Sunday, April 30, 2006

Voting guides for Tuesday, May 2

NRA's picks for Ohio.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry's picks.

Can't go wrong with either.

Make sure to vote and call your shooting buddies to vote as well. We need to clean up some of the issues with Ohio's carry law. Only way to do that is elect people who will get it done.


Another pick from the NRA:

Attention Ohio NRA Members:
It's Your Freedom -- It's Your Vote!

Tuesday, May 2, is primary election day in your area! Your National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund ( has endorsed fellow freedom fighter TIMOTHY GRENDELL for election to the Attorney General.

Timothy Grendell
"A" Rated and NRA-PVF endorsed

If you are a registered voter, you are eligible to participate in this election! Be sure to spread the word to your family, friends, and fellow gun owners to vote for TIMOTHY GRENDELL on Tuesday, May 2!

To view how candidates in your area measure up

on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen, please visit

Friday, April 28, 2006

Attacking gun rights does not save lives

Good question

Someone who took our CHL class was disturbed to find a place she visits often has recently posted anti-gun signs, forbidding concealed carry within the store. We've decided to post our response, since many others have inquired about this same question.

My first line of defense is to ask if they have the signs in other states. 48 states have some form of concealed carry. If it's not a problem in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, or anywhere else in the U.S., why is it a problem in Ohio?

Also ask if they think the signs will actually deter criminals. Concealed carry folks have been vetted by the sheriff - you can't say that about anyone else that walks in the door. And do you think somone bent on murder, rape, or theft cares about a 4th degree misdomeaner? Or even would want their picture and finger prints on file with the sheriff?

Typically, anti-CHL signs are a sign of a liberal or anti-gun corporate leader who has authority. Sometimes they scare the company into thinking that they'll be liable if there's a shooting. Problem with that is the law specificially states companies are NOT liable, whether they choose to post a sign or not.

If it gives you any hope there have been dozens of stores that have taken down signs due to repeated customer complaints. Best Buy, Kroger, and Dicks Sporting Goods are just a few. Typically a regional manager with anti-gun views is responsible for the signs, not the main office. Others have relented, saying it is for their customer's safety (5th 3rd Bank, UDF, AAA). Though study after study says these places or no safer, or maybe even less safe, due to the signs.

My advice would be to contact the corporate office with your compliant. State that you are a loyal customer and am disturbed that the company would such flaunt such liberal views in such a conservative area. Also note that 48 other states have concealed carry, many of which do not allow the posting of signs. If it isn't a problem there, why would it be a problem in Ohio? Don't they trust Ohioans who have passed a background check, been trained, and have their info on file with the local sheriff? Also state that you aren't sure you're comfortable endangering your safety to and from the store, given that criminals know you'll be unable to defend yourself walking to, from, and while in the store.

If you'd like some info to back up your fight, let me know and I'll send you materials.

Good luck.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ohio's largest concealed carry group announces picks

For the elections May 2.

You can find them here.

Vote Freedom First!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No confiscation of law-abiding citizens guns during the next tragedy in New Orleans

Glad to see they came to their senses down there. It's a shame when Americans (or anyone) is left defenseless in the face of civil unrest.

Another Walnut Hills home invasion

Arizona gets castle doctrine

In Arizona, you no longer have to be worried about being shot in the back while exercising your "duty to retreat."

Monday, April 24, 2006

Criminals going to jail, and life is more peaceful

Not sure why it takes a lot to believe that if you put criminals in jail, crime goes down.

Over-the-Rhine is experiencing this first hand, at least for now. Let's see if the enforcement is just a head-fake or something that will last.

We've issued carry permits to several residents of Over-the-Rhine who were fed up with feeling like they are in a war-zone without any means of defense. Many report that their new carry license allows them to live much more freely, knowing they can protect themselves and their loved ones if the bad guys come around.

