Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At 3 a.m., answer the door with gun in hand

A woman in North College Hill was shot in the leg during a home invasion last night.

Best to have a locking box by the bed with a magnum inside. And if the door bell rings at 3 a.m., take the piece with you.

Monday, February 27, 2006

National Recriprocity?

We mentioned this a few weeks ago, but thought I'd show you the update. Looks like this is proceeding. Not sure if it'll go anywhere, but would be nice if your Ohio permit was good in all states that allow concealed carry, not just the 17 our Atty General has agreements with.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ohio lawmakers - follow SD's lead

Pro-gun bills signed by Governor – CCW in parks rule change to be decided next week

South Dakota Gun Owners E-mail Alert
PO Box 3845, Rapid City, SD 57709
(605) 737-5583
LibertyTeeth@sdgo.org http://www.SDGO.org

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Congratulations once again to all who took action in support of the Right to Self-defense and CCW in parks bills. Thanks to your hard work, they will both become law on July 1, 2006.

Governor Rounds signed the self-defense bill (HB 1134) on Friday, Feb. 17. As many will recall, HB 1134 strengthens South Dakota’s existing self-defense laws and explicitly states that you do not have a duty to retreat from any place you have the right to be.

The concealed carry in parks bill (HB 1173) was signed by the Governor on Tuesday, Feb. 21. This bill limits the authority of state agencies to promulgate rules restricting concealed carry by pistol permit holders.

(For background on both these issues, click here)

Under the current administrative rules, not even folks who have a permit are allowed to carry a handgun for self-defense in any state park, campground, lakeside or recreational area. A change that would partially remedy this situation has been proposed. The following language would be added to the South Dakota Administrative Rules, Uses of Parks and Public Lands, chapter 41:03:01:16:

(5) An Individual who possesses a valid concealed pistol permit pursuant to SDCL 23-7-7 may carry a concealed pistol at any time.

By requiring the individual to obtain a government license before he can exercise his right to bear arms, this language stops short of recognizing the Right to Carry. However, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

The rule change will be considered at the Game, Fish and Parks Commission meeting on Thursday, March 2, one week from today. If you would like to voice your support, please email Chuck Schlueter with the GFP at chuck.schlueter@state.sd.us. He has been compiling the public input on this issue and will present it at the Commission meeting.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Psychological analysis of an anti-gunner

A law to protect you while protecting your family

Kentucky is considering a version of the "no retreat" law in Florida. If you shoot someone in self-defense in your home (or even on your porch), you won't be immediately arrested, having to prove your innocence in the shooting.

U.S. law says you're innocent until proven guilty. One of the few cases where this doesn't apply is the use of lethal force. If you shoot someone (or use any other form of self-defense which causes injury or death), you're usually arrested and have to "prove" that the situation called for your use of force. Specifically, you have to show it was more probable than not that your use of force was necessary to prevent immediate serious bodily injury or death, that you weren't at fault for creating the situation, and that you had no avenue of retreat.

Hopefully the law will change to a focus of putting BAD GUYS in jail, not those trying to protect themselves or their family.

Doesn't this guy know it's illegal to bring a gun into gov't building?

Cases like this, where a man brought two guns, a knife, and the intent to cause some damage to a court proceeding show the false "safe-zones" that are created by Ohio's anti-gun signs, forbidding carry license holders from bringing a gun into a property.

Criminals don't care about the law. That's what makes them criminals. Posting a sign to keep guns out won't keep out the bad guys or their guns. It'll only keep out the good guys who are able to stop the bad guys.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lakota 13 & 14-yr old brought gun to school, robbed with it

LOCK up your GUNS people. And what the heck is wrong with these kids? How about some jail time for the little felons?

Again, the anti-gun signs didn't stop these kids. Perhaps a parent with some guts could, though.

Doesn't this naked guy know it's ILLEGAL to bring a gun onto school grounds?

Crazy dude in Cleveland tried to abduct a 17-yr old girl from school. He was armed.

I guess the anti-CHL signs didn't stop him. He was, though carrying "unobstructed." Maybe he just took Ohio's motor vehicle carry BS too seriously...

Why people don't like leaving their guns in the car

Police complain that having to leave their guns in the car invites possible theft. The same is true with carry license holders who enter places that serve alcohol or have anti-CHL signs. Guns become ripe for the picking unattended in a parking lot.

Hopefully Ohio will go the way of many other states, where you can carry as long as YOU don't drink... and those damn signs that only keep out the good guys will go away.

