Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Carry anywhere in the U.S. with your permit?

One member of Congress is trying for it.

A little common sense for Wisconsin anti-gunners

Just like Ohio in the heat of the battle for CCW, anti-gunners in Wisconsin are pulling out all the BS to try and convenience everyone it'll be the "Wild-West" once the law is enacted.

The fact is crime does NOT increase when gun laws are loosened. Many credit the nationwide decrease in crime in the last 10 yrs to people being able to better defend themselves via concealed carry legislation.

Hopefully Wisonsinites will see that it works in 82% of the country - why would Wisconsin be any different?

Most effective means of self-defense? A handgun.

We've shown before that statistically speaking, a handgun is the best way to protect yourself from attack.

As Chris Cox from the NRA points out, as handgun ownership has increased in the U.S. crime has dropped.

LEGAL gun ownership is a clear way to keeping the bad guys at bay. Banning guns doesn't - just ask the UK, Canada, D.C., etc.

Submitting to the bad guys won't save you

Many anti-gunners say that submitting to whatever the bad guy wants is the way to get away. In many cases, submission will only get you killed.

It is illegal to take a firearm into a government building

Yet this horrible tragedy happened.

Goes to show the anti-CHL signs in Ohio don't work. A legally armed employee might have stopped the situation. Instead, everyone but the person bent on killing was disarmed.

To anyone who says only the police should have guns

Would have been nice if the rape victim would have been armed...

Not exactly "legal"

Bengal's Chris Henry got in some trouble for brandishing a weapon - turns out a STOLEN weapon.

Watch - he'll get a slap on the wrist. Illegal guns are a big problem, but they're a problem most anti-gunners like to ignore. Instead they focus on the legal guns.

Don't punish me. Punish the guys using guns for non-self defense purposes, especially if those guns are illegal.

Monday, January 30, 2006

FL's self-defense law is spreading

Alaska is the most recent state to think about getting rid of the 3rd aspect of the use of lethal defense.

1) You must not have caused or escalated the situation.
2) You must reasonably, honestly believe you're about to be killed or receive serious bodily injury.
3) You have a duty to retreat, if possible.

Vote BLACKWELL for Ohio Governor

An endorsement from Ohioans for Concealed Carry is all I need to cast my ballot.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

NRA update on Ohio legislation

From today's newsletter:

The House Criminal Justice Committee will be holding a hearing for OPPONENT testimony on House Bill 347 introduced by Representative Jim Aslanides (R-94). This legislative proposal addresses several problems associated with the enactment of House Bill 12, "Right-to-Carry" legislation, which became law in 2004. This proposal would streamline an already successful law, bringing clarity for Ohioans and law enforcement alike. This important piece of legislation would do the following: (1) create a clear definition of "plain sight" in a motor vehicle; (2) allow for off-duty law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (a.k.a 24/7 provision); (3) create statewide preemption for the regulation of firearms and ammunition, therefore avoiding the patchwork of laws currently on the books in Ohio; and (4) further prohibit journalists from abusing the open records law. The Hear! ing is scheduled for January 31, at 2:30 P.M. in Room 121. This bill hearing will surely bring out all of the anti-gun organizations in the state. Please plan on attending to show your support for HB 347. If you're unable to attend, please contact the House Criminal Justice Committee during normal business hours by calling Chairman Bob Latta (R-06) at (614) 466-8104.

UN attack on American gun owners

UC crime update

January 27, 2006
Director of Public Safety

On Wednesday, January 25 a UC student reported to the University of Cincinnati Police that she had been raped at an on-campus housing facility. The alleged suspect in the case is a male known to the female victim. The case is currently being investigated by UC Police. Alcohol was involved in the incident. The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator SARC) is providing support to the victim.

*hat tip to SW for the info

Some sense up north

Some Canadians realize anti-gun policies aren't making them safer.

Gun crime in the UK, police trying to calm public

Wait a minute... I thought guns were ILLEGAL in the UK? How is there a gun crime problem?

Oh yea...

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Saturday, January 28, 2006

People don't just "snap"

Even the little boy who shot a classmate a bit back had a violent past and warning signs that should have been noticed.

Still, it is the responsibility of EVERY gun owner to make sure their firearms are INACCESSIBLE to unauthorized people or children.

Follow the rules, follow the rules, follow the rules

1) Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2) Keep your FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER (modern guns DO NOT fire unless the trigger is squeezed).
3) Keep the gun unloaded until you're ready to use it (carrying is using, his big mistake was number 2).

This doesn't happen often (given that millions of guns are legally carried in the U.S. everyday), but situations like this make everyone who carries look bad. Carry safe and follow the rules!!

Man fights of gunman

Guy got lucky - fighting him off with a legally carried firearm would have been a lot smarter.

Still, we must applaud people with the guts to stand up to criminals.

This is how you stop school shootings

Yes, it's very controversial. But think about it. All the school shootings that have happened - if only a trained individual with a gun could have been there.

Legislation to allow Principals to carry in OK. Legislation to loosen gun restrictions on college campuses in VA.

