Thursday, December 29, 2005

Take note, Canada

Guns are illegal in the UK. Can't blame neighboring countries (England is an island, afterall).

Fact is, making guns illegal only keeps guns from the good guys. Bad guys get them anyway.

Looks like more Candians are starting to understand...

It's a culture problem, not a gun problem, that leads to violence.

Other states are following Florida's lead

To allow people to stand their ground when defending themselves, instead of having a "duty to retreat," like in Ohio.

Gun control doesn't work

Doubt anti-gunners will listen to "facts" and "logic," but at least people are trying to tell them it doesn't work.

Be careful how you carry!

This cop had his personal carry gun in his pocket... and bang! Carry safely!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blame America!

Again, Canada blames America for it's woes. Funny that their own strict gun laws haven't stopped such things (never have anywhere else, probably never will).

Sounds like NY blaming other New England states for its problems with violence.

What about England, whose gun violence has risen sharply in the last several years? They're an island, and they have strict gun laws.

And how does this account for the U.S.'s voilent crime rate dropping the for the last 10 yrs? With gun laws loosening, to boot.

Guns aren't the problem. Not allowing people to defend themselves and being lienent on criminals, that's the problem. Look at D.C., NY, England, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Chicago... all make gun laws stricter, and crime goes up. Why would Canada be any different?

Even in the car, guns should be INACCESSIBLE to children

Spend a few dollars on a locking box and you won't end up in big trouble (or worse).

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Don't beleive the "he just snapped" from the media

Anti-gunners like to say that anyone who has a gun is on the verge of "just snapping," killing friends, family, and anyone else in the way.

Dude who went nuts the other day was off his meds. Probably shouldn't have had guns legally, anyway...

For me, this is all the more reason to carry. If he walked out the front door shooting randomly, I'd like to be able to defend myself and my family.

Second time this week, CHL saves an Ohioian

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kinda funny...

Always point it in a safe direction... click the link to see why the story is kind of funny.


Police switching from Beretta to Glock

Glock 22 is a good gun. Goes to show the 40 S&W is respected among law enforcement. A great cartridge for someone who wants the relatively-light recoil of a 9mm, but the stopping power of something bigger.

If you can't handle the 45ACP, the 40 S&W is a great alternative.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ape-men Soldiers from Russia!

It appears Stalin, yes that Stalin, wanted to make ape-soldiers to fight in wars...

Wow... Glad that Lord of the Rings does have some basis in reality. And glad military-style rifles are legal in case ape-soldiers ever come to my neighborhood.

Good retort to anti-gunners in Wisconsin

The anti-CHL sign also applies in other places, as do the questions to its effectiveness

Democrats: gun control will keep you losing elections

They're anti-gun, but they don't really punish the bad guys

A great reason to carry

Crazy dude at a Walmart with a shotgun was "hiding on a large shelf" then pointing guns at employees/customers.

Pay attention anti-gunners: He didn't get this stuff from a gun show

One of the biggest arguments that anti-gunners make about gun shows is that terrorists can get guns because sales are person-to-person, so no background check is usually required.

Guess that's BS.

How did this happen and LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!

Guns are illegal/restricted in Ireland, so I'm not sure how it's possible this kid killed himself...


Use your brains, not your gut, Wisconsin

This is a typical anti-gun rant against the Concealed Carry legislation up in Wisconsin. Notice the person cites not a single fact - except that Wisconsin is only one of 4 states that doesn't allow concealed carry - to support the case.

It's all about the emotion, not the fact that concealed carry has been shown to keep victims of domestic abuse safer. In fact, in many states domestic abuse victims are encouraged to get a carry permit to defend themselves.

As a CHL instructor, I've had several people come through my class who were victims of domestic violence, all wanting to get a carry permit to defend themselves against their abusers.

Typical anti-gun garbage, not based in fact or reality...

When the facts aren't on your side, being an a-hole is all you have left

Canadian anti-gunners are getting a bit defensive when confronted with a pro-gun point of view...

Opposition by Brady Center means I am for it

The people responsible for countless useless laws that have done nothing to curb crime, only inconvienence law-abiding citizens are opposing Alito for the Supreme Court.

Need any other reason to support him? I don't.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

This is good gun legislation!

Felon gets 15-yrs in prision for being caught with a gun.


Leave the good guys alone. Punish the bad guys with guns. That's how you reduce crime. Not by bugging me because I want to be able to defend myself and my family...

Compromising their beliefs to get some votes

Democrats are re-thinking their anti-gun stance. Not all Dems are anti-gun, but most have a rep for banning whenever possible.