Helps to have friends who can divide

Looks like I goofed my math the other day. I'll fix the post, but thought I'd acknowlege the goof:

I thought you would be happy to know that your 2/21/06 posting about the number of Clermont County permits has a mathematical error that is not in your favor. You claim that only 4% of Clermont County’s eligible population possesses a permit. However, because you divided 37000 by 9700 instead of the other way around, the 4% figure is incorrect. Instead, 9700 people make up 26.2% of the eligible population. Thus, for every 25 Clermont County eligible residents you line up there are at least 6 with a permit.

* Hat tip to Brian for his math skills

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Armed robbery in Britain? How's that possible?

I think this was made up. Everyone knows that guns are illegal in Britain and so there is no way these criminals could have been armed with guns. It's a good thing that guns are illegal too because we wouldn'’t have wanted to see the manager be able to actually protect his family.

* Hat tip to PD for the info

Rape on UC campus... again

Easy targets for bad guys in a place where defending yourself with a firearm is against the law....

:February 21, 2006
: Amy Howton
: Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
: University of Cincinnati Women's Center

On Sunday, February 19, a UC student reported to the University of
Cincinnati Police that she had been raped at an on-campus housing
facility on Saturday, February 18. The alleged suspect in the case
is a male known to the female victim. The case is currently being investigated
by UC Police. Alcohol was involved in the incident. The Sexual Assault
Response Coordinator (SARC) is providing support to the victim.

This information is provided to you consistent with the University of
Cincinnati's Police Statement on Sexual Offenses and in compliance
with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime
Statistics Act.

*Hat tip to SW for the info

Media wants access to names, but not be accountable for abuses

I don't have any problem with my name being available to the media if I have a concealed carry permit. Some people do have a problem with it - mostly those who know that registration usually leads to abuse and confiscation. I understand this argument, and would rather err on the side of caution then let anti-gunners know that I'm their biggest enemy (a citizen who can protect myself and my family).

I do have a problem, however, when the media abuse access to the names. Case in point - the Dayton Daily News. They printed the names of EVERY permit holder in Dayton.

Now, exactly what journalistic purpose does that serve? The answer: NONE. It was to intimidate and anger permit holders, and discourage those on the fence about getting one from applying.

Media access is OK, media abuse is NOT. Find a way to stop the abuse and more people will be OK with access.

I feel safe in SW Ohio

Concealed Carry permit holder in Baton Rouge saves cop

I know a lot of cops, and most are pro-concealed carry. They know that law abiding citizens increase their odds of self-protection by carrying, and may even help an officer in need.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1 in 25 carry in Clermont County

According to The Enquirer, there are 9700 permits in Clermont County, Ohio (my home county, and you're welcome for issuing the training to keep us all safer!).

According to the 2004 census estimate, there are 188,614 people in Clermont County. About 20% are above 21 yrs old (28% in 2000 above 18), and are therefore able to apply for a carry permit.

We'll have to still count felons and those with disqualifying issues (restraining orders, mental issues, etc.) because there is no data to reflect what percentage that would be.

Given these things, that means there are about 37,000 people in Clermont County able to apply for a permit. 37000 divided by 9700 means that approximately 4% of the population of Clermont County has a permit.

So for every 25 people you line up, at least one will have a permit.

Share that info with businesses in Clermont County who want to keep the "freaks" out by posting anti-CHL signs.

You're not alone for wanting a carry permit or carrying already. And this is after only two years of the law being in effect. Let's see what these numbers look like in 10 yrs....

Senior citizens - use concealed carry!

This 80-yr old man was attacked while walking his dog in Covington.

The law allows everyone, even senior citizens, to be on even footing with the bad guys. As the saying goes, "God didn't make men equal. John Browning (inventor of the 45-ACP) did."

50-cal ban in Ohio?

The only time liberals are concerned with terrorists is when it comes to guns.

Anti-gunners claim that the 50-cal Barrett rifle can be used by terrorists to take down planes, helicopters, and wreak havoc generally.

A few problems. One, these rifles are VERY expensive and hard to get a hold of. It's not like the thug down the street has one in his trunk. These guys cost thousands of dollars - they aren't $300 AK-47s.

Second, you have to be good with this rifle to hit anything. That takes a lot of practice. Don't think these guys are spending a lot of hours at the range to get good.

Finally, no person has EVER been killed in the U.S. with a 50-cal rifle. So why make a gun illegal that has yet to take a life in the U.S.?

