Saturday, June 30, 2007

Civilans tackle terrorists to the ground in London

Anyone who tells you you're nuts for thinking you might be able to foil a terrorist attack with vigilance and preparedness (like a legally-carried firearm), remind them that terrorists attacks ARE stopped by civilians.

While these guys managed to ram their bomb-rigged car into London's airport, further damage was stopped (and no innocents died) because civilians and security personnel tackled the bad guys and held them.

Keep your eyes open, and your range skills sharp. As with many forms of crime, it's civilians who can do the most to stop the bad guys.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Vigilance stops another terror attack

This time in London. Keep your eyes open, folks...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News


Sandusky Register Editor Matt Westerhold Declares War on Gun Owner Privacy

In spite of many state legislators, county sheriffs and even Governor Strickland himself attempting to talk sense into him, Sandusky Register Editor Matt Westerhold has launched an all-out assault on the privacy and security of over 2,600 concealed handgun license holders in several northern Ohio counties.


Tiahrt Responds to Bloomberg Campaign of Lies and Distortion

U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt (R-Goddard) blasted the organization behind a comprehensive campaign aimed at repealing current law that prohibits public release of critical data related to ongoing criminal investigations.

The Truth About H.R. 2640 The ''NICS Improvement Act''
While the media continues to characterize this bill as a "gun-control" measure, nothing could be further from the truth. The national media either have not bothered to read and accurately assess the text of the bill, or are deliberately manipulating and "spinning" the facts in order to stir up controversy and forward their agendas.

Plain Dealer: Seniors feel safer when they carry gun
The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that about 12 percent of all concealed handgun licenses issued since 2005 by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office have been to people 60 and older.

Sen. Steve Buehrer: Working to help Ohioans protect themselves and their families
For most Americans, it's perfectly logical to do whatever it takes to protect yourself, your home and, most importantly, your family. Unfortunately, in Ohio, this right to defend oneself and one’s family is not so clear.

Rep. Lynn Wachtmann: HB264 Seeks To Protect Victims In Self Defense Situations
Ohio’s current self-defense law places the civil and criminal burden on the victim to prove in court that they were truly acting to defend themselves from serious physical harm or death. That is why I introduced House Bill 264 this past week, legislation that will give Ohioans the ability to better protect themselves, their families, and their homes from the threat of violence.

Mark Reising: Field Report: Fundraiser Picnic for Rep. Danny Bubp
Nothing beats face time to get to know a person, and politicians are no exception. It also gives them a chance to get to know you and understand why certain issues are important to you. To truly represent you, they must first get to know you. This was a good event and I encourage others to attend events for their local politicians.

Chad D. Baus: Bloomberg quits GOP; Threatens to join bloated field of anti-gun prez candidates
As if there aren't enough anti-gun candidates sparring in one of the earliest presidential campaign seasons ever, it looks like there is about to be one more. Joining the list of pro-gun control candidates will likely soon be anti-gun billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sandy Froman: The history of gun control, part 1
Philosopher George Santayana said that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. It's true. One of the reasons to study history is to avoid repeating past mistakes. When it comes to freedom, we cannot afford to forget the lessons of the past.

John Longenecker: Stand Your Ground Movement, Part IV: Legislation
Stand Your Ground applies not only to meeting aggression with lawful force and the security of not being sued by the victim or by the victim’s survivors, but also to the obnoxious, ill-informed and hostile officials who want to continue their political gain by the continuation of violent, unresisted crime. Without crime, these people would be out of work.

Tim Inwood: Anti-Gun Congressman’s Guns Confiscated In Wake Of Indictment
on June 12 that Congressman William Jefferson, Democrat of Louisiana, had his gun collection confiscated by the authorities in the wake of being indicted on June 8th. Yet despite my admission that I think he is guilty, the confiscation of his guns without a conviction is something that concerns me greatly.

Rachel Chumita: Move Over Soccer Moms!
Move over soccer moms, here come the Second Amendment Moms of America. Ohio mom, Jenny Wright, founded this group. Jenny is the mother of two young children, and she is an avid supporter of Second Amendment rights. She takes the time to educate anyone who is willing to listen about the importance of firearms rights and ownership.
Buckeye Firearms Association

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good gun at Bass Pro - $349

Bass Pro Shops is running a special on the S&W Sigma kit, in either 9mm or .40, for $349. Plus, they have a mail-in rebate that gets you two additional magazines free.

