Monday, April 30, 2007

What out-of-state permits are best?

A common question our pistol insructors get is "What out-of-state permits are best to apply for?"

Well, that really depends on where you want to carry and how much $$ you're willing to spend.

The two most common out-of-state permits are Flordia and Utah, and for good reason. Both give you 30 states you can carry in, and bring your Ohio + out-of-state count to 32. Florida's cost $117 every 4 years and Utah $55. The disadvantage to Utah is it requries that you review Utah's law in-class, while Flordia's only requires you review the law yourself.

In other words, Utah's license requires additional training for an Ohio resident. Florida does not.

The "economical" permit option is New Hampshire. They only charge $20 for out-of-state permits. It brings your toal state count up to 30. NH requires a special range-time certification, though, and therefore some additional training.

Given that many people like the idea of a Utah permit, our lead pistol instructor has applied with Utah to be an instructor capable of issuing Utah out-of-state training, and we can also provide the special range-time required by NH for their out-of-state permit. Both Utah and NH certificiation will cost $25 additional, since a seperate certificate and additional training is required.

All of Advanced Shooting's Basic Pistol classes already allow you to apply for a Florida permit, for no addtional fee.

If you're wondering what states are covered by each permit, there's a great tool available at

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Never know where you'll need to be carrying

A guy who stole a car decided to have a shoot-out with cops in a Target parking lot in Kansas this weekend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Americans really think about gun control

Good question: Do I have to be a legal US resident to get a CHL in Ohio?

The new CHL application for Ohio asks "Are you legally living in the United States?"

According to the attorney general, you must be a legal resident, not necessarily a citizen, to obtain a CHL. In other words, if you are a permanent resident of Ohio and have some sort of documentation to back that up (a green card, for instance), you're OK to apply for a license.

UC crime update

NOTE that it is against Ohio law for anyone to carry a weapon into a university building, and often university parking lots are posted with anti-CHL signs, leaving UC students/faculty just as helpless as the victims at Virginia Tech.

April 25, 2007

To: UC Community
From: Gene Ferrara, Director Public Safety

The University of Cincinnati Police have received reports of some people making threatening or suspicious comments related to the Virginia Tech incident last week. In one such case a student is reported to have stated that the Virginia Tech incident was nothing compared to what he would do if his grades were not adjusted. Such statements are, unfortunately, not uncommon following major news stories such as Virginia Tech. Historically, such comments have proven to be attempts at bravado to gain more attention to the person's issue.

However, since the potential for harm is so great, we take these statements seriously. We will investigate all such cases. Arrest and prosecution will occur where appropriate.

UC Police are already investigating several such cases, but encourage everyone to report any suspicious or threatening statements. Do not assume UC Police already know of a particular case. We would prefer to be notified several times rather than not be informed because someone thought we already knew about the situation.

If you have information regarding such a situation, please call 513-556-1111.

Eugene R. Ferrara
Associate Vice President for Administration & Finance
Director of Public Safety
Police Chief University of Cincinnati
Tel. (513) 556-4951
Fax (513) 556-4940

*Thanks to SW for the info

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News

From today's newsletter:

VT massacre: OH Gov. says state gun laws sound; Sheriff calls for armed teachers
The Dayton Daily News is reporting that while Governor Ted Strickland (D) believes dangerous mentally disturbed people should not have access to guns, he does not believe the Virginia Tech case means Ohio's gun [control] laws need strengthened.

Pro-gun legislator Kevin DeWine Chosen as GOP Deputy Director
Buckeye Firearms Association is pleased to report that the Ohio Republican Party State Central and Executive Committee chose State Rep. Kevin DeWine to be the state party's deputy director.

WARNING: False information in Plain Dealer story on Ohio campus victim zones
In an article that otherwise took a very balanced, healthy look at the problem of disarming adults on college campuses, the Cleveland Plain Dealer has published some factually incorrect information. Be warned, this information could get you arrested.

As predicted: Ohio gun ban extremist screams '"It's all about the guns!''
In the hours after the massacre at Virginia Tech, we predicted that there would be a call for tighter gun control measures. It didn't take days. In fact, gun ban extremist Toby Hoover, who fronts the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, issued a press release before the total number of victims was even known.

Fred Thompson: Signs of Intelligence?
One of the things that's got to be going through a lot of peoples' minds now is how one man with two handguns, that he had to reload time and time again, could go from classroom to classroom on the Virginia Tech campus without being stopped. Much of the answer can be found in policies put in place by the university itself.