Kind of hits home given the recent activity at Miami U and UC.

At least Italy gets it...

One of the few European countries that seems to value the lives of the good guys more than the bad guys.

Gun crime up 50 percent in gun-free UK

Not shocking, considering gun crime always goes way up when guns are made illegal.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Getting rid of the "duty to retreat"

Several states are trying to get rid of the third, and some would say most ridiculous, provision of the use of deadly force.

Florida already has, and the streets have to go "Wild West" as anti-gunners said they would.

Here are the three rules, in case you don't remember:

1) You must not have caused/escalated the situation.
2) You must reasonably, honestly believe you're about to receive serious bodily injury or be killed.
3) You must try to retreat, if possible.

Hopefully this legislation will find it's way to Ohio soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Take that, gov.

Looks like Wisconsin is one step closer to concealed carry - their anti-gun gov.'s veto has been overridden.

Not done quite yet, onto the next step.

Ignorance is bliss

This is why we have the anti-CHL signs in Ohio. "Business owners" don't want guns in their shops.

Guess what? The bad guys have them anyway. If putting up a sign that said "Don't rob this bank" worked, there would be no bank robberies.

Problem is criminals don't care about the law - that's what makes them criminals. If you don't want guns in your shop, you'll have to pat down everyone who walks in, not put up some signs that keep the good guys out.

UC crime update

To: The University of Cincinnati Community

From: Program Manager, UC Women's Center
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

During Fall quarter 2005, the University of Cincinnati's Sexual Assault
Response Coordinator provided support and advocacy to 25 rape survivors,
for incidents both on-campus and off-campus. In addition, there was one
report of stalking, one report of sexual harassment and one report of
dating violence. For more information about the number and type of
sexual offenses that were reported, please refer to the following Web
site: www.uc.edu/ucwc/autumn_stats.html

Please review the services available through the University of
Cincinnati's Women's Center and the University of Cincinnati's Sexual
Offense Response Team at: www.uc.edu/ucwc/violence.html These services
are free and confidential.

For additional information regarding University of Cincinnati's campus
crime statistics, please visit Public Safety's webpage at:

*hat tip to SW for the info

Safe in Hyde Park?

Don't think so... I bet $5000 this guy doesn't have CHL.

And I bet that if the lady did, she might have had a gun handy and would have been able to save the next victim from a home invasion.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What happens when you enact strict gun control...

Crime keeps going up in Canada while the gun laws get stricter, just like the UK.

Take note, San Fran, Chicago, and New York. Strict gun laws DO NOT reduce crime.


As a gun owner, you need to be RESPONSIBLE with your guns.

Don't give anti-gunners and excuse to pass laws that hurt us all!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Wisconsin family vetoes CCW

Again... we'll see if it gets over-riden. Too bad Wisconsin is on the short list of states that don't trust their citizens enough to allow them self-protection.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Why your wife/mother/girlfriend should carry

A man tried to abduct two woman at two different times this week in Hamilton. The potential victims (who fortunately got away unharmed) were walking down the street, minding their own business.

Don't bring nothing to a gun fight...

Local comedian dies confronting an armed attacker while in the Virgin Islands.

If you hear a noise and go to investigate, I'd bring some insurance (a 357 mag sounds abour right to me).

Friday, January 20, 2006

MN gov. says he'll veto concealed carry

Might as well ignore the will of the people... again.

Just like Wisconsin, Minnesota has been fighting to up the number of concealed carry states for years. They keep getting blocked by anti-gun bureaucrats.

Hopefully they'll be able to override this time, as it appears they've been able to do in Wisconsin this session.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fixing some problems with Ohio's CHL law

It's far from passed, but this bill has some potential...

Another bitter anti-gunner

Seeing a pattern here?

It's not about the facts, it's about hating a political ideology and people who disagree.

To answer a few of their points - yes, FEMA did take away guns in New Orleans. On the orders of local police. And the NRA is working to make that ILLEGAL state by state. They were the biggest opponent of this - saying that the Bush administration and the NRA take away your guns is nuts.

Second, would Kerry or Gore take away your guns? Gore lead his campaign off with an anti-gun stance, pushing registration of handguns as a starter. That went away when his started to tank and consultants told him it was an issue that would kill his chances.

Kerry? Kerry liked to hold a shotgun for photo-ops, but do some reasearch. Kerry never met a gun control law he didn't like.

Beyond this, who wants concealed carry? 82% of America, that's who (41 of 50 states). Technically, 84%, now that YOUR state has passed it...

Typical anti-gun crap

This guy is BITTER.

Too bad he's missing the big point - even if crime is NOT reduced by concealed carry, why make it illegal if it doesn't INCREASE crime?

Isn't it better to allow people the FREEDOM to do what they want if it doesn't endanger others?

And how does he explain the 41 states with shall-issue carry laws not overturning the law? It works. People know it works. Common sense says it works. Too bad he's too bitter to see that.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

When someone asks, "Why would you want to carry a gun?"

My answer:

Have you watched the news lately?