We've shot the Sigma before, and it's one of S&W's better auto-loaders. The new M&P is AWESOME, and the Sigma isn't bad.

SO you end up with the Sigma, four mags, a tactical light, and a case for $349. GREAT deal on a solid gun. Check it out before they're gone.

Big crowds can lead to violence

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Man fired for helping another

Buckeye Firearms News


Buckeye Firearms Association Endorses HB264/SB184; Castle Doctrine Legislation

Buckeye Firearms Association is proud to endorse Castle Doctrine legislation unveiled by Senator Steve Buehrer (R-Delta) and Representative Lynn Wachtmann (R- Napoleon.) This legislation is about protecting crime victims and restoring the presumption of innocence to those forced to act in self-defense.

Anti-gun Senator Does Bloomberg's Bidding - Yanks Tiahrt Amendment
Anti-gun Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), announced she will not include the Tiahrt Amendment in the CJS appropriations bill. In doing so, Mikulski will defy the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and the Fraternal Order of Police-supporters of the Amendment -- and instead chose to do the bidding of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R).

Thousands celebrate 100 years at Camp Perry
The Port Clinton News Herald is reporting that up to 6,000 shooters are expected to take part in a historic milestone this July -- the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Camp Perry as the site for the National Matches.

ESPN Networks to Air College Shotgun Competition
ESPNU and ESPN2 will televise the 39th Annual ACUI Intercollegiate Clay Target Championships, exposing the networks' millions of viewers to the action and excitement of the shooting sports.

Former anti-gun Representative completes firearms instruction course
It isn't often that a politician admits he was wrong. It is even less often that a politician acts on his new convictions so immediately and publicly as has Rep. Michael DeBose (D - Cleveland) in the weeks since he was made a victim by armed criminals in an attempted mugging last month.

Roger D. McGrath: Making Our Schools Safe
At about the same time Cho Seung-Hui was shooting to death 32 unarmed students on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, a different scenario was unfolding near Waynesburg, Kentucky.

John Longenecker: Stand Your Ground Movement, Part III
It’s Not About Crime Anymore. It’s about anti-crime policies that don’t work, but for officials and specific industries. Anti-crime policies drain sovereignty out of the home like gasoline companies drain money out of your budget.

Chris Chumita: Another “No Guns” Sign Comes Down
One of the biggest complaints that Ohio concealed handgun license (CHL) holders have about Ohio’s CCW law, is the amount of businesses that are WILLINGLY forbidding concealed carry in their establishment by posting the infamous “No Guns” sign. But often the signs are posted due to misinformation.

Tim Inwood: Serving Up A Big Old Spoonful Of Humility To Anti-Gun Mayors
In our state there are different types of public servants. Some are dedicated to working for the public good and are honest brokers in their offices. Some are political animals that will do what it takes to stay in office. Then there those who are ideological hacks, pushing their own personal agenda no matter what the law says.

Buckeye Firearms Association

Monday, June 18, 2007

At least Ohio ain't like Michigan

This is very odd - Michigan is a "shall issue" state, which means you're issued a permit if you have completed the required training, pass a background check, and meet all the other requirements.

The process described in this article is much more like the stories we've heard from "may issue" states, which usually has a board that decides whether or not to allow you to carry.

Anyway, something to note for anyone complaining that Ohio's system is too difficult. Many states put people through the ringer to get a permit. The process is relatively pain-free in Ohio, as long as you meet all the requirements.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NRA blogs on bill coming before Congress


There's been a lot of confusion and questions surrounding NRA's position on a NICS improvement bill that's being written in Congress. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the anti-gun media is portraying this as a "gun-control" bill. Let me make it clear: It's not.

The NICS bill, as written, wouldn't expand the definition of a prohibited person. It wouldn't disqualify anyone currently able to legally purchase a firearm. In fact, it would provide an opportunity for people who've been disqualified to clear their name. Right now, folks don't have that ability. Gun owners lose nothing in the bill as it's currently written, and in fact the bill improves the system for those who've been caught in the bureaucratic red tape.

