Monday, February 26, 2007

New Attorney General book for Ohio available online!

Fight back and save your life

No, this 13-yr old did not use a gun to defend himself. He did defy the anti-gun folks by actually, well, fighting back to save his life.

It's a myth that submitting to bad guys is your best bet. No, you shouldn't be reckless. If it's easier to hand your wallet over, do so. But if you're in serious trouble you should NOT let the bad guys have their way. Fight back and save yourself.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

NRA-ILA update

Let's hope the new, more liberal Congress, doesn't jump on the anti-gun bandwagon...

McCarthy Bill Bans Millions More Guns Than The Clinton Gun Ban

On Feb. 14, 2007, Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) introduced H.R. 1022, a bill with the stated purpose, "to reauthorize the assault weapons ban, and for other purposes."

McCarthy's verbiage warrants explanation. Presumably, what she means by "assault weapons ban" is the Clinton Gun Ban of 1994. Congress allowed the ban to expire in 2004 for multiple reasons, including the fact that federal, state and local law enforcement agency studies showed that guns affected by the ban had been used in only a small percentage of crime, before and after the ban was imposed.

With the nation's murder rate 43% lower than in 1991, and the re-legalized guns still used in only a small percentage of crime, reauthorizing the Clinton Gun Ban would be objectionable enough. But McCarthy's "other purposes" would make matters even worse. H.R. 1022 would ban every gun banned by the Clinton ban, plus millions more guns, including:

. Every gun made to comply with the Clinton ban. (The Clinton ban dictated the kinds of grips, stocks and attachments new guns could have. Manufacturers modified new guns to the Clinton requirements. H.R. 1022 would ban the modified guns too.)

. Guns exempted by the Clinton ban. (Ruger Mini-14s and -30s and Ranch Rifles; .30 cal. carbines; and fixed-magazine, semi-automatic, center-fire rifles that hold more than 10 rounds.)

. All semi-automatic shotguns. (E.g., Remington, Winchester, Beretta and Benelli, used for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense. H.R. 1022 would ban them because they have "any characteristic that can function as a grip," and would also ban their main component, called the "receiver.")

. All detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles-including, for example, the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 .22 rimfire-because they have "any characteristic that can function as a grip."

. Target shooting rifles. (E.g., the three centerfire rifles most popular for marksmanship competitions: the Colt AR-15, the Springfield M1A and the M1 "Garand.")

. Any semi-automatic shotgun or rifle an Attorney General one day claims isn't "sporting," even though the constitutions of the U.S. and 44 states, and the laws of all 50 states, recognize the right to use guns for defense.

. 65 named guns (the Clinton law banned 19 by name); semi-auto fixed-magazine pistols of over 10 rounds capacity; and frames, receivers and parts used to repair or refurbish guns.

H.R. 1022 would also ban the importation of magazines exempted by the Clinton ban, ban the sale of a legally-owned "assault weapon" with a magazine of over 10 rounds capacity, and begin backdoor registration of guns, by requiring private sales of banned guns, frames, receivers and parts to be conducted through licensed dealers. Finally, whereas the Clinton Gun Ban was imposed for a 10-year trial period, H.R. 1022 would be a permanent ban.

Please be sure to contact your U.S. Representative and urge him or her to oppose
H.R. 1022!

You can call your U.S. Representative at (202) 225-3121.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ohio Div of Wildlife considering carry

Attention Ohio Sportsmen:
Ohio Division of Wildlife Considering Concealed Carry!

The Ohio Division of Wildlife will soon be holding annual open house meetings for each of its districts. The meetings will be held on Sunday, March 4 at District Offices in Districts 1-4 and at the Greene County Fish and Game Clubhouse for District 5.

The wildlife regulations, including those which prohibit concealed carry, are reviewed only once per year. Your help is needed now! The Ohio Division of Wildlife has been slow to follow state law, and allow sportsmen and women
, with a CHL to carry a concealed handgun while deer hunting in Ohio. This is an ideal opportunity to have the voices of Ohio’s sportsmen heard to allow carrying concealed afield.

