Thursday, September 27, 2007

Really cool gun safe

Many people ask us a good way to keep a handgun locked up, but at hand for quick access. Maybe you're looking for a home protection gun to put by the bed, or a way to keep a gun locked up in a vehicle so kids can't get into it.

There's a really cool safe out there called a BioVault. They aren't cheap ($349), but they're very cool. They lock up your gun and you gain access by swiping your finger over a reader to open it up instantly. It remembers your finger print - and up to 50 others you can program in. That means no codes to remember, no keys to fumble for in the middle of the night, and no kids getting in who guess your code or find the key.

You can see them at And if you enter in a coupon code you can get shipping for free (normally $30). Shoot us an email if you want the code.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big brother is NOT a replacement for self-defense

One common argument anti-gun folks make is that if we could only see the crime as it happens, most of it could be prevented. This stance does push many folks into thinking that it's OK to give up your rights to personal self-defense, like concealed carry, as long as someone is watching out for you.

While cameras have been shown to help catch criminals, they don't necessarily keep you from becoming a victim. A good example is in the UK, where gun rights are non-existant and criminals usually have more rights than those they take advantage of. There are literally tens of thousands of CCTV cameras in the UK, all aimed at making the population safer, yet 80% of crimes are unsolved.

It all comes down to one simple, undeniable fact - you are responsible for your own defense. Which means that cameras are not a replacement for concealed carry and other laws aimed at helping a victim while they're being raped, attacked, robbed, or God knows what.

Don't let the argument sway you. Just because NY, Chicago, and other cities have a lot of surveillance, doesn't mean you're any safer.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Specials at CDNN

Check out the S&W M&P, The Sigs, and the S&W 38 specials. All good deals!


Benelli M1S90
  • 12/24/3 · SteadyGrip · Advantage Timber Camo 2 Chokes · Turkey Model #BEN11145 $649.99
Beretta 21A
  • 22lr · TuTone · Tip-Up Barrel · 1-7rd Mag #BERJS21001 $239.99
Beretta M9-92FS
  • 9mm · 20th Anniversary · Americas Defender Wood Case · 2-15rd Mags #BERSPEC0440A $599.99
Browning 525 Field
  • Over/Under · 12/26/3" · 3-Invector Plus Chokes Silver Receiver #BRO13085305 $1489.99
Browning Citori Over/Under
  • 150th J.Browning Anniversary · 12/26/3" Grade 6 Walnut Stock · Gold Inlay on Receiver #BRO13092305 $1599.99
Browning Cynergy Field
  • 28/28/2.75" · Walnut Stock · 3-Invector Plus Chokes · Silver Nitride Finished Receiver #BRO013230813 $1399.99
Claridge S9
  • 9mm · 5" Threaded Barrel · Finned Barrel Extension 1-20rd Mag #CLAS9R $499.99
Colt AR-15 A2
  • 9mm · 16" Barrel · Collapsible Stock · 2-32rd LE Mags #COLAR6450 $1299.99
CZ 40P
  • 40s&w Compact · Decocker · Poly-Coat Finish · Glow Sights Rail · 2-12rd Mags #CZ01800 $349.99
Legacy Sports Escort Combo
  • 12/24 and 28/3" · Turkey Model · Mossy Oak Camo · Auto #HAT00018 $269.99
Legacy Sports Escort
  • 12/24/3" · 3-Chokes · HiViz Sights · Pump Shotgun Mossy Oak Obsession Camo #HAT00030 $189.99
  • 9mm · Matte Blue Finish · Rare Marked "HK SIDEARMS" 2-8rd Mags · Lanyard Ring · Limited Run #HK045002 $1499.99
Charles Daly 1873 Sonora
  • 357 Magnum · 7.5" Barrel · Matte Finish Brass & Steel · Wood Grips #KBILGR5055 $249.99
Legacy Sports Khan Field
  • 28/26 · 3-Chokes · Single Selctive Trigger Extractors · Over/Under #KHN00028 $299.99
Mossberg 500
  • 12/24/3" · Ported · Walnut · Adjustable Sights Smooth Bore #MOS50045 $179.99
PTR91 308
  • 18" Barrel · Slim Forend · 1-20rd Mag · Full Stock Synthetic #PTR91F $899.99
Ruger Vaquero
  • NEW STYLE · 45 lc · 7.5" Barrel · Blue Case Colored · Single Action #RUG05112....$349.99
Ruger KP95DC
  • 9mm · Stainless · Decocker · Rail · 2-15rd Mags Case #RUG13010 $299.99
Ruger P95DC
  • 9mm · Decocker · Rail · 2-15rd Mags · Case Blue · Polymer Frame #RUG13011 $279.99
SIG 220
  • 45acp · Night Sights · Rail · Nickel Controls · 2-8rd Mags #SIG220RCAM06 $689.99
Smith & Wesson 460XVR
  • 460s&w · 2.75" Barrel · HiViz Sights Lanyard Ring #SMI150125 $699.99
Smith & Wesson 460 XVR
  • 460s&w · 2.75" Barrel · Lanyard Ring RR/WO #SMI150125FC $699.99
Smith & Wesson 500
  • 500SW · 2.75" Barrel · HiViz Sights Lanyard Ring #SMI150126 $699.99
Smith & Wesson 500
  • 500SW · 2.75" Barrel · RR/WO NO Lanyard Ring #SMI150153 $699.99
Smith & Wesson 500
  • 500SW · 8-3/8" Barrel · Stainless #SMI163500 $789.99
Smith & Wesson M&P
  • 40s&w · Fixed Sights · 2-15rd Mags · 3-Grips #SMI209200 $419.99
Smith & Wesson SW40VE SIGMA
  • 40s&w · Stainless · Rail 2-14rd Mags #SMI220023 $279.99
Smith & Wesson SW9VE SIGMA
  • 9mm · Stainless · Rail 2-16rd Mags #SMI220025 $279.99
Smith & Wesson SW99
  • 40s&w · Night Sights · DA/SA · Decocker 2-12rd Mags · Case #SMI320202 $389.99
Smith & Wesson SW40VE
  • 40s&w · TuTone · Night Sights Rail · Case · Test Fired #SMI40VE $249.99
Smith & Wesson SW99 Compact
  • 40s&w · Decocker · 1-8rd Mag · Test Fired #SMI99C $369.99
Smith & Wesson SW99 Compact
  • 40s&w · Night Sights · Decocker 1-8rd Mag · Test Fired #SMI99CN $389.99
Smith & Wesson SW99
  • 40s&w · Night Sights · Decocker · 1-12rd Mags Test Fired #SMIP99N $369.99
Springfield 1911-A1
  • 45acp · 5" Barrel · Stainless · Adjustable Sights · Accessory Pack · 2-7rd Mags #SPRPI9132LP $789.99
Taurus M17IB
  • 17HMR · 1.75" Barrel · DAO · 8 Shot · Blue #TAU2170111MB $199.99
Taurus Hunter
  • 17HMR · 12" Barrel · Stainless · Adjustable Sights · 7 Shot #TAU2170129 $299.99
Winchester SX2
  • 12/24/3.5" · Mossy Oak · National Wild Turkey Federation · Dura Touch Mossy Oak Finish #WIN511048257 $649.99
Wolfe SV40
  • 40s&w · 1-10rd Mag · 4.25" Barrel · Tutone Single Action · Target Sights · BLEM #WOL504044 $369.99
Wolfe LV
  • 9mm · Blue · 4.75" Barrel · Integral Compensator 1-10rd Mag · PROTOTYPE DO NOT FIRE!!!! #WOLLVPB $399.99
Wolfe LV
  • 9mm · Nickel · 1-10rd Mag · 4.5" Barrel · Integral Compensator · Rubber Grips · PROTOTYPE DO NOT FIRE!!!! #WOLLVPN $399.99
Wolfe SV
  • 9mm · Competition · 1-10rd Mag · Rubber Grips · 4.25" Barrel Blue · NO COMP. · PROTOTYPE DO NOT FIRE!!!! #WOLSVPB $399.99