The safe city of Blue Ash. And the place where no one locks their doors, Miami U.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some legislators are taking it seriously

This member of the legislature is actually taking the CHL class so he can help make changes to the law. Would be nice if more law-makers actually got off their butts and did something before blabbing about it...

Why gun bans don't work, and what you can do...

Experts say best defense weapon: a GUN

A little common sense would allow anyone to come to this conclusion (if they omit any political misconceptions and have all the info).

Friday, January 13, 2006

Gun control: no illusion without collusion

A good article on the bias that exists against laws like Florida's "no duty to retreat."

Follow the three rules of use of deadly force...

Again, the whole story doesn't seem to be here, and this guy still gets his day in court.

However, it must be noted that the three rules of use of deadly force MUST apply when drawing a gun. Who knows if this case applies, but it appears as it's not obvious to police/prosecuters, since he's being charged.

DO NOT ever pull a gun to protect PROPERTY. Lethal force (in any form, including using a firearm) can only be used to protect LIFE.

1) You must reasonably, honestly beleive you are about to receive serious bodily harm or be killed.
2) You must not have caused or escalated the situation.
3) You must have no reasonable means of escape.

Shooting at someone who rammed your car DOES NOT apply to these. Unless, of course, the intent is to kill you, they keep ramming putting your life in danger, or they have a weapon.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Rape and robbery at Miami U

Universities - know that on campus, you're only disarming the good guys. If signs kept bad guys from doing bad things, hanging a sign that says "Don't Rob and Rape here" would be the only protection college girls would need.

This one happened just off campus, so there's no excuse.

In Ohio, you have the right to protect yourself with a concealed carry permit. Take advantage of that right, and maybe there will be less bad guys around to do horrible things.

TX CCW - 10 yrs later

There haven't been shoot-outs in the streets. People aren't running around, killing at will. Arguments in the streets aren't being settled in a hail of bullets.

In other words, law abiding citizens are doing just that - abiding the law. Get your permit to carry, and crime goes down.

It's the story everywhere CCW is implemented. Yet the anti-gunners say the only way to reduce crime is to restrict guns.

Nope. The only way to reduce crime is to reduce CRIMINALS. One way to do that is prison. Another is to let the good guys protect themselves from the bad guys.

Combine the two. Put the bad guys in jail for a long time, and let the good guys protect themselves and their families with concealed carry. That's the way to a safer society. Ten years of U.S. stats prove it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Who really controls Illinois

It's Chicago - and their anti-gun ways.

Illinois is in a battle right now. Chicago has super-strict gun laws (they're basically illegal in the city limits), scoffing at state law.

Spoke too soon...

Even the "conservatives" in Canada are liberal. One of their positions - having a handgun would get you 1o yrs in prision.

Sounds good to me, just don't call "posession" a crime for law abiding citizens

Canada is proposing a 10-yr mandatory sentence for anyone convicted of a gun crime. As long as it's a CRIME they're convicted of, not mearly possession by a law-abiding citizen, sounds good to me.

Prision is the weapon to fight armed crime

Or any crime... eventually anti-gunners will realize making guns illegal doesn't stop criminals.

Handgun brandished in parking lot dispute

The article is pretty vague - so who knows if the guy was justified or not.

Still, remember the rules for use of deadly force (must apply if you even pull a gun):

1) You must have not caused or escalated the situation.
2) You must reasonably, honestly beleive you're about to receive serious bodily injury or be killed.
3) You have a duty to retreat.

Follow the three and stay out of trouble. Otherwise, you might find yourself in court.

Usually it's just the victim and the criminal

A good point from a supporter of concealed carry in Wisonsin. Rarely are cops around to actually stop a crime - the only people around are the criminal and the victim.

Given the gang-problems many cities are experiencing, might be good to allow people to defend themselves.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 - year in review from Buckeye Firearms Assn.

A good article pointing out some CCW points in Ohio.

Note the common ways people get in trouble.

I've found a locked case, in plain sight, is the best way to avoid the car troubles. In "plain sight" is important - don't get caught carrying illegally.

*Hat tip to SW for the link

Three simple rules...

1) Always point in a safe direction.
2) Keep it unloaded until you're ready to use it.
3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to fire.

Follow the rules, and tragedies like this one are avoided.

To anti-gunners, gun owners are just like terrorists, murders

Deny them their due rights just because you don't understand that it's the BAD GUYS, not the guns causing the problems... Amazing the logic of anti-gunners.

Ignore the facts, just keep blaming the U.S.

At least some "Canadian think tanks" disagree that it's the U.S.'s fault that gun crime in Canada is rising.

Why is it that articles that mention Canadians blaming the U.S. for their gun crime (do to the U.S.'s "loose gun laws") never mention that gun crime in the U.S. has DECREASED for the past 10 years, as gun laws have been loosened?

Is this correlation lost on every reporter? Or do they not want to admit that gun laws only disarm the GOOD GUYS!?

Man who defended himself thanks CCW instructors

You reap what you sow

This scum-bag worked tirelessly to make guns illegal in D.C. And he thinks tougher laws will keep everyone safe?

Yea right...