Some prominent examples include Bill Clinton (the biggest anti-gun president to ever hold the office), Chuck Shumer, every Democrat mayor/gov., Nancy Pelosi, and countless others.

If they want to "change their image" maybe they should stop having their candidates hold a shotgun on one stop and promise to crack down on gun owners at the next...

Show you're pro-gun by being pro-gun, not just shooting a few clays.

A) Lock up your guns! B) How did this happen?

First of all, LOCK UP YOUR GUNS. There's no reason an unauthorized person or child should EVER get a hold of a gun.

Second, guns are illegal in Chicago - so how did this happen? Gun bans don't keep people safe...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sad, but this guy will probably go to jail for defending his family

Welcome to the backward justice of the UK. If anti-gunners had their way, this is the path we'd be on.

If you don't think it could ever happen here, sorry to say it already has. A former marine was arrested about a year ago in NY City for shooting a burglar who was standing over his infant-child's crib...

Most Canadians don't want handguns made illegal

The criminals sure do, though... makes their jobs a lot easier.

Ain't the FFLs that are putting guns in bad guys hands

Just goes to show - cracking down on law-abiding citizens doesn't help. Get the bad guys, leave the good guys alone...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

January 2006 CHL Class

The first class of 2006 has been changed to Jan. 21-22, 2006. That's a Saturday and a Sunday, both days starting at 9 a.m.

This class will allow any Ohio resident to apply for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License, or any resident of the U.S. for a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

If you or a friend would like to attend the class, visit for details.

You'll need a note from your doctor

In Kent County, Michigan, they require a note from your doctor saying you're mentally "fit" to carry a firearm... At least until the other day when a judge said this wasn't constitutional.

Wow. Having to get a note saying you're not nuts. Amazing the lengths anti-gunners will go to make it difficult to carry...

Sport shooters in Canda don't like the ban

Monday, December 12, 2005

Can't defend youself from riots in France.. or Australia

France just got over it's riots, now Australia's on tap.

Don't know about you, but I'm glad if stuff breaks out here I've got the ability to protect myself and my family with a firearm. Can't do that in France or Australia - just hunker down and hope you're not the next victim.

A clueless anti-CCW rant from Wisconsin

Don't even know where to begin with this one...

First, to the point about the "U.S. Military" filling the role of the anti-tyranny purpose of the second amendment. Who the hell do you think you'd fight in a tyranny? The military becomes the FORCE of the tyranny for the government. It's the people who stand up against the tyranny, not the military. The English army was OUR army during the revolutionary war, and we fought them to gain our freedom from tyranny.

Second, to the point that the Constitution does not assert when you can own/bear arms - what the hell are you talking about? So the Constitution has to outline the cornstarch where the rights are applicable? They're called UNALIENABLE rights! In other words, they're RIGHTS, not a guideline of what's OK within particular means or circumstances... If that was the case, the Constitution would have to outline when free speech is OK. Does it do that? NO. It just says you have the RIGHT to FREE SPEECH. Just like you have the RIGHT to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

Finally, that every criminal is gets away with it before getting caught? Do you think a rapist, murderer, or any other one of the freaks who she mentions would go to the sheriff's office to get a permit to carry? Fingerprints, picture, info on file for the world to see? It's those people who you need a carry permit to protect yourself from! Look at the stats - CCW holders are the most law-abiding people in the U.S.


Trying to tackle Cincinnati's problem of violence

It's the culture, all right, that's causing the problems.

I do take issue with the part about "guns being OK" is part of the problem - the problem is people are willing to shoot each other over tennis shoes and car rims. There are more guns per-capita in the suburbs, but we don't have these problems.

Katrina lesson: keep a gun handy

Uh... what about what works?

This article demonstrates a pretty typical anti-gun rant. They claim that you need to focus on what works, not what sounds nice, mentioning the banning of guns in Canada and Flordia's loosening of gun laws.

One problem... the article doesn't mention that the anti-gun measures are what have helped lead to the higher crime rates. And states like Florida, who have loosened gun laws, have seen their crime plummet.

Nice to see there's a debate. Too bad they're not actually debating, just spitting out the typical BS.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

NRA Instructors are proud that home gun accidents at all time low

Constant ranting helps, it seems.


Keep the numbers diving down, everybody. You wouldn't leave a running weed-wacker for your kids to get a hold of. Same holds true for a loaded gun.

And another home invasion in Ohio...

This guy wrestled away the bad-guy's gun, allowing a safe ending.

Don't know about you, but I'd rather be ready when the stuff starts, instead of having to get the means to end the situation out of the bad guy's hands.

