Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News


Public Defender's (UNEDITED) Letter to Register Editor Westerhold

Mr. Longo has sent Buckeye Firearms Association the complete text of his letter, which includes information edited out by the Sandusky Register, with the excuse that the letter was too long. Apparently the newspaper has enough space to publish the names of approximately 2,700 law-abiding citizens' private, confidential (and in some cases erroneous information, but not an extra 130 words from yet another upset reader.

Plain Dealer offers BALANCED coverage of Castle Doctrine law introduction
It took some time (one month, to be exact), but the Cleveland Plain Dealer has finally gotten around to publishing a story on SB184, Ohio's Castle Doctrine legislation introduced by Senator Steve Buehrer. It may be surprising for gun owners to learn that the newspaper's coverage is much more fair than the paper has developed a reputation for.

NRA bringing national museum to Ohio!
In cooperation with the Ohio National Guard, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the Camp Perry Lodge and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, the NRA's National Firearms Museum is honored to present one of the finest displays of competitive arms and shooting accessories ever assembled.

SAF asks Federal investigation of alleged straw purchase by anti-gunner
The Second Amendment Foundation is calling upon the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to open a criminal investigation into what may be a publicly-admitted straw purchase of a handgun in New Hampshire involving the head of a Massachusetts anti-gun organization and a columnist for the Boston Globe.

Chad D. Baus: Another Ohio editorial board member hopes to rescind the Second Amendment
In case anyone missed it (and I wouldn't be surprised, given the newspaper it was published in), another editorial board member in Ohio recently exercised his First Amendment rights to call for the revocation of your Second Amendment rights.

Jim Irvine: Cuyahoga County Republican Party's Anti-Gun Platform
The Cuyahoga County Republican Party is holding a meeting on Wednesday, July 25th to adopt the party platform. A platform is a basic template of ideas the party openly supports. The draft which has been sent to Central Committee members for approval contains shocking and disturbing goals for gun owners. They seek to “Oppose the efforts to curtail constitutional home rule in such areas as…gun control…”

Chad D. Baus: Poll: Gun owners have opportunity to shape impression of Bloomberg in Ohio
On July 12, the Hannah News Service reported on the latest Quinnipiac Poll, which found that 61% of Ohioans have no opinion of anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and that his unfavorables are higher than favorables among the rest.

John Longenecker: Guns On Campus: A Preponderance Of Public Policy and Interest
Question: is it more in the public interest to see students carrying weapons than to see them unarmed and vulnerable? Is it in the public interest to question citizen authority to act and to characterize liberty individuals as anti-social, and to disarm them? Is it in the public interest to be alone and defenseless, or alone and armed not only with the personal weapon, but also with their legal authority?

Sandy Froman: The history of gun control, part 3
Sadly, modern history is full of instances where the anti-gun left tries to capitalize on tragedy and fear to push their agenda. Sometimes the push is immediate, while at other times they lay in wait gathering strength until an opportune time, like the evil Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter novels.

Chad D. Baus: Book Review - Dr. John R. Lott's ''Freedomnomics''
Lott's latest book has the potential to impact our country in more powerful ways than More Guns, Less Crime ever did. Freedomnomics not only shows how free markets really work, but proves that when it comes to promoting prosperity and economic justice, nothing works better.

Same old BS from anti-gunners

Illinois is one of only two states that doesn't allow concealed carry, yet the same crap arguments are used by anti-gunners to prevent legal carry.

"It'll become the Old West," they say. Heck, even the Old West wasn't the Old West.

Apparently anti-gunners watch WAY too many movies, and don't care that people who can't protect themselves tend to end up dead...

Friday, July 20, 2007

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If they can't ban it, they'll tax it to death

Ok. This is a gun blog, not a cigar blog. But the theme I'm about to discuss applies to guns as well as cigars.

When lawmakers don't like something, and they can't make it illegal, they'll tax the heck out of it so only the rich can afford to buy it. An example is a proposed tax increase on cigarettes and cigars. It would raise the tax on a cigar from $0.05 to $10.00.

This has been attempted with guns. In fact, under the previous Democrat controlled congress, they tried to pass a per-bullet tax that would have pretty much made it impossible to buy a 50-rd box for the average consumer.

Anyway, keep your eye on this type of back-door legislation that aims to harm gun owners (or cigar smokers, like myself).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ohio Newspaper Under Fire for Outing CHL holders

Level II class on hold for now

I know there are about 30 people waiting to take our Level II Pistol class, but our master instructor is still recovering from back surgery. That means we won't be able to schedule a class anytime soon, unfortunately.

The class requires a lot of on-your-feet time and some maneuvering that's not conducive to his back situation.

We'll post a message as soon as we're ready for it, but it looks like it'll be at least Fall before it'll happen.

Thanks for your patience!

Buckeye Firearms News

Rush Limbaugh praises Buckeye Firearms Association response to Sandusky Register
On Friday, July 6, 2007, America's #1 talk radio host notified his national audience about the actions Buckeye Firearms Association has taken in response to the privacy-invading actions by the Sandusky Register.