Chad D. Baus: Governor Strickland calls for Task Force on Campus Security
In the wake of the massacre of 32 defenseless students on the 'gun free' campus of Virginia Tech, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D) has called for a review of safety issues on Ohio's college campuses.

Chad D. Baus: Northwest Ohio newspaper shows up Pulitzer-winning Plain Dealer on gun coverage
On Wednesday, April 18, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published an article entitled “In Ohio its really easy to buy a gun.” It was immediately apparent that the writer, Plain Dealer reporter Terry Oblander, relied on incorrect information from the Brady Campaign.

Tim Inwood: D.C. Gun Ban Update - Mayor Fenty petitions for en banc hearing
"The District of Columbia and Mayor Adrian Fenty respectfully petition this Court for rehearing en banc." With these words the Mayor of Washington D.C. launches his challenge to the D.C. Circuit Court's ruling in Parker vs. Washington D.C., made on March 9,2007.

Tim Inwood: Knee-jerk reactions not the solution
The sadness of Monday, April 16, 2007, will echo for some time. Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to the family and friends of those killed at Virginia Tech.
The news coverage has been wall to wall, and when the talking heads begin to chatter all sorts of mindless things are said. As I feared, the knee jerk reaction has been, "What gun control measure would have stopped this?"

Ken Hanson: The most neglected part of self-defense training
Most self-defense advocates take training very seriously. However, there is one component of concealed carry training that is completely ignored by most schools. This is unfortunate, as this one component is the one that is statistically most likely to result in the arrest of a concealed carry license holder.

Gerard Valentino: One Time to Save a Life
The establishment media’s immediate vilification of guns whenever a mass shooting happens means they forget that it only takes only one person with a concealed handgun license to stop a killer. They also refuse to accept that despite the leftist anti-gunners' cries to the contrary, when someone resists with a gun the death toll in these cases is much lower.

Larry S. Moore: Too Many Deer – Another perspective
Some sportsmen might consider too many deer an oxymoron, like owning too many guns. A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch by Dave Golowenski certainly presents what is becoming a common debate.

Buckeye Firearms Association

Miss America 1944 stops robbery with her pistol

Ohio man with CHL defends life against attacker

Unfortunately, the family of the attacker is mad that he's dead... Maybe he shouldn't have pulled a gun on an innocent man (who happened to be prepared and a pretty good shot).

Edtiorials on campus guns

CCW on campus could have stopped the massacre

Guns, CCW get bad rap from gun-control supporters

Give us hidden weapons

Guns on campus debated

Sunday, April 22, 2007

USA to be portrayed as an "enemy" on Russian radio

Doesn't really have anything to do with guns, but I did find this article very interesting.

One thing to note is that private ownership of handguns is illegal in Russia and nearly all long guns are tightly controlled. And surprise, surprise - violent crime is out of control.

I guess it's easy to see why when just about everything, including the media, is state controlled.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sen. Fred Thompson speaks out about carry and VA Tech

An excellent article from the actor/senator who is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hollywood drives me nuts

I like a bang-bang flick as much as the next guy, but the way guns are treated in most movies drives every NRA Instructor I know up the wall. Fingers on triggers, random shootings, complete disregard for life, unsafe handling, and so on.

Looks like the nut-job from Virigina Tech was influenced by such movies. It was a Korean film Cho was obsessed with, but nevertheless, it is a good example of the way guns are treated in our movie theaters and TV shows.

Note all parents out there what your kids are exposed to. Impressionable minds are a horrible thing ot corrupt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another Virginia shooting stopped by a guy with a CCW

From the WSJ's "Opinion Journal" (yesterday's issue):

Massacre at a Gun-Free School
Predictably, opponents of Second Amendment rights seized opportunistically on the Virginia Tech massacre. "It is long overdue for us to take some common-sense actions to prevent tragedies like this from continuing to occur," said a statement from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino got questions like this one in yesterday's press briefing:

Columbine, Amish school shooting, now this, and a whole host of other gun issues brought into schools--that's not including guns on the streets and in many urban areas and rural areas. Does [sic] there need to be some more restrictions? Does there need to be gun control in this country?

And of course the New York Times, while noted that "it is premature to draw too many lessons from this tragedy," draws one anyway:

What is needed, urgently, is stronger controls over the lethal weapons that cause such wasteful carnage and such unbearable loss.