If the anti-gunners want to question the patriotism of gun guys (which is laughable) and limit terrorism, support concealed carry. If a bad guy walks into the mall strapped with explosives, a 45-cal bullet to the forehead will stop him in his tracks. Preventing his access to a rifle he'll never even get a hold of anyway isn't the way to reduce terrorism.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hunters can't carry

Kind of strange, but hunters can't carry a concealed weapon (even though they can carry the slug shotgun during gun season, just not concealed).

People are petitioning to change that. Check out this link to find out how you can participate.

Firearm sales booming after Katrina

Do you blame these people for wanting to be able to protect themselves?

What happened down there was a joke. Especially when the authorities began confiscating arms from people just trying to protect their lives and their property.

If the world around you collapses, you'd better be able to defend yourself. The government can't protect you at all times - you have to take care of your own when push comes to shove.

Ever hear a whining baby?

After concealed carry is passed in a state, and it turns out the anti-gunners are wrong (again) and the streets haven't turned into the "wild-wild west," their next tactic is to claim that nobody really wants concealed carry.

They say it's had "little effect" on crime, and that not many people are applying. Ignoring the fact that their claims of blood running in the streets hasn't come to fruition. And the fact that most encounters where someone protects his/herself with a gun isn't ever reported to the police (a gun is presented, bad guy runs off, end of story).

Anyway, be ready to see lots of articles like this in Ohio soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

LOCK up your GUNS!

12-yr old boy was shot in the face by his 15-yr old brother in Price Hill. Details aren't available, but it goes to show that if you own a gun, you need to LOCK IT UP.

Women in Hawaii want to be able to protect themselves

Hawaii has a concealed carry law, but anti-gun bureaucrats aren't issuing any permits in parts of Hawaii, not even to domestic violence victims and others who have a clear and immediate need for self-protection.

Pretty sad. Hopefully the call to get rid of those infringing on their rights will cause some change in Hawaii.

True cost of Canada's gun registry will upset voters, says security minister

Remember, this huge expense hasn't solved a SINGLE crime. Ridiculous, isn't it?

Anti-gunners will do anything to discourage gun ownership. Registration accomplishes this for a lot of people, and it eases confiscation when the time comes...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Good article on Ohio's CHLs

The number of permits given out by sheriff's in Ohio was about 1/2 of 2004 levels in 2005.

Not surprising, given the pain it is to carry in a vehicle and the ability for businesses and employers to post signs forbidding concealed carry.

The article even goes into the "no effect" it has seemed to have - there are no instances of people committing crimes who have a CHL (no shocker), and there are about five documented cases of people using permits to defend their lives.

Considering only about 80,000 Ohioans have permits, this isn't surprising.

If the law is loosened, I think the number would go up.

Even if it didn't, citizens should be given the freedom to protect themselves, regardless of how many want permits.

"Hawaii's opposition to concealed carry is unrealistic, unsupported by evidence, elitist"

A good editorial summarizing anti-concealed carry views in Hawaii, as well as a few other spots in the U.S.

Killing Canada's gun registry

Canada's gun registry hasn't solved any crimes and it's cost Canadians BILLIONS of dollars.

Registries are a way for anti-gunners to know who has the guns, so they can confiscate when they feel it's appropriate. Canadians are starting to realize this, and will hopefully nuke their failed registry soon.

S Dakota fighting the "media access" problem, too

In Ohio, concealed carry permit holders names are available to the media per request. Many think this can put permit holders in danger of being perscuted, harassed, etc.

Same is true in South Dakota, where they're trying to fix the problem.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not even safe while getting a haircut

Guarantee a guy with the phrase "bonafide hustler" tatooed on his forehead doesn't have a CHL.

Goes to show... don't leave your piece at home, even while you're out running trivial errands... like getting your hair cut.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Real gun ban doesn't work... so try BB guns?

A similar theme arrives everywhere that chooses to ban guns in a futile attempt to control crime.

First, the gun ban goes into effect. Then crime goes up. Anti-gunners scratch their heads, knowing that there's NO WAY crime would go UP if guns are made illegal, then they decide it must be someone or something else's fault that crime is rising.

They'll blame their neighbors. Or BB guns. Or swords (Australia made swords illegal, thinking this would help stop the rise in crime. It didn't work).

Here goes DC. Where guns are illegal and crime is rampant. They're trying to ban BB guns, figuring it can't be that people can't defend themselves - providing a risk-free utopia for criminals (afterall, they won't be proseucted. It's not their fault. Had a bad momma, drug problem, etc.) . Must be something or someone else's fault...

