves, instead of just cleaning up the mess afterwards?

“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

New Mexico loosens carry rules

In New Mexico, 25 used to be the age limit for carry and you could only carry one caliber. They’re loosening the laws there for the upcoming year.

Most states loosen carry laws when it’s shown to work. Hopefully Ohio will be on that boat in the next few years.

put these jerks in prison

Former UPS workers are in trouble for stealing guns that were shipped and re-selling them. Get the guys who supply the guns to bad guys and get the bad guys, but leave us law-abiding folk alone.

Cop in South Africa kills friend by accident

Sad story of a cop who didn’t follow the safety rules:

1) Finger off the trigger (wouldn’t go off if he didn’t, modern firearms are inert unless the trigger is all the way to the rear).

2) Point in a safe direction (at your buddy isn’t safe).

3) Unloaded until you’re ready to use it.

Lots of people, even those familiar with guns, get careless after dealing with them for a while. Like the lumberjack who cuts his own hand off, getting careless can get you or someone else killed. This is especially true when you’re loading/unloading a gun – you need to move it around, get to buttons, etc.

Be careful out there! Follow the rules and nobody EVER gets shot by accident!

UK anti-gunners

In the UK, there’s a renewed call to arm police officers after a female cop was killed by armed bandits the other day (see “How did this happen” earlier in the week). At the same time, there’s a cry from UK’s anti-gunners that loosening gun laws (by allowing police to carry) would increase crime (tell that to the female cop who was defenseless).

Yes, gun crime is lower in the UK than it is in the U.S., and many other nations that have looser gun laws. One problem with that though – the UK only has had strict gun laws for the last few years. Before that, gun crime was EVEN LOWER than it is now. This is true in nearly every place which passes strict gun laws – Australia, the UK, Germany, and cities in the U.S. like D.C. and New York.

It’s a false correlation to say that gun crime in the UK is lower than the US so strict gun laws must be working. Since the UK has implemented strict gun laws their gun crime has skyrocketed (as is acknowledged in the article).

So it’s not the gun restrictions that are responsible for the lower crime. In fact, they’ve caused crime to rise.

This is lost on most anti-gunners. The fact is, strict gun laws disarm the law-abiding and make the lawless able to do the bad things they want, without any resistance.

How did this happen?

A 12-yr old boy in Chicago shot and killed a 26-yr old man at a dice game in Chicago. Guns are illegal in Chicago.

typical anti-gunner UK

In the UK, there’s a renewed call to arm police officers after a female cop was killed by armed bandits the other day (see “How did this happen” earlier in the week). At the same time, there’s a cry from UK’s anti-gunners that loosening gun laws (by allowing police to carry) would increase crime (tell that to the female cop who was defenseless).


Yes, gun crime is lower in the UK than it is in the U.S., and many other nations that have looser gun laws. One problem with that though – the UK only has had strict gun laws for the last few years. Before that, gun crime was EVEN LOWER than it is now. This is true in nearly every place which passes strict gun laws – Australia, the UK, Germany, and cities in the U.S. like D.C. and New York.


It’s a false correlation to say that gun crime in the UK is lower than the US so strict gun laws must be working. Since the UK has implemented strict gun laws their gun crime has skyrocketed (as is acknowledged in the article).


So it’s not the gun restrictions that are responsible for the lower crime. In fact, they’ve caused crime to rise.


This is lost on most anti-gunners. The fact is, strict gun laws disarm the law-abiding and make the lawless able to do the bad things they want, without any resistance.


“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Robbers prowling Clifton

If you live near Clifton, be vigilant (and make sure your carry gun is in order):

Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 11:36 AM
Subject: Suspects Sought In Robberies; Crime Rate Continues To Drop
Date: November 21, 2005
To: The University Community

Re: Crime Alert

The University of Cincinnati Police have received information from the
Cincinnati Police that a group of teenagers are committing robberies
in the area of Clifton Heights. This is the neighborhood to the south of

The suspects are two Male Blacks, one heavy build with scraggly
facial hair and one thin build, both usually wearing dark hooded sweat

These two subjects have been seen entering a champagne or gold colored
Oldsmobile Cutlass, a 1996 or newer model, with square tail lights.
If you have any information concerning these individuals please call Crime
Stoppers at 352-3040.

One good note - UC Police claim crime is down this year. Maybe a few carry permits
in Clifton have started to ward off the bad dudes...