But there is another side to this argument. Longtime readers may recall the lead item in our Jan. 18, 2002, column, which concerned a shooting spree at another Virginia institution of higher learning, the Appalachian School of Law. The gunman, Peter Odighizuwa, killed three, and probably would have killed more but for another student's gun:

Students ended the rampage by confronting and then tackling the gunman, officials said.

"We saw the shooter, stopped at my vehicle and got out my handgun and started to approach Peter," Tracy Bridges, who helped subdue the shooter with other students, said Thursday on NBC's "Today" show. "At that time, Peter threw up his hands and threw his weapon down. Ted was the first person to have contact with Peter, and Peter hit him one time in the face, so there was a little bit of a struggle there."

Appalachian is a private institution, Virginia Tech a public one; and Virginia law prohibits guns on campus. Early last year there was an effort in the state Legislature to change that law, but it died in committee. As the Roanoke Times reported at the time:

Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker was happy to hear the bill was defeated. "I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus."

There are reasons one may be wary of arming academia. College students spend a lot of time drinking and carousing, and so perhaps they're better off without firearms. Academic disputes can get vicious; we wouldn't want them to get bloody. But it does not seem a stretch to think that if Cho Seung-hui had encountered someone else with a gun, fewer people would lie dead at Virginia Tech.

Looks like he didn't just "snap"

Many anti-gun folks seem to think that anybody can just snap, going on a rampage.

In the case of the Virginia Tech tragedy, it looks like Cho was a very disturbed individual. Perhaps if someone would have pressed charges against him he would have been forced to get help. As most people know, you can't get a gun if you've ever convicted of a crime of violence, or if you have a restraining order against him. If someone would have gotten the law involved, maybe things would have turned out differently.

A note to anyone who sees someone acting like Cho - take it seriously. If such people don't get help there can be horrible consequences.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News


Yet another mass shooting in a 'gun free zone': At least 32 dead at VA Tech

It is a story that is all too familiar, and it has happened again. The Associated Press reports that a man opened fire in a 'gun free' dorm and classroom at Virginia Tech on Monday, killing at least people and wounding many others. It seems clear than none of the students were able to defend themselves by use of a firearm, and many died while depending on campus security and police to find and stop the killer.

Anti-gun groups once again seek to exploit tragedy
Gun bans disarm victims, not criminals. That is the simple lesson that anti-gun groups refuse to acknowledge as they race to dance in the blood of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Tech fought, and won, a battle against a statewide measure that would have guaranteed the right of students to defend themselves while on campus.

Education Guide Lesson #15: Ohio CHL-holders acting in self-defense
Buckeye Firearms Association has compiled a list of the known incidences of Ohio CHL-holders defending their own lives or the lives of others. It is not our intent to re-open old wounds or to gain from these tragedies. However, it is critical that the public understand how well this law is working.

Gun Used In Self-Defense? Tell '20/20'!
Several readers have encouraged us to advise Buckeye Firearms Association supporters that ABC News is preparing a story on people that have used their firearms to defend themselves.

Appeals Court reverses: Clyde City Parks 'no-guns' signs illegal
In an important victory to gun owners, the Court of Appeals of Ohio’s Sixth district, on Friday April 13, 2007 reversed its earlier ruling on the City of Clyde’s ordinances intended to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens who possess a concealed handgun license from exercising their constitutional rights in city parks.

Jim Irvine: Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman attends 2007 NRA Annual meetings
The NRA held its annual meetings in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend. I have come to have high expectations of these events, and this one did not disappoint.

Chad D. Baus: Might there be a pro-gun GOP Presidential contender after all?
Gun owners disappointed by a bevy of Presidential front-runners in both the Democrat and Republican camps got a boost in recent weeks with when former Senator Fred Thompson (R-Tenn) announced that he was considering a Presidential run.

Gerard Valentino: Gun Owners of the World – Unite!
The flap over Jim Zumbo’s comments about so-called assault weapons brought the rift among gun owners into the public spotlight. Although Zumbo apologized, his comments show that some gun owners, and advocacy groups, are content to fight their own battle against gun confiscation unaware of the danger that poses for the movement as a whole.

John Lott and Sonya Jones: Flawed Laws Help Stalkers Victimize Women
What do you do when the police can't protect you? Police may be the single most important factor for reducing crime, but there is something the police themselves understand: They almost always arrive at the crime scene after the crime has occurred.

