Monday, May 28, 2007

This is news BECAUSE it's so rare...

A Best Buy employee in South Carolina went nuts and killed two people and then himself. Because he had a concealed carry license some are making a big deal about the "availability of guns."

One thing to note - according to national statistics, those with concealed carry licenses are 3000% less likely than an non-license holder (yes, that's three-thousand percent) to ever be convicted of a gun-related crime. Of course, this is not reported in the story. Neither are any of the stats that show that when guns are accessible to law-abiding citizens crime tends to decrease, not increase.

South Carolina has statistics available - why didn't the author look to see how rare this is? Simple - he had an agenda as he wrote the story. The thing to remember about this story is it's news BECAUSE it's so rare that a concealed carry license holder commits such an act.

Thank you to all those who have served

We have a LOT of former military that comes through our training classes, and many of them can teach our instructors a thing or two on how to handle a gun.

A heartfelt Thank You to all those who have served, and especially those who have given their lives in the cause of freedom this Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

But UDF has anti-gun signs!!

I'm not sure how this happened, but it appears a man who stole ice cream from a UDF was CARRYING A GUN!!

As most folks who carry know, UDF is a strong opponent to gun rights in Ohio, posting anti-carry signs in all of their stores. It appears as if the signs didn't prevent an armed robber from entering their store (shocking)!

Just a note to every business under the naive impression that anti-carry signs make you safer, bad guys don't care about signs...

It does appear, though, that he opened fire on the cops. And the cops shot and killed him. Too bad if he'd have opened fire on a civilian in the UDF they would have been defenseless.

Why you should be able to carry in National parks...

Shots fired in UC's "gun-free" zone this morning

By not allowing law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves on Ohio college campuses, we're always in danger of another V-Tech tragedy.

Shots were fired this morning at the dorms at UC. Police are still investigating, and it appears no one was hurt (thank God).

Theory of gun control meets reality of crime

A good story about an Ohio legislator that voted against concealed carry, but has changed his tune since he was confronted by some bad guys.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Advanced Shooting will offer your Re-Class for $30

If you were burned by this instructor, who did not complete the class as is required by law (in many cases he completely skipped the range time), we will offer you a Re-Do for $30 (our cost to put on the class).

You must provide the certificate from the instructor who failed to meet the requirements when registering for the class.

Email us at or call if you were burned by this instructor to register for an upcoming public class.

NOTE that you will have to take the full 12-hour class, as is prescribed by law. We are making this offer so those who have received insufficent training can be issued new CHLs and be legal again! This offer only applies to public, regularly scheduled classes.

Gotta follow the law for CHL training!

An update on the instructor in Batavia who was falsifying training - it looks like he DID NOT do the range time with his students.

Note to anyone looking to apply for a concealed carry license - you must complete 12 hours of training, including at least 2 hours at the range! If your class doesn't meet these requirements, you'll need to TAKE ANOTHER!

It's sad that some people will lose their licenses due to the instructor skipping this essential part of the class. The range time, afterall, is where a student proves he or she is compentent with a handgun.

Get a friend to recommend a class, or do a little research! Make sure the class you're attending follows the law!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

NRA's stand on the "watch list" gun bill

From (LaPierre's daily blog):


Over the past week or so, the NRA's take on a couple of proposals in Congress has received a lot of attention from the media. The only problem is, with the mainstream media's reporting, they've also put out some bad information. It's time to set the record straight, and over the next two days, I'm going to do just that.

Today I want to talk about this proposal by Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey that would allow the attorney general to deny anybody on a "watch list" the ability to purchase a firearm, get a Right-to-Carry license or get a federal firearms license.

The NRA opposes this bill, but the media has been gleefully painting it as "The NRA supports the right of suspected terrorists to buy guns." The NRA supports the Constitution, plain and simple.

Imagine the implications of denying someone their constitutional rights just because someone, somewhere, suspects them of potential wrongdoing. You're suspected of voter fraud, so we're denying you the right to vote. You're suspected of perjury, so we're denying you your First Amendment freedom of the press. You haven't been charged, you haven't been arrested, you haven't been indicted, you haven't been convicted. Someone just thinks you're suspicious. Is that enough to take away your rights?