Register 'doing it for the readers' - who keep saying they don't like it
The Sandusky Register has been extremely stingy on the number of letters to the editor published in response to its privacy-invading actions. But to date, each and every letter published has been supportive of gun owners. Does anyone believe The Register would be holding back letters supporting their position if they were receiving them?

CNSNews.com: Ohio Newspaper Under Fire for Outing Gun Owners
The Cybercast News Service has published an excellent story informing its national audience about the privacy-invading actions by The Sandusky Register, and about the response by gun rights groups in Ohio.

Former Trooper to Editor Westerhold: ''That's no public service''
To those people convinced they need to know the names of people with CCW permits and may carry a gun because they are a threat to your safety, you are wrong. The only threat to your safety is that instance where you need someone with the courage, skills and willingness to defend you or your loved ones and find that they cannot because they are unable to carry the one tool necessary.

Chad D. Baus: Sandusky Register on Privacy: What's good for me not good for thee
During the last week of June, Sandusky Register Editor Matt Westerhold launched an all-out assault on the privacy and security of approximately 2,700 concealed handgun license holders in several Northern Ohio counties by publishing their private information. In doing so, Editor Westerhold unilaterally made this information public record, despite the people of Ohio, through the General Assembly, deciding that this information is NOT public record.

Jim Irvine: Of Sponsors, Co-sponsors, and others
SB184 and HB264 have been assigned to good committees. SB184 is in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, which is chaired by our good friend Tim Grendell (R-18), and HB264 is in the House Criminal Justice Committee, chaired by our long time supporter Bob Latta (R-6).

Gerard Valentino: All Politicians are not the Same - an Interview with Governor Ted Strickland
Thankfully, our current governor, Ted Strickland, is a strong supporter of self-defense and sporting rights, including his strong belief that guns are one of the best tools law-abiding citizens can utilize for self-defense.Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Governor Strickland in his Statehouse office.

John Longenecker: The Stand Your Ground Movement, Part V: Liberals Have Not Assimilated
For a long time, many, many Americans have believed that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Lots of authors have noticed, and correctly, I believe, that there is a marked difference between the origins of conservative values and origins of liberal values, that difference being that conservatives are more mature and liberals are more adolescent.

Rick Jones: Independence Day
The 2nd Amendment has been the most debated and dissected Amendment in the Bill of Rights throughout the 20th century. It contains 27 words, 3 commas and a period, and has been interpreted many different ways, been through lower courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, and is still in place today to protect your rights and mine!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who will guard the guardians?)
In a recent editorial, the Sandusky Register argued that ALL government information should be public and appears to support the idea that government shouldn’t be able to keep some information private. This argument is a red herring, designed to mask an anti-gun political agenda that involves targeting citizens who have a legal concealed handgun license.

Ken Hanson: It's About Privacy (& the Sandusky Register Secretly Employing Sex Offenders)
Sandusky Register Editor Matt Westerhold, apparently with a straight face, published an editorial entitled "It's about the secrets, not about the gun owners." Apparently hoping we forgot his history at the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, where he attacked gun owners' privacy in similar fashion, Mr. Westerhold bemoans that he did not seek this fight, but at the same time he would be irresponsible to duck it.

Ken Hanson: What is the harm in publishing lists of concealed handgun license holders?
By publishing lists of persons who have obtained concealed handgun licenses, newspapers such as the Sandusky Register have taken private, non-public record information and made it public. Specifically, because of their actions, the general public may now know who owns and may or may not carry a gun. Additionally, the general public now knows who is not carrying a gun in their day to day activities.

Letter to Sandusky Register Editor Matt Westerhold
We know it was far from the only one mailed to Editor Matt Westerhold, but the Sandusky Register has finally published a single letter to the editor about their irresponsible release of private information on CHL-holders on their website:

Think the Register got too much private info? Records prove they wanted MORE
Ottawa County Sheriff Robert Bratton has posted the Sandusky Register's June 6 request for the list of concealed handgun license-holders on the official website of the Ottawa County Sheriff. The request letter reveals that the Sandusky Register didn't stop at asking for the private information allowed journalists in the media access loophole. Rather, the newspaper asked for the home address of each and every licensee!

Senate committee protects trace data security - Bloomberg loses a round
NRA-ILA welcomed the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee's action [Thursday] to reinstate language commonly known as the Tiahrt Amendment into the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill. This language would keep sensitive firearm trace information in the hands of law enforcement and out of the hands of politicians and special interest groups to use to further their anti-gun crusades.

Another gun on ''gun-free'' college campus
Late last week, the Associated Press reported that police had found a loaded gun in the car of a man accused of threatening a woman on the Shawnee State University campus in Portsmouth, Ohio. What the AP did NOT note is that this was yet another example of how impotent gun ban laws are at stopping violent criminals.

Chris Chumita: MOVIE REVIEW -- The Gang
In 2003, the Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), released an amazing documentary called Innocents Betrayed. Now in 2007, the JPFO has produced another Oscar worthy and hard hitting documentary.

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