* HAT TIP to SW for the update *

be careful if you're flying with a gun

Not flying the proper way can get you in a lot of trouble, if you plan to bring your gun. This pilot found out the hard way.

how did this happen?

Guns are illegal in NY City! How did this guy get shot? It’s a mystery…


How is gun violence surging in Jamaica, where guns are illegal? Is that possible?


In Canada (where guns are restricted/illegal), a retaliatory shooting occurred at a funeral of a teen-girl.


And in the UK, where a female cop was killed by armed robbers, some are calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. How about letting your cops have guns to defend themselves, instead of just cleaning up the mess afterwards?


“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

put these jerks in prison

Former UPS workers are in trouble for stealing guns that were shipped and re-selling them. Get the guys who supply the guns to bad guys and get the bad guys, but leave us law-abiding folk alone.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Irish politican in trouble for posing with gun

In Ireland, guns are illegal/restricted. This politician’s photo goes to show – in societies were guns are illegal, those with influence or those who don’t care about the law aren’t affected.

Why do you think Kennedy, Feinstein, Rosie O’Donnell, etc. want to take away your gun rights? It doesn’t restrict those with influence, power, or enough money to hire a full-time body guard.

office shooting STOPPED by a CHL holder in TX

A fired employee came back for revenge the other day – but the owner was smart enough to use his right to carry. The bad dude was killed.


Just goes to show that carrying DOES save lives, everyday. Most of the time the headlines (like this one) don’t lead you to believe that, though…


Guns for cops in the UK?

Well I thought that guns were bad, and disarming everyone would make everyone safe?


A female cop was killed in an armed robbery the other day in the UK, and now many are calling for cops to be armed. How about letting your citizens protect themselves, as well?


Gun ownership, carry at all time high - crime at 30-yr low

NC carry law almost 10 yrs old!

And it's working so well they're looking to expand it. Even anti-gunners have admitted it's working.

Give it another 8+ years, and Ohio will be there too!

Friday, November 18, 2005

"Gun Deaths" myth

When "gun deaths" are sighted - exactly what does that mean? Do suicides count? What about when a cop shoots a bad guy? This study sheds some light on what that means in Canada, and why you can't always trust the claims of anti-gunners.

Oh Canada...

When will you learn the folly of your ways?

Your gun laws don't work, so your politicians push for tougher laws. This politician wants to make it a mandatory 2-year jail term if you have a loaded gun... the same sentence for ARMED ROBBERY.
So when I'm carrying for self-protection, I'm the same threat as an ARMED ROBBER??

It's a completely different mind-set to be an anti-gunner. You assume everyone is guilty, unable to protect themselves or their families. You need to leave that up to the government...

How did this happen?

A female cop killed by armed robbers in the UK (where guns are restricted/illegal).

A kid in Ireland (where guns are restricted/illegal) shot into a home, hurting a man.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Hold gun-free lobby liable

In South Africa, guns have been restricted pretty harshly recently. Some are starting to call for an end to the restrictions. They want the gov't to punish criminals, not people trying to defend themselves. A few are even blaming the anti-gunners there for the victims left helpless by the restrictions.

Would be nice if the people in the Jeep plant in Toledo and countless other places where guns are restricted in Ohio (mostly by anti-CHL signs) could sue if they're hurt because they can't defend themselves...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

It becomes like your keys...

People don't believe me, but this kid says he accidentally brought a gun to school when his parents inadvertently put it in his backpack...

When you carry, you can easily become careless with your gun. Don't let this happen (or anything like it) to you.

The gun ain't the problem

This journalist claims the story of the crazy teen who killed his younger-girlfriend's parents then kidnapped her was somewhat the fault of the gun.

I think he could have used an ax. Or a hammer. Or a million other bad things to do what he did. It ain't the gun - it's the a-hole that's the problem.

If it would have been me, I'd have been armed to put one in his head as soon as he pulled the knife/ax/hammer/gun/whatever...

This is how it starts..

Fortunately, nuisance anti-gun legislation is usually tossed out pretty quickly. But it is these little, annoying laws that slowly chip away at gun rights are usually intended to get people used to the idea of gun laws.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How did this happen?

Bad guy in Jamaica was found with a gun, where guns are guns are illegal.


“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”


Follow the safety rules!

This boy accidentally shot his father while hunting. Follow the rules, and no one EVER gets shot.