That's not how the Constitution works. If someone is that much of a threat, they shouldn't be on the street to begin with. They should be facing charges in our criminal justice system.

Then there are the practical reasons to oppose this bill. No one knows who puts you on the "watch list," or why, or how you get off. The Lautenberg bill provides an appeals process, but to appeal, you'll have to rely on heavily redacted information that the government provides you. Through mistakes, bureaucratic red tape or political motivation, it's certain that innocent people are going to be caught up in a nightmare of having their rights denied them. And believe me, politics will come into play.

The NRA's not soft on terrorism. We're strong on the Constitution. Our principles require that we oppose any legislation that would deny Americans the right to keep and bear arms just because someone, somewhere, has put their name on a "watch list."

Gotta follow the law...

Looks like an instructor in Batavia hasn't been following the law for CHL classes. It's the NRA Basic Pistol class with Ohio law added in, for a grand total of 12 hours of training.

Make sure you get training from someone who's been doing this a while and knows the NRA's requirements!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not just a little old lady

From LaPierre's blog on


Some people may think Rosemarie O'Keeffe is an easy target. She's the 75-year-old owner of a liquor store in Lawton, Oklahoma, and she definitely fits the bill of a "little old lady."

But you can't judge a book by its cover, and a couple of bad guys in southwest Oklahoma learned that the hard way.

Rosemarie says she saw the two men approaching the door to her store and immediately knew she was about to be robbed. Both men were wearing hooded sweatshirts, and had wrapped gauze around their faces to cover their features.

To quote Rosemarie: "I said, 'Oh my God, he's going to rob me. What do I do?' I get up. I grab my gun, and I point it at the door. He came in, and I said, 'Get out or I'll shoot.'"

That's all it took for these two punks to turn and run. Rosemarie is safe, and her store is still open for business.

Rosemarie was taught to shoot by her two sons, and their decision to instruct their mom on firearms and firearm safety may have saved her life. Since we're celebrating Mother's Day this weekend, why not take stock and figure out what you can do to make sure the mother in your life can protect herself from the bad guys, too?

Cause they won't hear about Rosemarie from anyone but us.
Audio stream (MP3 file):

Buckeye Firearms News

Note to Blade's Dan Simpson: There are some more Amendments after the First
The Toledo Blade has published a number of pro-gun letters in response to editorial board member Dan Simpson's recent tirade against the United States Constitution.

Plain Dealer: Gun advocates say assaults are thwarted, but not reported
In the fallout from an erroneous Cleveland Plain Dealer story claiming that the death of an armed robber at the hand of the concealed handgun license holder he attacked was "what appears to be the first time", Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Michael O'Malley spent time late last week discussing the facts with Buckeye Firearms Association's Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Cleveland NAACP President: Don't blame CHL-holder for protecting himself
Cleveland's News Channel 5 is reporting that the Cleveland NAACP responded to criticism surrounding the shooting death of a teenage boy during a robbery, and for once this organization is placing the blame where it belongs - on the criminal.

Chad D. Baus: Cleveland Mayor thinks armed robber is a 'victim'
It took a week for Mayor Jackson to make a public statement about the incident, and it appears he agrees with the vandals who have trashed Damon Wells' home and force him to move. You see, Frank Jackson believes the armed robber is a "victim".

Chad D. Baus: It's time for another Plain Dealer Pulitzer - Self-defense commentary continues
While the initial Plain Dealer news coverage of an Ohio CHL-holder protecting himself with a gun was everything we've come to expect from the anti-gun newspaper's coverage on gun issues -- error-filled and biased -- columnist Regina Brett quickly came to the news reporters' rescue.

Bob Harsanje: I Thought This Would Never Happen to Me
Recent, very credible studies conducted by law enforcement agencies and organizations report that an alarming, increasing number of robbery incidents tragically end with the victim either being shot or brutally attacked in some form despite their cooperation.