Arizona next to eliminate "duty to retreat"?

Bad guys beware. The US is starting to take seriously the right of self-protection.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Americans see less crime than Britons, Canadians

Not a shocker, considering the U.S. is one of the few places where the rights of criminals aren't as important as the rights of innocents (at least in most parts of the U.S.).

KY fighting media access to carry permit holders, too

The fight to keep our info confidential is heating up in KY, where they're trying to limit access to lists of permit holders.

Anyone who questions the intent of media outlets demanding they know who has permits has to only look to the Dayton Daily News. This anti-gun rag printed the names of EVERY permit holder in Dayton.

Why would they waste their "valuable" pages with this info?

Because they oppose concealed carry, and want to wreak havoc on gun owners whenever possible.

Keep the lists private. From those who claim that government or the media shouldn't look in your bedroom - I say it's none of your business what's in my holster.

Gun Owners of America: Elect Blackwell for Ohio Gov.

The Gun Owners of America, a no-frills pro-gun group with active participation in DC and state capitals, strongly endorses Blackwell for Ohio Gov.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Self defense getting second wind

In many parts of the world, the ability to protect yourself and your family has become nearly impossible without serving jail-time. The powers that be seem to care more about the rights of criminals than the rights of innocent victims with a justifiable cause for self-defense.

Fortuantely, we have the NRA in the U.S., so self-defense is still considered a priority (unless you live in DC, Chicago, NY, San Fran, and a few other cities).

South Dakota is pushing to rid themselves of the "duty to reatreat" portion of the use of lethal force rules, as Florida has done. So is Alabama, and Wyoming.

Colorado is trying to re-affirm the right to self defense, whether in your home or walking on the street, to make sure those that defend themselves aren't prosecuted.

Meanwhile, Idaho is trying to clean up their concealed carry law and forbid the government from taking away guns when a natural diseaster happens, as happend during Katrina.

Lifetime carry permit?

Indiana, a state that has had legal concealed carry forever, is proposing "lifetime" carry permits. No renewals, etc. Very interesting.

You are responsible for your guns

Lock up your guns, people. Leaving guns with easy access to anyone and everyone is a BAD idea. Just ask this guy whose gun was used in a murder.

This lady's son used her gun to rob a Wendy's.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Elderly woman sexually assulted

There is no age limit to get a carry permit in Ohio...

Young mother lucky to survive random attack in Clifton

Is this justice?

Several rapists are on the loose in the Cincinnati area, including this one who lures women to him faking a broken-down car.

The man who raped the two realtors working in a model home recently might have gone into three neigborhoods, looking for victims.

And think submitting is the smart thing to do? That the rapist will receive justice when he's caught? Well this local serial rapist (has DNA evidence of raping in Mason, Montgomery, Colerain Township, etc.) might get off without any serious jail-time.

State "emergency powers" vs. the right to defend yourself

Katrina led to the confiscation of guns for many in the affected areas. New legislation is looking to ban that sort of government over-stepping.

The NRA provides a nice summary on what happened and what's being done to prevent this in the future.

Don't know about you, but if the world around me was collapsing, I'd like to have a means to protect myself and my family.

Florida trying to make it ILLEGAL to ban guns in work parking lots

If this plays out well in Florida, I'd love to see this in Ohio.

Anti-CHL signs in parking lots are causing all kinds of problems for people trying to follow the law, only to have to park off-site when a sign is posted.

And many people (inlcluding myself) think it's unfair for people getting fired because they want to be able to protect themselves on the way to and from work.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Going postal in gun-free zones

Why Ohio's anti-CHL signs do nothing but make us all less safe...

S. Dakota is trying to get rid of "duty to retreat"

Let's hope this trend continues across the U.S.

Sen. Santorum trying to protect sportsmen privacy

Hunters and fisherman have to give their soc. sec. numbers when applying for a permit. One senator is trying to stop that pratice, providing less opportunity for the gov't to abuse the info.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First duty is to protect yourself

There's a lot of controversy over the "duty to retreat" in many states, especially since Florida has recently passed legislation removing this aspect from their lethal force provisions and other states like Colorado are following suit.

Here's an interesting op-ed on the topic.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Make sure your instructor is on the up-and-up

In an edition of the newsletter NRA Instructors get every month a few months back we had a warning about using airsoft or BB-guns during the range portion of Basic Pistol classes.