Another Ohio home invasion

Sometimes it takes a little "reality" to convert an anti-gunner

Armed robbery stopped by CCW holder in AZ

Surrender might just get you shot

Anti-gunners argue that if you just do what the bad guys say, you'll get away unhurt. Challenging a bad guy will get you hurt, they say...

Too bad the FBI says those who fight back have a much better chance of walking away. Cases like this tell you why - bad guys don't have compassion, mercy, or anything that you'd be forced to rely on if you give in to their demands.

Registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation

Anyone who thinks gun registration is OK - a reasonable step towards curbing gun crime - I give you Canada. Their liberal government is planning on using the registration to know who has guns, and take them.

Not all agree in Canada. Escpecially those in the rural areas.

The important part for those in the U.S. to remember is this - gun registration always leads to confiscation. Happened in Australia, England, Scotland, France, Washington D.C., Chicago, and countless other places.

Fight registration if you want to keep your guns...

Be careful, hunters...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Good article on the 2nd ammendment

It's their neigbor's fault... again

Pretty typical for anti-gunners to blame their neighbors for their failed policies.

Ever heard of the little island called ENGLAND? Didn't work so well there, and they're surrounded by water.

Safe gun handling... definately not.

This rapper put a "pen-gun" (usually a 22-cal gun used for CCW - though it's not very effective for self defense and nearly impossible to aim) to his head and pulled the trigger, thinking it was jammed. Apparently it was not.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wisconsin Senate passes Concealed Carry

They've done it before and the Gov. has vetoed it, so who knows what will happen this time...

THIS is self-defense or defense of another

Thank God for well trained air-marhsals.

We have a similiar problem in Ohio

Colorado is fighting local laws that mess with someone's ability to legally carry all through the state.

Ohio has been good about not prosecuting in cases where people violate often obscure local firearms rules. Put an anti-gun attorney general in office, and who knows the direction Ohio will go.

This is murder, not self defense

And he'll serve his time for it.

The definition of insanity

What is wrong with Canada? Have they not looked at every place that's banned guns?

Ridiculous. It'll be good for pro-gunners, though, because they'll be another example of how it doesn't work.

At least everyone in Canada isn't on board.

Don't take your gun to the airport

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Practice, practice, practice

Important for hunters and non-hunters alike. Refine your skill with a gun. It'll pay off one day when you're in the tree stand... or have to stop a bad guy.

Good counter to the liberals

In Boston, like NY, who say that the gun crime in their city is their neighbor's fault. This guy makes some good points, showing their BS for what it is.

See the post earlier today - making guns illegal does not reduce crime. Never has, never will.

Interesting coverage of minutemen (grandma minute men) from Australia

Good thing the good-guys guns are off the streets

Wow... another "crap-for-guns" turn-in scheme in PA. They even say they won't get the "gangsters" guns off the streets - but will get some from wives, girfriends, etc...

Doesn't that sort of eliminate the point of the turn-in? How does it make the public at large safer to turn in a rusted out 50-yr old 410 shotgun that hasn't been touched in years? Wouldn't they be better to apply the effort towards efforts that will get GANGSTERS off the streets, instead of Grandpa's deer gun?

How did this happen?

Shooting in Ireland (where guns are illegal/restricted), in Chicago (where guns are illegal), and in the UK (where guns are illegal/restricted).

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Jewlery store owner in Lebanon cleared in shooting

A local jewlery store owner saw someone smashing in his front window about a week back. He ran out of his shop with his pistol (doesn't say if he had a carry permit - didn't need one in his own store), and shot a round off in the get-away car of the robber.

He's been cleared of any wrong doing. Still, note that you CANNOT use lethal force (e.g. firing a shot at someone) unless there is an immediate danger of serious injury or death. You can't protect property with deadly force and still be legal.

Not blaming the guy - just saying. Be careful how you use your right to carry.

"Rational" gun control demanded by NY

'Cause it works so good everywhere else it's tried...

It's typical for anti-gunners to blame the rising crime rates in places with strict gun laws on everyone around them - "Guns are coming from our neighbors!"

The problem is that even places like the UK - an island - gun crime goes up. And in Europe, where every nation surrounding France has the same restrictive gun legislation, gun crime goes up after strict laws are put in place. Canada, which has a controlled border seperating them from the U.S., has the highest gun crime rate in its history after passing strict gun control laws.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Gun control didn't stop this guy

It's illegal for anyone to take a long-gun into the mall, like this crazy dude did.

Think Ohio's anti-CHL signs would have stopped him? Sure would have stopped anybody able to legally carry, and therefore drop this guy before he hurts more people... That's why I don't shop at Northgate or Eastgate malls in Cincinnati...