1)       Point in a safe direction

2)       Finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot

3)       Keep it unloaded until you’re using it

Only cops can handle guns

According to many anti-gunners, only the military and cops should have guns. What about when the cops start shooting, in a society where guns are illegal for citizens to own?


How did this happen?

A gun found and an armed robbery in the Bahamas, where guns are highly restricted/illegal.


“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

you don't need a gun to kill

This guy beat a friend to death with a hammer in the UK. (Hell of a friend, eh?)


A 17-yr old girl was shot on the school bus, by another teenage girl.


They were arguing the day before. Now one is in critical condition.


By owning a gun, you are responsible for it. We go over this a dozen times in the class – keep all guns so they are INACCESSIBLE to unauthorized people and children.


The idea that it’s OK to shot another human being over an argument is one problem – the fact that this girl had access to a gun is another. If you have kids, you NEED TO LOCK UP YOUR GUNS.

even some non-gun owners see the danger of San Fran Gun Ban

This guy says he doesn’t own a gun, but doesn’t want to give up any more of his freedom to measures like this one.

jerk on the highway

This a-hole fired into a car in front of him when he thought they made an “offensive hand gesture,” killing a woman.


Guarantee this guy didn’t have a carry permit. People like this give carry a bad name – though they’re one of the reasons carry is necessary in the first place.

Just because you don't want a gun, doesn't mean others don't too

Pretty typical liberal “I’m right and better than you” attitude in Sierra Leone. They want Sierra Leone to be “gun free” – because that worked so well in the UK, Australia, D.C., etc.


There’s one problem – not everyone wants this. Especially those who don’t want to fall victim to criminals. Prominent church leaders might have the money to build big walls or have guards – normal people don’t.


are you telling me a CRIMINAL used a GUN in the UK?

Hard to believe, I know. But in the UK (where most guns are illegal), they still have gun crime. Like this genius who committed “10 gun crimes” recently.

Monday, November 14, 2005

any excuse to keep it from passing

Now some Wisconsin gov’t types are complaining the cost of concealed carry will be too high… Why is it that every time concealed carry comes up as a topic, the same arguments are put forward? Can’t states look around at damn-near-every state around them, and ¾ of the country and see that it always works out to the benefit of the people? Amazing…


The reason Ohio's anti-CHL signs don't work

Because the signs, like gun-bans, don’t stop people hell-bent on destruction and crime.

Hunting accidents down 30%

Good news for hunting safety. Groups like the NRA that teach gun and hunter safety should be proud.

a good description of San Fran's Prop H

Not only would it make guns and ammo illegal in the city, it would confiscate guns/ammo from anyone that already owns it. Don’t think this one would hold up in court…

The movie "Jarhead"

I’ve seen the previews, but really didn’t know the content. Apparently it isn’t pro-Military, according to Oliver North.

I’ve got a lot of buddies in the military, many serving right now. It would be nice to have a little more support from those who claim to be against the war but for the soldiers… films like this (assuming it is as North says), do show where their hearts really lie.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

First Concealed Carry (Ohio & Florida) class scheduled for Jan 15-16

We've scheduled the first CHL (Concealed Handgun License) class for 2006. Taking this class will let you apply for an Ohio or Florida carry license.

The class will be held Jan 15-16, which is a Saturday and Sunday. Classes will start at 9 a.m.

Visit for more info or to register. Still only $70 - because we want every good guy to be able to fight off the bad guys.

How did this happen

Wait... I thought handguns were ILLEGAL in Australia?

Guns at the university

This nut-job wasn't stopped by laws forbidding guns into a University... but many people who could have defended themselves may have been victims of it.

Box of truth

A cool website that shows penetration of several types of bullets, through all kinds of stuff.

We've actually run similar tests with small boxes with baffled fly-wood, with similar results. The 44 mag was pretty impressive, though. And the 22LR did more damage then we assumed it would. Hollow points still opened up more, causing more damage deeper than a standard FMJ. The only one that really opened up well, though, was the 357 mag.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

How did this happen x3?

In Canada (where guns are highly regulated and handguns are quasi-illegal), this guy was charged with illegal possession of a "weapon dangerous the the public" after a standoff with police. You figure they'd charge him with resisting arrest, having a standoff with police, domestic abuse, or one of the half-dozen other criminal things the guy did. But no, the biggest charge was having a gun...

In Australia, where guns are illegal, they're investigating another shooting (their crime rate, especially gun crime, has skyrocketed since they made guns illegal).