UC Crime Update

April 20, 2006

To: The University of Cincinnati Community

From: Director of Public Safety

At approximately 9:30 PM on April 19, 2006 Cincinnati Police issued a radio broadcast of a robbery that occurred at Ohio and McMillan Avenues. The broadcast included descriptions of three male suspects and a direction of travel. UC Police officers were in the area of Taft and Burnet Ave. when they saw three subjects matching these descriptions. The UC officers stopped the individuals and notified Cincinnati Police who brought the victims to the location. The victims identified the suspects as the ones who committed the robbery. Property of the victims was found in the possession of the suspects. This is another example of the benefits realized from the expanded mutual aid agreement between UC Police and Cincinnati Police and the willingness of citizens to get involved in the process.

Your Assistance Needed:

The UC Police could use your assistance on an incident currently being investigated. At approximately 7:00 PM on April 3, 2006 two male subjects, one Male White and one Male Black, approached a graduate student and struck up a conversation. Shortly after that approach the subjects showed the student a handgun and directed him to take them to a telephone in the Old Chemistry Building. The group went to room 606 of Old Chem where the suspects ordered the victim to call a specific telephone number and repeat a statement that was on a piece of paper they gave to him. After that telephone conversation, the two suspects took $20 and a wrist watch from the victim then fled the building. If you have any information that might be helpful in this investigation, please contact the UC Police at 556-1111.

We have created a webpage at the UC Public Safety website containing further descriptions and artist sketches depicting the two suspects as described by the victim.

That web address is -

*Hat tip to SW

Sunday, April 23, 2006

NRA wants you to vote for Jean Schmidt

April 21, 2006

The Second Amendment needs your help - today. The NRA Political Victory Fund has endorsed U.S. Representative Jean Schmidt for reelection in the Republican primary election in the Second Congressional District of Ohio. Jean Schmidt works to protect your gun rights and hunting heritage in Congress, and now she needs your vote and support to continue the fight in Washington, DC!

Jean Schmidt has fought for your firearms freedom in Congress, and she will continue to work to ensure your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage are protected. Jean Schmidt cosponsored H.R. 800 and voted for S.397 to stop frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers ensuring its passage and enactment into law. Jean Schmidt has a perfect pro-gun voting record in Congress. Accordingly, she has earned an "A" rating by the NRA-PVF and Jean Schmidt has earned your vote!

That's why it is critically important for you and every freedom-loving voter in Ohio's Second Congressional District to vote for Jean Schmidt! Remember, ANY registered voter, regardless of party, may ask for a Republican ballot. For more information or to volunteer for Jean Schmidt for Congress campaign, please call (513) 791-5326 or visit

Vote for Jean Schmidt for Congress on May 2nd, and encourage all of your family, friends, and fellow hunters and shooters to do the same! The future of your firearms freedom depends on it!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Gun owners whose guns were illegally taken from them by force during Katrina are getting them back. Here's the NRA's statement.

It's sad that in a time when there is no 911, no police, no order, and no infrastructure, the Mayor of New Orleans primary concern was to disarm those trying to keep their families and property safe.

Good thing the NRA is fighting to make this illegal.

Anytime anyone says to you "Why would you need a gun?" there's a simple answer: REMEMBER KATRINA!?

When society breaks down it's every man for himself. And it's awful hard to keep the bad guys at bay with a baseball bat.

Mayors want your guns

Big city mayors, such as DC and NY City (where guns are basically illegal for normal citizens yet gun crime is out of control) are meeting to discuss how to grab your guns.

They claim the meeting is to discuss how to deal with "illegal guns," but the way they want to do it is my making all guns illegal.

They think that they know best - make guns illegal and everything will be OK. Hasn't worked in their cities, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Those that know what happens when guns are made illegal need to stand up to these bullies. They think because their cities are large their version of the world should be pushed on everyone else. The problem is I don't want my city to have the crime of NY City or DC. I want to be able to defend myself and my family.

In NY City, less than 1/10 of 1% of violent criminals ever see the inside of a jail cell (DOJ stats 2004) - often pleading out before going to court.

Control criminals and you'll control crime. It's common sense, and it works every time it's tried.