Hoping for a return to the Wild West

Let citizens protect themselves

Gallop poll shows more people owning guns

I hate it when guns attack people

This article demonstrates the mind-set of anti-gunners. "A second gun attack" killed a reporter...

Not the criminal's fault, it's the gun that attacked...

Anti-gunners can't get their views pushed through via democracy

Anti-gunners have to push anti-gun stuff down America's throat via the court system, instead of via the process of every other U.S. policy (legislation via elected officials).

This is why it's important that good judges are put in high places by gun-friendly officials.

NRA trying to help Canda

Friday, December 02, 2005

Yea, because it hasn't worked in 38 other states

Typical anti-gunner rant against right-to-carry in Wisconsin.

Look around you, jerk. It works everywhere else... drop the politics and worry about what has been PROVEN to reduce crime - allowing people to protect themselves.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Castle Doctrine" will be tested in 2006 in Mississippi

The most common question I'm asked as an NRA Instructor is, "What if someone breaks into my house?"

Can you shoot? Should you shoot?

The answer isn't clear. It really depends on the circumstances. You have to fulfill the three requirements to use deadly force - 1) You have to not have caused/escalated the situation. 2) You must truly believe you're in danger of immediate serious body harm or injury. 3) You must not have a means of escape.

Usually, the 3rd requirement is thrown out in your own home. Once someone is in your home, you cannot retreat, is the theory. That's not always true, though, and some states (NY is one I know of) have prosecuted people who they felt used excessive force.

This will be an interesting case to watch. Also, as they note, in Florida #3 doesn't exist any more.

Ken Blackwell - a supporter of Concealed Carry

Looks like Wisconsin is getting closer to the right to carry

Law enforcement is getting on board, now that they've got the concessions they wanted (though they're BS - more to show the police have political power).

Surveys are showing people are vastly pro-carry and pro-gun in Wisconsin.

Keep fighting, Wisconsin!

Good editorial about Petro fighting Toledo's anti-carry attitude

Just don't ask if new gun laws will reduce crimes...

A typical anti-gunner editorial from Maine.

All the things suggested in this article have been tried in the U.S. - none have been shown, in study after study conducted by the Dept. of Justice, FBI, local law enforcment, etc. to lower crime in any way.

What has been shown to reduce crime rates? Putting bad guys in jail.

Not sure why anti-gunners think that laws will solve the problems yet refuse to enforce the laws that actually work.

Back in Boston

Boston police are complaining that homicides are way up... it looks like they're starting to realize the reason why.

Parents showing up to court with "Stop Snitching" T-shirts on, and those arrested being let go with little to know penalty... the culture is the problem, not the guns.

Oh Canada

Canada is having so many problems getting people to register their guns (as the law requires), they're trying all sort of crazy schemes to appease liberal urbanites.

The most recent is a gun amnesty turn-in. They say they've collected 261 guns and 1500 rounds of ammo... wow. I bet there's more than that in my small neighborhood. Hell, I have more than 1500 rounds in my gun closet.

Anyway, goes to show that they don't care about what works, just what makes anti-gunners smile. These amnesty/turn-in programs have been tried dozens of times in the U.S. and have NEVER, not once, been shown to reduce crime. Usually people turn in old, unused guns that have been in a closet for years. The bad guys can smile along with the anti-gunners, knowing they have a few less people that might defend themselves...

Take this with a grain of salt

Studies show that locking up your guns decreases gun accidents (duh), but the studies some cite, saying people are more likely to be killed if they own a gun are flawed.

Anti-gunners have touted a few studies that have a lot of holes in them. One was done including felons in the mix - obviously not accurate. Another had a sub-standard sample rate in a trailer park. We'll post more info in the next few weeks on these BS studies that anti-gunners are constantly citing.

Take articles like this one with a grain of salt - the idea that guns should be locked up is good, but the agenda of the author is definitely anti-gun, so don't believe it all.

Good thing he could carry a gun...

An off-duty cop defended himself when armed thugs came up to him in Boston.

Interesting considering the call from some agencies to not allow off-duty carry (see earlier articles)...

Women who don't carry, think twice

Even 11-yr olds can be a serious threat.

What does Global Warmning have to do with gun control?

They have a similar "blame first" mentality... Some people are claiming the hurricanes this year are a result of hurricanes, but aren't listening to the experts who say it's just due to normal, reoccuring weather patterns.

Same is true for gun control. People complain that if guns were illegal no one would get hurt, but fail to listen to the experts (like most police, the DOJ, FBI, researchers, etc.) who know this isn't the case.