And finally, in the UK, where guns are restricted/illegal, they're looking for a shooting suspect.

I tell you what - making guns illlegal really works!! Hopefully San Francisco can experience this gun-free, low crime way of life soon.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wisconsin senate passes CCW... again.

Let's see if their govener vetos it, again, denying the people the right they've been fighting to gain for a long time.

They're one of only a few hold-out states... hopefully they won't be denied, this time.

San Fran gun ban will be thrown out in court, says the mayor

The mayor of San Fran, who is strongly anti-gun, is conceding that the vote recently taken to ban handguns will not stand up in court. He admits that state law trumps the local vote, and at the end of the day it was just an "opinion poll."

Granny with a gun makes ABC News

Wow - can't believe the story of the g-ma who got the bad guy made national, main stream media news!

Grandma defends herself

This grandma defended herself when a guy running from the cops busted into her home. See? Senior citizens aren’t helpless – if they have the tools and knowledge to defend themselves.

Officers shot while looking for shooter

In the UK, where guns are illegal. Funny part about it is it appears they were shot by someone else – someone not involved in the original shooting. Goes to show how effective their gun ban has been for the criminals.

“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Not a toy

This guy was convicted on manslaughter charges – he claims he was playing with a gun when he accidentally shot a co-worker.

If you want something to play with, grab a yo-yo. Guns aren’t toys and when people treat them like toys, accidents happen.

criminals will find a way...

Guns are highly regulated in South Africa – but the bad guys managed to get two guns.

And the guy got shot 10 times and lived? Want do you want to bet it was a 9mm with FMJ bullets. Those damn things are like needles – they go through and don’t do hardly any damage. Something to think about when you’re choosing your carry gun.

Save yourself in a school shooting

Every time some dumb kid goes on a shooting spree (not that it should ever happen), MSM runs stories like this.

I have an idea – how about letting the teacher’s shoot back, like in Thailand and Israel. Seems to work pretty good in these places.

Road rage against Bubba Gump

This jerk pulled a gun in a road-rage incident in LA - on the guy who played the shrimp dude in Forrest Gump.

Unprovoked stuff like this should be punished to the full extent of the law. Notice the article says he "threw gang signs" - I really doubt this guy was a law-abiding citizen in the first place, and I REALLY doubt he had a carry license. The article doesn't say, but usually they make a big point about people with licenses using guns in illegal ways (though it doesn't happen often).

In fact, now that I think about it, situations like this don't give carry a bad name - they encourage carry to protect against thugs like this guy.

How did this happen #2?

India has very strict gun laws, and is actually an excellent example of how gun control is used to opressed conquered peoples.

So how did a gun battle with "militants" happen the other day?

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

How did this happen?

Guns are illegal in Indonesia, where a ruling class crushes all opposition to the government or their power.

Yet this shoot-out happened a few weeks ago. Want to learn more about Indonesia's oppressive, anti-gun government? Check out this article.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

permit holder protecting herself in TX

Another case where CCW saves the day.


I'd carry into the woods

This dude was chased into his house by a bear.

Wisconsin still debating carry law

This is the type of article that appears for months before CCW legislation goes through. Once it happens, though, the debate ends quickly – everyone finds out the “wild wild west” theories aren’t true, and that crime typically goes down.

Salt Lake making car carry a bit easier

They’re looking to allow people to have loaded firearms in their cars. Right now the law is like Ohio’s (if you don’t have a CHL), where it’s unloaded or locked up. Hopefully Ohio’s legislature will make some changes to make carrying in the car a bit easier in the upcoming session.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Man in 70's stabbed in home invasion

Learn how to use a gun, senior citizens!


This guy was stabbed during a home invasion yesterday. This is the second time in the last two weeks this has happened. Senior citizens need to take it upon themselves to not allow bad-guys to take advantage.

Riots return to Toledo Dec. 10?

The neo-nazi's, who were the catalyst for riot in Toledo a few weeks back, are returning Dec. 10.

Let's hope the police and citizens are ready for any possible problems.

Riots like these, as well as the confusion after the hurricanes recently, show very blatenly that when order breaks down it's every man for himself. In these situations, the right to own and carry a gun becomes especially important. Afterall, even the Illionis police and San Francisco police (both places where guns are heavily restricted/illegal) say that a handgun is the best defense.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

There is no legal concealed carry in Illionis

Yet somehow, shootings like this still happen.