Editorial: House Bill 347 improves Ohio's conceal carry

Monday, April 17, 2006

Woman defends herself with shotgun

A woman in Milford woke up to find her ex-boyfriend standing over her with a shotgun this morning. She fought him and wreslted away the shotgun, then shot her ex-boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend was out on bail. Perhaps the woman will buy a gun for self-defense (and buy some good deadbolts for her house), so she doesn't have to rely on the weapon of her agressor.

A gun probably would have saved this little girl's life

You can either make noise and play dead to hopefully scare off a bear (didn't work in this case, and a little girl paid with her life) or you can shoot.

A handgun might not drop a bear with one shot, but it will hurt it enough to retreat. Read the last few sentences of the story - a rescue worker came across the bear, which was eating the little girl (already dead), and fired two shots. The bear ran off.

Too bad the family wasn't as prepared as the rescuer.

Gun laws in parks are sketchy at best. Many forbid guns. It's sad, because people die when trying to appreciate nature because they aren't equipped to fight off bears, big cats, etc.

Yes, these attacks are rare. Not so rare that people shouldn't be prepared, though. A 357-magnum in the backpack will always work better than throwing rocks...

But anti-CHL signs should keep you safe!

UDF on Montgomery road is robbed and the clerk assaulted on Easter Sunday.

Nearly all UDFs have anti-CHL signs, forbidding people from carrying guns legally into their stores.

Doesn't stop the bad guys, obviously. But maybe if the clerk would have been able to carry, it would have been the bad guy in the hospital instead, like the Shop Rite in Roselawn a few weeks back.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Interesting article on Mike DeWine

Earned an "F" from the NRA this year...

2006 Primary elections

The 2006 Primary elections are being held Tuesday, May 2. NRA members are encouraged to head to the polls and vote for those candidates who support our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Please be sure to encourage your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners to do the same. For information about voting in Ohio, please visit For NRA-PVF endorsement information, NRA members are encouraged to call the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division at (800) 392-VOTE (8683). Further information will be posted soon to the NRA-PVF website at Be sure to "Vote Freedom First!" on Tuesday, May 2!

First a flood, then left defenseless by their gov't

Very sad...


Law-abiding citizens of New Orleans who were forced to relinquish their legally owned firearms to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) will have to wait, indefinitely, to regain their property. New Orleans officials revealed they have not returned any firearms, as Mayor Ray Nagin and the city have yet to set up a return process.

"Mayor Ray Nagin continues to deny freedom by denying lawful citizens their Second Amendment rights," stated NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. "First, he confiscates law-abiding citizens' firearms and lies about it. Then, he fails to comply with court orders. Now he refuses to return the legally owned firearms to their rightful owners by dragging his feet. It's a disgrace."

After denying the illegal confiscation for months, on March 15, 2006, Mayor Nagin and the NOPD conceded in federal court that they do have seized guns stored in locked steel containers. The city then agreed in court to a process by which law-abiding citizens may file a claim to receive their confiscated firearms.

However, a New Orleans official handling the gun confiscations stated that no guns have been returned because the NOPD requires background checks, and the city has not set up a process. The official acknowledged, "We've been told it was going to happen weeks ago.and still hasn't been done."

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox stated, "During a time of chaos and lawlessness, Ray Nagin took away the only means of protection law-abiding citizens had, and by delaying necessary and appropriate action to right this wrong, he blatantly continues to disrespect New Orleans citizens. The Mayor's contempt of court, his contempt of the Second Amendment, and his disrespect of the law-abiding gun owners of New Orleans is shameful."

*From NRA 4/15/06 update

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Not that this guy can legally carry...

The man shot yesterday outside city hall was an easy target - you can't legally carry into a government building. In fact, you have to go through metal detectors.

So the shooter knew that the victim would be unarmed...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Shot in the back

Maybe this guy was just following the law, specificially the "duty to retreat" when attacked in Ohio.