So why is this being called a gun-control bill? In part because one of the bill's authors is anti-gun Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy. It's easy to call any piece of legislation from McCarthy anti-gun, even if it's not. But the biggest reason the media's calling this "gun-control" is because they're desperate to report on a gun-control victory in Congress.

Here's the simple truth: If this bill turns into a piece of gun-control legislation, the NRA will withdraw its support. We won't stand idly by while the bill is amended by the anti-gunners in the House or Senate. This is a bill that's designed to improve the reporting by states to the NICS system, as well as provide an opportunity for people to clear their names once they've completed treatment for an illness, and that's it. The addition of any anti-gun provisions will turn this piece of legislation into a poison pill, and the NRA will actively oppose its passage.

As the bill is introduced, the NRA will be keeping a close watch over the language, and I'll be the first to tell you if its original intent is corrupted. But it's not gun control, no matter what the media say.
Audio stream (MP3 file):

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TJ Maxx Springfield manager tied up, robbed at gun point

Where do I go for tactical classes?

We get this question a lot. And because we're a small group of instructors, focusing mostly on getting people trained for concealed carry, we don't have time to offer tactical-type courses very often.

A good place in Ohio to check out is the Tactical Defense Institute. Check out their website for the classes they offer and schedules. They aren't cheap, but they're very cool!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News

Another innocent life saved with gun after attempted mugging
The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that a man with a concealed handgun license shot at an armed robber who was among a group of four teenagers who tried to mug him.

NBC's Tim Russert shows ignorance on guns during Bill Richardson interview
During a weekend Meet the Press interview with pro-concealed carry Democrat presidential candidate Bill Richardson, NBC anchor Tim Russert exhibited exactly why Buckeye Firearms Association's Larry Moore wrote "The media and guns -- things they should know."

USCCA: Exclusive live audio interview with OH Rep. Michael DeBose
The U. S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has posted an exclusive audio interview with Rep. Michael DeBose, who went public with a decision to change his viewpoint on concealed carry after suffering a violent attempted mugging.

Jim Irvine: Representative Adams introduces HB225: Alaska-style CCW
Representative John Adams (R-78) of Sydney, Ohio has introduced HB225, which would repeal many of the onerous provisions of our current concealed carry law and allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed without a license.

Rep. Danny Bubp: Second Amendment Legislation is necessary
It is interesting how events in our lives affect us. When I first arrived in Columbus, it was made clear to me that most legislators have strong opinions concerning Second Amendment rights. There are legislators that are pro-gun and there are those that are not. A recent confrontation has changed one legislator's anti-gun stance.

Chad D. Baus: So you think banning guns will end mass homicide?
In the wake of the nation's worst mass shooting on the 'no-guns' campus of Virginia Tech, gun ban extremists like Ohio's Toby Hoover couldn't even wait until the bodies were counted before attempting to exploit the dead by calling for tighter gun control measures.

Chris Chumita & Chad D. Baus: Jesse Jackson Is ''Gunning For Guns''
Having experienced humiliation by supporting the false accuser of the Duke lacrosse players, the Reverend Jesse Jackson's latest race-baiting initiative involves taking up the mantle of gun control. The fruit of his labor was an article called "Gunning for Guns," published, among other places, in the Xenia (OH) Gazette.

John Longenecker: Stand Your Ground Movement Stands Against The Looting Of America: Part 1
Oklahoma state legislator Mike Shelton got my attention this morning. Oklahoma is the latest state to have passed a bill making it illegal for officials to confiscate weapons from citizens in time of emergency, part of the larger Stand Your Ground movement sweeping America.

John Longenecker: Guns--Turn 'em In, Officials
Senator Dianne Feinstein said, "Turn 'em in, America," a very unpatriotic command nobody has to obey because it was against the law. She might as well have urged Americans to purchase other Americans while it's against the law to own another person in this country. As civil rights, both are absolute, and for good reason.

Buckeye Firearms Association

Saturday, June 02, 2007

We'll be at the Boomer Shoot on Thursday

We'll be attending the annual Boomer Esiason Shoot for Cystic Fibrosis on June 7 (it runs June 6 and 7) at Elk Creek in Kentucky.

If you're registered to swing around the shotgun, be sure to say hello!