Kind of figured this would happen

San Francisco has voted to make all handguns and ammunition within the city limits illegal - just like Washington D.C. and Chicago.

Typical anti-gunner logic - crime went through the roof in both these U.S. cities, and every country that's ever banned handguns, but of course it'll work in San Fran!

Let them have their ban. We'll see what crime looks like in San Francisco a few years after implementation. Just like D.C., Chicago, New York, and a handful of other large cities in the U.S. - when guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.

School shooting

This could have been prevented on many levels.

First, the owner of the gun should have had it locked up, unaccessible to the teen.

Second, the principal, who was in the military, could have stopped the whole thing if he would have allowed to be armed.

And third, teaching kids that voilence isn't acceptable could change a generation's outlook. Most kids think that they'll get off for any crime. It's society's fault, or video games, or guns, or whatever.

Kids should be held responsible for their actions, and shown that people don't get off if they say they're a victim of some pretend injustice.

Sad. Very sad.

Gun classes offer option to domestic abuse victimes

A great program in Salt Lake City, though they had to get their anti-gun two cents in.

New school program with a sinister goal

"Who's going to stay away from guns!" shouts the principal to the students.

There's one big problem with programs like this - they don't place the blame on the people/crimes, but instead tend to focus on the guns. A kid can go crazy with a chain saw just the same as with a chain-saw.

It should be taught that VIOLENCE is the problem. The gun won't make you do it - bad choices and poor morals make you do it.

Tougher sentences for gun crimes in Canada

How about tougher CRIME sentences in Canada? At least they're starting to see the problem with banning guns...

So is the point gun safety or gun removal?

This study claims that gun safety counciling increases the odds that people will take steps to secure guns in the home.

All I have to say is "Duh." The NRA has been doing this for over a century - teaching people how to safely store guns (away from unauthorized people or children).

The telling part of the study is the last line, however. They say gun safety training doesn't appear to get rid of guns in the home, but does increase the odds their safely stored.

What do you think the goal of this study was? Probably another "if there's a gun in the home you'll all die" story. Every study that's come out saying this has been readily debunked, especially considering the lower crime rates in areas with looser gun laws.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Make sure you're carrying in the car legally!

Remember, in Ohio your carry-piece has to be VISIBLE on your person, in a locked, visible case or locked in your glove box (if you don't have a lock on your glove box, you're out of luck on this one).

Lots of speed-traps have been set up, and they'll get heavier as we get into the holidays. Don't get caught carrying illegally!

Remember: Notify the officer you have a carry permit, keep your hands in plain sight (contact with your gun is FELONY unless the officer asks you to), have your CHL and your driver's license on you, and keep it VISIBLE or in a LOCKED CASE!

Until the motor vehicle law carry changes (hopefully next year), you gotta stay legal.

Carry, even while stopping for gas

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rioting spreads to 300 towns in France - wouldn't happen in the U.S.

In France, the drug-dealing bad guys (who happen to be muslim - not being anti-muslim here, but there have been some jihad references made) have spread the rioting to 300 towns. Beyond this, the police are complaining that they are heavily armed (how's that possible - guns are illegal in France!).

Ever notice that rioting only happens in big cities in the U.S., and almost never gets very far from the city? Any idea why?

Here's a guess - Did you see what happened in Texas after the hurricanes? Guys were on their roofs with rifles. "You loot, I shoot" was their slogan. It's hard to riot when the guys in the suburbs can protect themselves.

In France, they toss cheese at the rioters. Here, we toss bullets at them, containing the choas.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Some good changes for Ohio's CHL law?

Some legislators are trying to clean up Ohio's CHL law.

A few of the things they're offering up:
1) Getting rid of the "plain sight" BS while in a motor vehicle.
2) Making names open to the public restricted if a CHL holder feels their safety would be jeopardized (should be for everyone, but the media doesn't like that).
3) Making state gun laws trump local ones, which cause some serious confusion for some Ohioans.

Typical anti-gunner BS is being touted... it'll increase gun violence... we'll just want more concessions (hell yea we'll want more). They never mention that crime hasn't gone up, that they have no backing for their "violence will increase" claims, etc. Even throwing in the stand-by "everyone starts out as law-abiding." So I guess this means you don't trust anyone, because everyone's on the verge of going on a rampage?