Just note that the law says you must use an ACTUAL firearm for the range portion. A .22 is OK, but a BB-gun is not.

At Advanced Shooting, we're on top of the law, the requirements to get your permit, and have you use REAL guns on the range day (real guns are so much more fun, anyway).

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Carry if you're vulnerable

Two realtors showing a local model home are robbed and raped by a guy who walked in from the street.

A good reason to carry if you're vulnerable, as these women were.

Also, there's no such thing as a "safe neigborhood." The bad guys are everywhere.

You have the right to have the means for self-defense in Ohio. Use it.

This also shows that submission won't get you off the hook. They gave the bad guy their purses, as he requested. He then sexually assulted them.

C'mon... don't play with guns

Follow the three rules, and nobody EVER gets shot by accident.

1) Keep it pointed in a safe direction (not at your friend's back in the front seat).
2) Keep your finger off the trigger (modern guns don't fire unless the trigger is squeezed).
3) Keep it unloaded until you're ready to use it (NOT while "playing with it").

More Canadians who are realizing anti-gun policies lead to bad things

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The hospital has anti-CHL signs, so she's on her own

This lady has been attacked twice in this Mt. Airy hospital parking lot.

Guess what? She can't use her legal right to carry a gun to defend herself. Walking out of the hospital with a firearm is against Ohio law, since odds are the hospital has anti-CHL signs (I know every hospital I've been in since the law went into effect does).

Goes to show, the criminals don't care what's legal or not. That's what makes them criminals. And everyone else easy victims.

Not too surprising - most of the time they're bad guys already

A NC sheriff is trying to cut crime in his city and in the process makes an interesting observation.

Most of the shooting vicitms he deals with are criminals themselves. Goes to show lots of times bad guys are shooting up other bad guys - it's when one of the bad guys tries to hurt/kill/whatever one of the good guys that concealed carry comes into play.

Would be nice if they'd just throw the bad guys in a cage. Then we wouldn't need to be so worried about safety...

Friday, February 03, 2006

More bad guys on the prowl in Cinti

Man shot as he opens his front door - no obvious reason why.

A 23-yr old man shot to death in his apartment in Symmes Township. No reason for the killing, yet.

Another guy shot as he tries to run away from a robber. Anti-gunners will tell you retreat or submission is the best defense. I, and most likely this guy, disagree. Shows pretty bluntly the lunacy of the "duty to retreat" part of the use of lethal force rules.

Don't know about you, but stories like this reaffirm my belief in concealed carry, even when in my own home.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good article on Ohio concealed carry classes

To carry in your car

You must have a CHL AND carry properly.

These guys didn't have CHLs, so it was illegal for them to have loaded guns in their cars.

Once you get your CHL, you must have your firearm on your person in plain site or locked in a case in plain site. Questions? Look at your Ohio Attorney General book or visit his website.

Busy day for bad guys in Loveland/Miami Township

Why concealed carry exists

Pizza delivery guys in the Cincinnati area are having a tough time doing their jobs. It seems they keep getting beaten, robbed, and otherwise in bad situations.

This is why concealed carry exists. If the chain you're delivering for doesn't allow it, find another job. Otherwise, don't complain when the bad guys take advantage.

Sorry, Wisconsin. Keep plugging Canada, Georgia.

It appears Wisconsin has fallen two votes short of an over-ride of their anti-gun Gov.'s veto of concealed carry legislation. Many are blaming partisan politics, not the bill itself, for the failure.

Meanwhile, Canadians are starting to realize their recently ousted anti-gun government has made their country much less safe, and Georgia is looking to get rid of the "duty to retreat," as Florida has done.

A big dog and a 357 mag can keep you burglar free

About 3:45 a.m. last night my dogs went nuts. We saw flashlights outside our bedroom window, running away quickly. A few minutes later a cop pulled into our private drive.

In the morning, a cop was sitting in a neighbor's driveway.

Turns out a group of four robbers had broken into several houses in the neighborhood, including one with a burglar alarm, and were caught about 4:15 a.m. a few hundred yards from my house.

My house was untouched, even though the bad-guys obviously came to check it out.

A word to the wise: a big dog will make burglars think twice. And if they would have broken in, the 357 magnum by my bed would have kept my family safe.

Whenever someone asks "Why do you need a gun?" there is a simple answer: bad stuff happens to innocent people, every single day. Even in quiet little neighborhoods in Ohio.