Please take the time to attend these open houses. If you are unable to attend, please contact your District Office and/or the Chief of the Ohio Division of Wildlife:

Mr. Steve Gray, Chief

Ohio Division of Wildlife

2045 Morse Road

Building G

Columbus, OH 43229-6693

Comments may be sent via email at:

The following link provides information including maps to the open house locations:

Open house locations:

Wildlife District 1
1500 Dublin Road
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 644-3925

District Manager Dan Huss

Wildlife District 2
952 Lima Avenue
Findlay, Ohio 45840
(419) 424-5000

District Manager John Daughtery

Wildlife District 3
912 Portage Lakes Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319
(330) 644-2293

District Manager Jeff Herrick

Wildlife District 4
360 E. State Street
Athens, Ohio 45701
(740) 589-9930

District Manager Jeff Harris

Wildlife District 5

Greene County Fish and Game Association

1538 Union Road, Xenia
(937) 372-9261

District Manager Todd Haines

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fourth Grader Settles Gun Control Debate

People who are OK with law-abiding citizens having a gun for self-defense know that there's a very simple fact - bad guys run the other way when confronted with a gun. Anything short might get you killed.

People who are anti-gun often live in the world of make-beleive, where everyone can talk out their problems... It's hard to talk a crack-head out of robbing you, or a rapist from doing his dirty work. Having a means of defense, such as a handgun, is often the only way to prevent tragedy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

PRO Gun Show this weekend in Wilmington

North on I-71, exit 50 in the Robert's Center.

Gun shows are a great opportunity to buy used guns, trade or sell guns, or look for different novelties like unique holsters, exotic ammo, etc.

Feb. 24-25 Class sold-out

Space still available in the March classes, and we'll schedule the first April class this weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Carrying off-duty cop stops mall rampage

Another concealed carry save!

Prison populations up, but what does that mean...

Whenever I hear about rising prision populations, tw0 things come to my mind.

1 - There are a lot of bad dudes out there doing bad things.
2 - Odds are prisions will be letting bad guys out early to make room for other bad guys.

Both points push me to encourage my loved ones to get their license to carry and learn to shoot. Hopefully, as more bad guys get locked up crime will go down. But in the mean time, make sure you can protect yourself from increasingly bold criminals.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Glock problems?

WKRC did a piece on Monday night about some issues people are having with Glock pistols. Don of Shooter's Supply (a favorite stop of Advanced Shooting's instructors and students) was interviewed about the issue.

In the CHL class, we talk about modern firearms having many built-in mechanisms to keep them from firing accidentally. Basically, modern handguns are inert unless the trigger is squeezed. Some claim that Glocks are going off without the trigger being pulled.

I'm a fan of Glocks. I've fired hundreds of them, and only had problem with a handful. I once owned a Glock 21 (45ACP full-size) that locked-back early all the time. Had another that would light-strike (misfire because the firing pin didn't strike hard enough). Beyond that, I've seen a few struggle with cheap ammo and one that didn't like cold weather. These are typical problems for auto-loaders, and few are immune from any of these potential problems.

The WKRC piece talks about an issue that's much more serious - the gun going off on it's own. In fact, they claim that several police agencies aren't using Glocks anymore due to this. I know that a few agencies had issues with light-strikes and stopped because of that, but I hadn't heard of any getting rid of Glocks due to accidential discharges.

If this is true, it needs to be seriously examined. If it's an issue with a particular model or of a particular environmental condition, the public should know.

I've found that more often than not an "accidental discharge" is actually someone who squeezed the trigger and is too embarrassed to admit it. A good example is the DEA Agent in DC that put a round in his leg during a classroom demonstration.

Don't go out and sell your Glock, just yet. The verdict isn't in. I would suggest checking out the Springfield XD as an alternative, if this kind of talk is making you nervous about a Glock purpose. I've found more people like the trigger pull of the XD, plus it has a grip safety that's an ingenious addition.

If you've had issues with your Glock, please email us at so we can do our own little survey.

Another fastfood robbery in Cinti

Recent events suggest not leaving your carry gun at home when grabbing that quick burger.

Feb's 2nd CHL class

Almost sold-out, everyone. So if you want to get your training in before the end of Feb, sign up now!

National concealed carry standard proposed

Armed & Polite