Bunch of garbage. In a free society, you give people the right to whatever they like until they hurt someone else and prove they can't handle the freedom.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Last Concealed Carry class of 2005 is Nov. 12-13

We're holding our last Concealed Carry class of 2005 November 12-13. You can take the class if you want an Ohio or a Florida permit.

As always, the cost is $70. Tell your friends who want a CHL to sign up ASAP!

Go to to register or for more info.

Every hospital I've been to in Cincinnati has anti-CHL signs

Hopefully we won't have a shooting that no one can stop, like in Arizona today.

The bad guys don't care about signs. Only the law-abiding CHL holder submits to them, forcing people to "hide in closets and under beds" instead of fight back, ending the horror.

A balanced gun article from the NY Times?

Are my eyes deceiving me? Maybe they're starting to take notice that nearly the entire country has the ability to carry, crime goes down when gun laws are loosened, and their readership has dropped dramatically in the last five years, since they've taken liberal stances on everything including guns.

This one's on the San Fran Gun Ban (sounds catchy, huh?). Voters are going to get to choose, it appears. Hopefully they'll follow the advice of their police - they say the gun ban is a political stunt that won't do anything to curb crime.

How is this possible?

Shots fired into a house in the UK (where guns are heavily restricted/mostly illegal).

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Below deck! Pirates are coming!

Kind of funny story about a cruise ship that was nearly taken over by pirates... yes, pirates... and according to the Australian paper that wrote the piece, they are "gun-toting pirates" (I guess that's as opposed to the peaceful, feather-toting pirates). This article says they fired rockets at the boat, though it would surprise me if the thing didn't sink if this was the case.

I've been on two cruises in the last two years (the wife likes 'em), and every time I don't like that they don't allow guns on the boat and that the ports we stop in are in places where I'd like to be armed.

Not sure if there's a fix for this, but it'd be nice if us cruisers could protect ourselves from the "pirates" out there... plus it's funny to talk about pirates.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gun control allows for atrocity

About how gun control allows for atrocity, and if guns were included in humanitarian aid, people would be able to defend themselves from oppressive warlords and governments.

NRA fighting to get DC residents right to own a gun

D.C. has had European-style, anti-gun laws on the books which forbid ownership of any firearms within the district. Since then, crime has been rampant. Some residents of DC (the ones that aren't in the Federal Goverment (or rich) and don't get armed body guards to protect them) want to be able to protect themselves.

That's where the NRA comes in.

Local gun laws can be confusing, especially in Michigan

Our neighbor to the north has concealed carry, but requires one thing we don't - registration for gun owners.

It can be confusing for people who ask "Do I need to register my gun" in Ohio. You don't. In Michigan, you need to watch your P's and Q's a little closer (thank Detroit for that).

Just a word to the wise - know your local laws. Not that this guy should have been armed. With a restraining order, which is insinuated in this story, he should have them taken away. Good guys with guns are fine. Bad guys aren't.

Typical scare article before gun law loosening...

This is an editorial from the Cayman Islands, complaining that loosening gun laws will make things worse (as is being requested by the people who are tired of being the victims of crime).

Includes all the normal BS - a wild-wild west scenerio. Everywhere gun laws have been loosened crime has gone down or remained steady. Bad guys don't care about the laws.

Illinois loses another battle with anti-gunners

They tried to make it semi-easy to transport a firearm in Illinois. Too bad the anti-gunners (read Chicago Democrats) run the state... too bad. Guess you'll have to move to Indiana, which has EXCELLENT gun laws.

Follow the safety rules

If this story is true, the guys in this gun shop should close their doors.

Be safe! Follow the rules and NOBODY gets hurt, EVER!

1) Always point in a safe direction
2) Keep your FINGER off the TRIGGER
3) Keep guns UNLOADED until ready to use them

If any of these three were followed, and this would NOT have happened.

Here's more coverage on the story. The media loves this sort of thing - gun bought for safety kill their owners. It's VERY rare. In fact, so rare that statistically it's nearly impossible. But when it does happen (like someone being struck by lightning or being bitten by a shark) the media loves to play it up.

Some good may come from it - people might follow the rules.

Trick 'em to register

Canada is offering "amnesty" to the millions of people, mostly in non-urban areas of Canada, who haven't registered their guns with the goverment.

In some Canadian cities they've already confiscated guns. Many of outskirts have ignored registration (including goverment bodies who refuse to enforce), as they see gun violence skyrocket in the urban centers where guns have been taken away.

Canadian gun violence has gone up dramatically every year since the gun restrictions have increased.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

The anti-gunners say you should run when confronted...