Chris Chumita: Complete Opposites: H.R. 1096 and H.R. 1022
The first quarter of 2007 has come to an end, and we saw two important gun bills introduced at the federal level. They both would have a profound effect on our Second Amendment rights. One bill is all about freedom and the other is all about control.

David Codrea: May I Be Frank?
"I do not carry guns on planes, I carry two guns,” Jackson, Miss., Mayor Frank Melton told WLBT Channel 3 reporters, according to the Jackson Free Press. It’s not like Frank is asserting his right to keep and bear arms as a matter of Constitutional principle. He just wants his guns, and the hell with everybody else.

Jim Irvine: All politicians are NOT the same
Many times I've heard people say that, “all politicians are the same.” Nothing could be further from the truth. All politicians are all different. Sure they have some similarities, just like members of any other group, but they are all unique people with unique thoughts.

*from 4/17/07 Buckeye Firearms Newsletter

Don't fall for the hype

Many papers are reporting that gun control is needed to stem such events as that at Virgina Tech, especially in Europe.

The problem with this logic is the same as that of banning guns outright. It does not work. In Britian, an island nation which has banned most forms of guns including handguns, violent gun crime is at it's highest level ever.

It's the same problem at Virginia Tech - guns are ILLEGAL on campus. Passing laws or restrictions to limit guns does not stop crazed killers. If it did, gun crime would all but disappear in countries who have outright bans, like Australia. Unfortunately, crime there is also up.

Sure, there must be laws forbidding people who have proven to be a threat from obtaining guns. On the other hand, you must allow people to defend themselves.

Virginia Tech is a sad and tragic example of what happens when people are left defenseless. If only concealed carry were allowed, perhaps the spree would have ended quickly or without any innocent deaths.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't believe the AHSA

The mayor of Cincinnati has signed on with NY Mayor Bloomberg's plan to curb "illegal gun sales."

Unfortunately, he has a sinister plan, wanting to open up the records of all FFLs to law enforcement without warrants (creating a de-facto gun registration scheme).

One group that supports is the American Hunters and Shooters Association. Unfortunately, this group is comprised of anti-gun lobby groups, shrouding themselves in pro-hunting/gun messaging.
The NRA opposes Bloomberg's plan with good reason. Don't believe the BS group of anti-gunners known as the AHSA out to get the NRA and your guns.

Man uses concealed weapon to stop robbery in Tulsa, OK

Sitting ducks at another gun free zone

Our prayers go out to the college students murdered today at Virginia Tech.

It is interesting to note that a bill has been pushed lately to allow students in Virginia, such as those at Virginia Tech, the ability to protect themselves like they can outside of campus. Virgina Tech, like most universities, is a "gun free zone," where concealed carry permits are not valid.

Unfortunately, this does not stop the bad guys. And good people die as a result.

Buying a gun 101

A great article from Guns & Ammo on buying a new or used gun. What to look for, what to pay, etc.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 home invasions last night

Ch. 5 is reporting two home invasions last night in the Price Hill area. At least one the homeowner was beaten and robbed, the other details aren't available.

Get a weapon and know how to use it, people. Bad guys don't just strike when you're away...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An anti-CCW tactic

Anti-concealed carry folks scream that blood will run through the streets as soon as the law passes. The problem is, it's passed in 48 states, and that's never happened. More than not, crime goes down after CCW legislation is passed.

In MN, a recent report says concealed carry hasn't reduced crime. OK. Well it hasn't raised it, either. So what are they arguing? That it's not necessary? Problem is, CCW permit holders are the most law-abiding people in the country, and the US is founded on the idea of freedom - freedom to do what you will as long as you aren't hurting someone else.

When anti-gunners whine that in some cases, concealed carry doesn't reduce crime, it just demonstrates how weak their argument against it was in the first place. If it doesn't reduce crime, why not keep it legal? Because they don't like it?

Even if crime does not decrease due to CCW legislation, it should still be legal. Even if the only reason is that some people want the freedom to protect themselves and their families.

In "may-issue" states, anti-gunners (who are famous) can get permits

Sean Penn, a big liberal, is being grilled for having a concealed carry permit by his anti-gun buddies.

This demonstrates an interesting fact in "may-issue" states like California. Only famous/rich/influential people can get permits. Even Micheal Moore has a California CCW.

Too bad the "little people" aren't afforded the same protections... I thought liberalism was about EQUALITY?

Sheriff stands up to media on concealed carry lists