Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gotta deal with the BUTTS

Anybody out there have one of those cigarette-butt things that used to be outside just about every business (until Ohio made it illegal to smoke in front of a place of business)??

We could use one for our classroom site. Please email if you know of where we could get one cheap!

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's an all-too-common anti-gunner trick

VA's Roanoke Times wanted to put the names of every concealed carry permit holder into an online database. Why? "Public's right to know," is the common answer. Why, really? Because they're anti-gun, and they want to scare people into not getting permits.

Good thing readers who caught onto the plan via an editorial deluged the paper with mail. You can read some of their letters here.

Intimidation like this is why Ohio needs to finally close the media loophole. The Dayton Daily News did something similiar, actually printing the names of Dayton citizens with carry licenses.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good guys 1, bad guys 0

Remember, in your own home you must be in immediate danger and not have caused the situation. Obviousily, this applies to a Hamilton man who was attacked by a recently released con with a sledge hammer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Suit to make CHL list private

Some interesting history on concealed carry

First lawsuit against new CHL law: Cleveland

At least it didn't stop the changes from going into effect.

Ask yourself what an "assault weapon" is. OK. Now here's how it's defined:

Any semi-automatic rifle (or usually shotgun) which has a pistol grip or flash hider.

So, if you have a Ruger 10/22, the classic outdoor plinker .22LR that nearly everyone grew up with, and it has a pistol grip (as many do), you've got an ASSAULT WEAPON. If you are planning on going skeet shooting this weekend, don't take your auto-loading shotgun, the standard for skeet, trap, and many forms of bird hunting, because it's an ASSAULT WEAPON.

Do you know what the difference in function between a bolt-action deer rifle and an SAR-1 (.30 caliber semi-auto rifle that looks like an AK-47) is? NOTHING! They work the same way, both can be quickly fired, and both fire about same size cartridge. One just looks scarry, so it's been made illegal by some places (including Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo). And what have countless studies by the DOJ, FBI and others shown? Making the guns illegal doesn't reduce crime with the guns.


Criminals DON'T FOLLOW THE LAW. That's what makes them CRIMINALS. Therefore, make the guns illegal, and you take a kid's 10/22 away. But the bad guy still has his gun...

Monday, March 19, 2007

UC crime update

To: University of Cincinnati Community

From: Director of Public Safety/Police Chief

The University of Cincinnati Police Department has received a request for assistance from the Cincinnati Police regarding a shooting that occurred on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at approximately 4:00 PM. This crime occurred off campus at Short Vine and Charlton Ave. The victim was a male juvenile, 16 years of age. The suspect was a male, age unknown and physical description very vague. The Cincinnati Police are operating on the belief this was not a random act, but that the victim was specifically targeted. There was nothing of value taken from the victim and it was not a "stray" bullet that struck the victim.

If you have any information that may be helpful in this case please contact the Cincinnati Police District Four (352-4976) or Crime Stoppers (352-3040).

*Hat tip to SW for the update

Monday, March 05, 2007

Instructor with Kimbers for sale

One of our instructors is attempting to upgrade to a super-expensive Kimber, so he's putting two of his babies up for sale.

A Kimber Stainless II (list price $769 + tax), he's asking $700. He's also got a CDP full-size (AWESOME 1911!!!) that he's asking $925.

Check out Kimber's website at to see these and other Kimber products.

Some reviews

Smith & Wesson's M&P from Defense Review.

Right-size for CCW from Handguns, discussing some of the super-tiny guns.

April Basic Pistol dates changed

One of our instructor's wives notified us that we had scheduled the first April class for Easter weekend. Given that this may conflict with many people, we've changed the class dates.

If you were set for the April 7-8 class, or were already registered and haven't been contacted, please email or call.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gun banner concedes defeat

From LaPierre's blog at


It didn't make the newspapers or the network news here, but one of the loudest voices for England and Scotland's handgun ban has admitted it's been a dismal failure.

Ian Bell worked long and hard to make sure the ban passed a decade ago. But writing in Scotland's Sunday Herald, he says, "My idea didn't work... guns have become commonplace, so commonplace that every would-be terrorist worth his salt must be armed to the teeth. Bans have failed utterly."

What Bell says is true. Guns have become common, at least among the criminals in England. Gun crime has doubled since the ban took effect. But guns aren't common among the law-abiding. In fact, they've disappeared, leaving ordinary Britons helpless against criminals.

It's good that Ian Bell's admitted the ban's been a failure. But I notice he never called for an end to the ban. Admitting failure's a good first step, but it does nothing if you don't take the next step of righting a wrong.

Upcoming Gun Shows

Goodman's Show in Sharonville is March 10-11.

Goodman's Show in Dayton (Hara Arena) is March 17-18.

First Freedom update

Some news items from the NRA's most recent edition of First Freedom, a free magazine that goes to NRA members.

  • Gun accident deaths are at an all-time low, down 89% from 1975. The odds of a child being killed accidentially involving a firearm is now 1-million to one. Accidential gun deaths now account for 0.6% (that's about 1/2 of 1 percent) of all fatal accidents. To put this in perspective, 39% of fatal accidents are caused by motor vehicles.
  • Springfield has released a new XD in 45ACP. It's an XD 45 Compact (holds 10 rounds 45ACP in the magazine, 1 in the chamber, often called 10+1), with a shorter grip for ease of carry. The coolest part is you can use an extended magazine that makes it hold 13+1. Kind of like getting the best of both worlds in one gun: a high capacity range gun and a compact, safe carry gun. We really like the XD at Advanced Shooting - check it out.
  • Charter Arms has released a snub-nose 38 special carry gun for Lefties. It's called the Undercover Southpaw.
  • Para Ordinace has released a new program that donates $25 to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (keeps guns legal in the US) for every 1911 special edition bought in 2007.
  • In Ohio, youth hunting licenses in 2006 were up 45% from last year. Youth deer permits were up 53%, turkey up 31% and fur licenses up 59%.
  • 10 must-read 2nd ammendment books listed (see p. 28 or email us for the list).
First Freedom is a great source for firearms and gun rights news. If you aren't an NRA member, join today for $35 at or for $25 at Target World in Tri-County.

Nearly 90,000 Ohioans licensed to carry

News items that make you want to pack heat

Xavier student victim of home invasion.

Women robbed in Tower Place Mall parking lot. Most recently, a woman was punched in the face and her purse stolen (after the guy in the article was arrested, by the way).