Jim Irvine: A Criminal Mind
Many people find the brutality of criminals “surprising” or “shocking.” Their behavior makes complete sense to those who understand the criminal mind. Criminals do not seek the fair fight, but rather an easy meal. Such is the workings of the criminal mind.

Chuck Canterbury: National FOP President - Don't buy Bloomberg claims about firearms trace data
Some of America's mayors, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and Thomas M. Menino of Boston, would like you to believe that their Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition is about fighting illegal firearms in their cities and across the country. It's not.

Michael J. Sullivan: ATF says law enforcement can already share gun trace information
During the past several weeks, numerous questions and articles have arisen in the media, regarding the ability of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to share firearms trace data among members of the law-enforcement community. With the recent tragic events surrounding the senseless criminal use of firearms; I felt the need to clarify this important issue.

Jay Ambrose: 4 myths of gun control shredded
If Seung-Hui Cho hadn't gotten his hands on two semiautomatic pistols, he wouldn't have been able to slay 32 students and others, say some gun-control advocates who really ought to learn about Andrew Kehoe, who didn't stop at 32. In the deadliest violence inside a school ever in America, Kehoe killed 45 people, mostly children, and guns had nothing to do with it.

John Longenecker: Gun Control, Virginia Tech, and Answering Brady Campaign's Helmke
In a May 1st announcement, The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence pronounced a gun violence epidemic in this country (again), and vows to hold officials accountable for not enacting more severe restrictions on a civil right.

John Longenecker: Answering The Brady Center - Again: Academic Freedom and Guns DO Mix
The Center's May 3rd 'Report' said that academic freedom and guns don't mix, and described the NRA's efforts to decriminalize carrying weapons on campus and in workplace as forcing people. Ladies and gentlemen of America: look who's talking.

Buckeye Firearms Association

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Clevland man saves own life with CHL

The truth is, no one wants to have to use a gun (or anything else) in self-defense. It's a good thing this guy had the forethought to get his CHL, or the situation might have gone much worse.

VIGILANCE stops a terror attack

Looks like a Circuit City employee who was on the ball helped stop a serious terrorist attack. Like the New Years attack that was avoided a few years back by a border check agent, vigilance is important to stopping terrorism.

The same is true with everyday crime. Keep your eyes open and be ready to act when bad guys do bad things.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SC moving to allow carry on campus?

Good deals at CDNN

This is the outfit we talk about sometimes in class. CDNN is a gun catalog company that sells new/used guns for good prices. This is from their specials email yesterday:

Astra A-75 · 9mm · Blue Finish · 1-Mag · Very Good-Excellent

Astra A-80 · 9mm · Refinished · Very Good · 1-10rd Mag

Benelli SBE · 12/26/3.5" · Left Hand · Timber Camo · 5 Chokes

Benelli M1 Super 90 · 12/24/3" · Timber Camo · 2 Chokes · Steady Grip Pistol Grip

Beretta 96F · 40s&w · 1-11rd Mag · Good-Very Good Condition

Glock 19 · 9mm · 1-15rd Mag · Case · Marked VA Beach PD · Fixed Sights · Excellent Condition · 2nd Generation

Glock 22 · 40s&w · Night Sights · 1-15rd Mag · Case · Good-Very Good Condition · 2nd Generation

HK Classic Elite · 12/28/Fixed Choke, Full/Modified · SideXSide English Stock · 2-Trigger · Auto Ejector · Excellent-Like New · Fabarms

HK USP · 40s&w · Compact · Variant 3 · Decocker · 1-12rd Mag · Excellent-Like New

HK USP · 40s&w · Variant 3 · Decocker · 1-13rd Mag · Case · Very Good-Excellent

HK USP · 40s&w · Variant 3 · Decocker · 1-13rd Mag · Night Sights · Very Good-Excellent

KBI Superior · 12/26/3" · 5 Chokes · Extractors · Silver Receiver Sabatti Side x Side · Tiny Scratch