More women taking up shooting, thanks in part to Ohio's concealed carry

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Coroner blames drugs for crime

It ain't the guns, folks. The people committing the murders and other crimes in Cincinnati are breaking gun laws left-and-right. There are root causes for the crime - culture and drugs.

People have to teach their kids that crime is NOT OK, and the drugs have to be under control...

Fighting Bloomberg, D.C.

NY's Mayor Bloomberg is very anti-gun, and is trying to make the rest of the country follow his lead.

Some people are starting to fight back, letting the mayor know that not everyone wants crime like NY has.

A similar uprising is brewing over DC's gun-ban.

Delaware fighting to change from "may-issue" to "shall-issue"

Some states have "may-issue" carry laws, which means that you can be issued a permit if local authorities feel you deserve one. Anti-gunners love this, because it gives them elitist control over people's freedoms. In fact, The West Wing, a show which espouses liberal views on a regular basis, once featured a show about a person with a carry permit that shot an innocent bystander, saying that "may-issue" is the only way to go with carry rights.

In some places, this means everyone who applies gets one. In others, most notably in major cities in California and NY State, you only get one if you're famous, a gov't official, or if you have lots of cash.

Delaware is looking to change this unfair way to dole out carry permits. Hopefully other "may-issue" states will follow.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is what happens when the bad guys have more rights than the good guys

In England, 60% of muggings go unreported, and both violent and gun crime is at an all time high (higher than NY City, by the way). This is because the British a police force that seems to be more on the side of criminals and have no right to self-defense as law-abiding citizens.

You can't use ANYTHING to protect yourself in England, less you be jailed for excessive force (meaning any force in England). British police even advise citizens to let burglars "off with caution."

Guns are illegal. Criminals are having a field day. What's that saying again?

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Meanwhile, in the U.S., where violent crime has gone down every year for the last 10, many states are giving citizens GREATER abilities to protect themselves. Missouri is the most recent state to allow good guys to stand their ground when attacked (striking down the "duty to retreat). Idaho's house just passed a similar measure. And as of this week, only two states don't allow citizens the right to carry a handgun to defend themselves.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The story shouldn't be the guns, it should be the GUY

A local house was raided and a bunch of guns were seized.

Unfortunately, the media likes to focus on the guns, not the bad guy. Of the guns listed in this story, only the two Tec-9 machine pistols are actually illegal.

However, the guy who had the guns is a felon, so ALL the guns are illegal for HIM to have. That should be the story - not the guns themselves.

These guns, in the hands of someone who is not forbidden to have them, are in no way rare or any more dangerous than any other gun (except the machine pistols, which you need a special permit to own).

The media should focus on the fact that the ATF cracked down on this guy, as they should on EVERY felon who touches a gun. That's 10 years in prison PER GUN according to federal law.

PROSECUTE AND IMPRISON people like this. Don't focus on the guns. Focus on the crime.

Roselawn Shop Rite store clerk fights back

A Roselawn store clerk fought back when a robber pointed a gun at him on Monday - by shooting back. We can assume this is another concealed carry save, but the facts have yet to be confirmed.

The bad guy was arrested when seeking treatment for the gunshot wound in his leg, courtesy of the brave store clerk.

Don't believe anti-gunners who tell you that fighting back will get you hurt. If more store clerks put holes in robbers the number of robberies would decrease, making it safer for us all to shop at our local pharmacy.

Monday, April 03, 2006

It took the Federal covet to force Illinois to allow retired cops to carry

In yet another amazing show of ignorance on the part of Illinois, the state refused to allow ex-cops to carry concealed, even though Federal law (which this article calls "little known" - though anyone familiar with concealed carry knows this is something that was fought for and won a few years back) REQUIRES states to allow it.

Illinois fought the Federal government tooth and nail, not even trusting ex-cops to carry. And it's worked out so well - ever been to Chicago? Every time I'm there I wish I could carry. The bad guys have free reign on Chicago's evening news, while the good guys are left defenseless.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Georgia drops "duty to retreat"

Such legislation has been discussed in Ohio. We need this!

Don't know about you, but I don't think you should have to run when being attacked.