This woman in Clifton did, and she was shot in the back.

Would it have been different if she would have been carrying? Who can say. But at least she would have had the option to defend herself on her own doorstep.

And the anti-gunners say to rely on the police...

Heard about the elderly guy who was strong-armed by three teens Halloween night?

Well, they caught the bastards.

Guess relying on 911 doesn't always work, either... if it were me, the kids wouldn't have gotten two feet in my house before one got a 45-slug in the chest.

The bad-guys get more brazen as people don't defend themselves...

French riots

Ironic to see "French" and any sort of fighting/action in the same sentence... but anyway, in France, most guns (including handguns) are illegal. Yet rioters are "shooting at police."

Not sure how that's possible. All nations that touch France have restricted/revoked gun ownership. So how do these "youth's" (read drug dealers who don't like being messed with by cops) get guns?

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

TX lawmaker speaks pro-carry to Wisconsin

Very cool - Wisconsin brought in a Texas lawmaker to encourage a "clean" carry bill.

This is a good way to impress upon the cheese-heads that allowing carrying helps, it doesn't hurt, and that passing a bill that is unencumbered by BS amendments from anti-gunners (like open carry while in a vehicle in Ohio) is best.

Even the left-wing in San Fran is against banning handguns

This left-leaning paper is against the proposition in San Francisco that would ban handguns. They say that criminals don't care about the law and it won't help. Good to hear some common sense from California.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Illinois overriding local laws... or trying to

Illinois is trying to override contradicting local laws that make it very difficult to own and transport a firearm.

In other words, what's law in Chicago is law in Peoria, etc. Chicago's been fighting this, along with anti-gunners who think the patchwork of confusing law dissuades people from getting a gun.

Ohio is in a similar situation. Many local ordinances could technically put someone in legal jeopardy - if our attorney general chose to enforce those laws. For instance, technically it's illegal to have a handgun in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton. Fortunately, the laws aren't enforced. A recent example of this is Columbus banning all semi-automatic rifles (they call them "assault rifles" because it's scary). This is one that might be enforced - time will tell.

Would be nice if such legislation (instead of just an "understanding") found it's way to Ohio.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why college students should be able to carry on campus

This happend off-campus, but if they were on their way back and these dude's wanted anything more than a wallet, it could have been worse....

Sent: Mon 10/31/2005 4:07 PM
Subject: Armed Robbery Reported Off Campus
TO: The University of Cincinnati Community

FROM: Darlene S. Bunton
Assistant Director of Public Safety

The University Police have been notified of an armed robbery that occurred in the 2300 block of Ohio Avenue on Saturday, October 29 at approximately 8:30 PM. According to the report, a UC student and her boyfriend were walking toward their apartment when two male black suspects confronted them. One suspect was approximately 5'10", thin, no facial hair, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and carrying a silver revolver. The other suspect is described as 5'6", thin, round face and wearing a heavy coat. No injuries were reported but the suspects escaped with credit cards, cell phone, identification cards and purse from the victims. The two suspects were last seen running south on Ohio and got into a tan Buick on Parker Street.

If you have any information concerning this incident, please notify Cincinnati Police at 3521-3578 or Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

# # #

Hat-tip to a CHL holder who teaches at UC for the info.

VA talking about carrying into restaurants

Virgina has a similar carry law to Ohio's - you can't carry into anywhere that serves alcohol.

They're talking about moving to a system that's more popular nationwide. You can carry, as long as you don't drink.

To me, thtat's the best solution. If you drink, you go to jail, just as if you're drunk with a gun in your hand at home. At the same time, if you go out to eat, to a bar, etc. and wish to carry you can, if you don't drink.

I've walked out of many a place late at night, wishing I was armed. And what about people who work in bars or restaurants?

We can only hope as the law matures, it goes the way most states do and carry gets loosened.

Typical government behavior to limit gun ownership

In South Africa. They have recently pushed for licenses to own guns, after gun restriction helped make crime a serious problem in areas where it wasn't... Now the gov't is dragging its feet.

Pretty typical for governments wanting to keep a thumb on the people.

Minnesota fighting for concealed carry

Only five states without it... keep fighting, MN!

Don't make names public in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is taking a very similar track to Ohio for Concealed Carry. Hopefully this means they'll get it soon.

unfortunately, the anti-gunners are trying pull the tricks they did in Ohio in Wisconsin. Like making names "public" to the media. Only problem with this is the media hasn't used the names like they claimed they would - pointing out CHL holders who break the law. Instead, papers like the Dayton Daily News have published lists of CHL holders just to discourage people getting permits.