KBI Empire · 12/30&32Mono/3" · 5 Chokes · Combo · Bad Case · Charles Daly

Kahn Combo · 12 & 20/26 · M&M · Improved Modified, Full Silver Engraved · Over/Under · Case

Kahn Deluxe · 12/28/3 · 4 Chokes · DEMO

Legacy Sports PS Escort · 12/28/3 · Auto · Black Synthetic · 3 Chokes · SAMPLE

Legacy Sports Field Hunter · 12/28/3" · Black Synthetic · 3 Chokes Pump

Legacy Sports Superlight · 12/28/2.75" · 1 Non Selective Trigger Modified/Full · Ding On Stock

Verona Auto · 12/26/3" · Synthetic Stock · 1 Choke · DEMO

Smith & Wesson 3914 · 9mm · Blue · 1-8rd Mag · Good-Very Good

Remington SPR310 · 16/28/2.75" · Spartan · Over/Under · Blue

Remington SPR310 · 28/26/2.75" · Spartan · Over/Under · Blue

Ruger GP100 · .357Magnum · 4" Barrel · Stainless · Very Good-Excellent

Sig P6-225 · 9mm · Blue · Very Good-Excellent · 1-8rd Mag · Case

Sig P6-225 · 9mm · Blue · Excellent-Like New · 1-8rd Mag

Smith & Wesson 4013 · 40s&w Compact · Stainless · 1-8rd Mag · Case

Smith & Wesson 4006 · 40s&w · Adjustable Sights · Stainless · 1-11rd Mag · Case · Very Good-Excellent

Smith & Wesson 4013 · 40s&w Compact · Night Sights · Stainless · 1-8rd Mag · Case · Very Good-Excellent

Smith & Wesson 4053TSW · 40s&w · Double Action Only · Stainless · 1-9rd Mag · Case · NO RAIL · Good-Very Good

Smith & Wesson 411 · 9mm · Blue · 1-15rd Mag · Good-Very Good

Smith & Wesson 5946 · 9mm · DAO · 1-15rd Mag · Custom Matte Finish · Case · Excellent-Like New

Smith & Wesson 686 · 357Mag · 4" Barrel · Stainless · 6-Shot · Case · Frame Lock · Excellent-Like New

Smith & Wesson 686 · 357Mag · 4" Barrel · Stainless · Case · Engraved # On Frame · Case · Very Good

Smith & Wesson 909 · 9mm · Blue · 3-Dot Sights · 1-9rd Mag · Excellent-Like New

Star 28PK · 9mm · 1-15rd Mag · Blue · Very Good-Excellent

Star M28PK · 9mm · Ambi-Safety · 1-15rd Mag · Good-Very Good

Star 30PK · 9mm · 1-15rd Mag · Average-Good

Star 30M · 9mm · 1-15rd Mag · Good Condition

Star 30MI · 9mm · 1-15rd Mag · Blue · Very Good-Excellent

Star 30PK · 9mm · 1-15rd · Good-Very Good Condition

Star M28PK · 9mm · Ambi-Safety · 1-15rd Mag · Very Good-Excellent

Bernardelli 801L Sport · 12/30/2.75" · Display, Has Dings

Browning Silver Hunt · 12/28/3" · Camo Shadow Grass · 3 Chokes

Benelli M1S90 · 12/18.5 · Fixed Choke Improved/Cylinder · Synthetic Stock · +1 Shot Tube

Beretta 8040 · 40s&w · DOA · Night Sights · 1-11rd Mag · Excellent-Like New

Beretta 8040 · 40s&w · DOA · Night Sights · 1-11rd Mag · Good-Very Good

Beretta 8040 · 40s&w · DOA · Night Sights · 1-11rd Mag · Very Good-Excellent

Go to to download their full catalog.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Can I carry while hunting?

Good question. Last year, no. This year, yes. Here's the blurb from the Ohio Dept of Wildlife:

Concealed-carry permit holders may carry a concealed handgun while hunting deer, wild turkey, and all other game after September 1. However, wild animals cannot be hunted with a concealed-carry licensed handgun.

Great news for hunters!