Keep up the good fight, Wisconsin.

How could this happen?

The Gov't in the UK is starting to get fed up with the gun crime. Making nearly all guns illegal hasn't solved the problem.

Make guns illegal, and only criminals have guns. Punish CRIMES, and crime goes down.

Some good Canada gun laws?

Good in the sense that it focuses on criminals with guns, not just normal people.

Would be nice if they got into the habit of punishing criminals, instead of law abiding citizens interested in sport or personal protection.

Gun owners in Illinois

It's gotta be rough to be a gun owner in the state that Chicago treats as its play-thing. At least a few are sticking up for gun owners.

Cop drops suit against Glock

Remember this guy from a few weeks back? He's a cop whose Glock jammed, leaving him vulnerable to bad guys. He was suing Glock over the issue (the mfg of the gun that jammed). There was one bit of info I didn't know then - his Glock had been SHOT.

Yes, shot. I can't think of many guns, or any devices that have moving parts, that do so well after taking a bullet.

Bush's new nominee seems OK with guns

Alito dissented on a case regarding machine guns. Good news for anyone who is pro-gun. Not saying restricted machine guns should be around - but good to see he's on the right side of the tracks.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Airgun BS continues

The UK has banned guns... and gun crime went up. So what's the logical conclusion? It must be airguns causing allt he problems.

An opponent of the "register or ban all airguns" movement has said the scheme, like banning handguns, would be extremely expensive and probably not impact crime. These people disagree.

The all-too common cry of "public safety" is BS. It's an agenda. Banning airguns, just like banning guns, doesn't reduce crime. Bad guys always find a way. All they'll be doing is taking away afternoon plinkers from school kids.

For some reason, it's all about the intentions, not the results.

83-yr old man shoots intruder in his home in Ohio

Posted on another blog, but I thought I'd share.

This is GOOD gun control

In Philly, they're pushing to get illegal gun traffic under control.

Leave alone those with legal arms, and get the bad guys.

How did this happen?

A constant series on this blog, where we highlight voilence with guns in places where guns are heavily restricted/illegal, showing that when you make guns illegal you only take them away from the good guys.

Australia shooting, where most guns and even swords are illegal.

Anybody who the Brady campaign hates is a friend of mine

Gun grabbers don't let facts get in the way

Some in England want to defend themselves

Some Englishmen are arguing they should be able to defend themselves and their families in their own homes.

It's really sad that protecting your own home and family has become something these guys have to fight FOR. It should be a basic right...

Gun laws falling short in Australia

Where guns have been restricted drastically lately, though crime keeps going up. Sound familiar (Canada, England, etc.)?

New Hampshire carriers harassed by police

Carrying's legal in New Hampshire - their laws are quite loose, actually. But some people packing are complaining about the Police breathing down their necks.

Sparring over Concealed Carry's success

In North Carolina, where their carry law is 10-yrs old.

No one argues it's been a bad thing. Ohio will get here in 10-yrs, with any luck.

NRA pushing to eliminate seizure during storms

In Florida.

Taking away people's only means of defense when everything has crashed down isn't so cool.

Would be nice if this were asssumed, but too bad the anti-gunners have pushed so hard to eliminate self-protection to require this sort of thing.

SF Chronical says "NO" to handgun ban

Carry safely!

Another reported case of someone carrying hurting himself/others. Everyone who carries needs to be sure their trigger guards are covered, manual safeties on (if you have one), and that you're doing everything in your power to keep your gun safe!

How did this happen?

Nearly all guns are illegal in the UK, but this poor guy was shot answering his door for what he though were trick-or-treaters.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns" reads the bumper sticker...

It becomes like your keys

Students don't beleive me when I say your gun becomes like your keys once you start carrying regularly. This is very true when it comes to cops, whose gun is always on their side (or sitting on top of a toilet, like in this case).

You need to carry safely - always remember this thing you have is a deadly weapon. Yes, it's imporant for self-defense. But just like any tool that can hurt people, it must be treated with respect.

You don't leave a running weed-wacker for kids to play with, why would you forget your gun in a public toilet. Stay aware!

student cleared of self-protection

Good thing it’s illegal to have a firearm on college campuses… makes everyone safer, right?