Beretta 92D Centurian
  • 9mm · DAO · 1-15rd Mag · Very Good Condition #BER92DC $279.99
Charles Daly Superior
  • Sabatti MFG · Side x Side · 12/26/3 · 5 Chokes Extractors · Silver Finish · TINY SCRATCH #KBICDGE2333 $499.99
Glock 17
  • 9mm · Fixed Sights · 1-17rd Mag · Case · Excellent Condition #GLO17RS $349.99
Glock 22
  • 40s&w · Early Frame · 1-15rd Mag · Case · Excellent Condition #GLO22B $349.99
Glock 22
  • 40s&w · Early Frame · 1-15rd Mag · Very Good Condition #GLO22UFV $339.99
Glock 37
  • 45GAP · Factory Rebuilds · Night Sights · 1-10rd Mag Finger Groove & Rail · Excellent Condition #GLO37NSR $369.99
Glock 39
  • 45GAP · Factory Rebuilds · Fixed Sights · Finger Groove 1-6rd Mag · Excellent Condition #GLO39 $339.99
Glock 39
  • 45GAP · Factory Rebuilds · Night Sights · Finger Groove 1-6rd Mag · Excellent Condition #GLO39N $369.99
Marlin 200
  • 12/28/3" · Broken Firing Pin · Good Condition #MARM200 $29.99
Pardner SBI
  • 12/28/3" · Improved Modified Choke · Single Shot Break Open · New England Firearms NEFPU $49.99
Remington 870 Police
  • 12/28/3" · Factory Folding Stock · 5rd Mag Cylinder Bore · Parkerized · Like New #REM25015 $299.99
Remington Police
  • 12/20/93" · Cylinder Bore · Speed Feed Stock Parkerized · Excellent Condition #REM5042 $319.99
Ruger P89T
  • 9mm · TuTone · Black Slide · 1-10rd Mag · Very Good Condition #RUG3048 $239.99
SIG 229
  • 40s&w · Night Sights · Black Stainless · 1-12rd Mag Case · Good Condition #SIG22940BKVG $399.99
SIG 225
  • 9mm · Wood Grips · 1-8rd Mag · Case · Excellent Condition #SIGUD2259BR $439.99
SIG 226
  • 9mm · Blue · 1-15rd LE Mag · Case · Very Good Condition #SIGUD2269BE $399.99
Smith & Wesson 10
  • 38 Special · Nickel · 5" Barrel · Marked WCS w/Serial # · Case · RARE · Excellent Condition #SMI10N $349.99
Smith & Wesson 10
  • 38 Special · 4" Barrel · Square Butt · Case Very Good Condition #SMI10PR $249.99
Smith & Wesson 10
  • 38 Special · 4" Pinned Barrel · Square Butt Case · Good Condition #SMI178 $249.99
Smith & Wesson 5906
  • 9mm · Stainless · 1-15rd Mag Case · Very Good Condition #SMI5906VEN $339.99
Smith & Wesson 5943
  • 9mm · DAO · 1-15rd Mag · Case Very Good Condition #SMI5943EX $249.99
Smith & Wesson 5944
  • 9mm · Night Sights · DAO · Blue · 1-15rd Mag · Case · Good Condition #SMI5944E $239.99
Smith & Wesson 59
  • 9mm · Blue · 1-14rd Mag · Good Condition #SMI59A $249.99
Smith & Wesson 4006
  • 40s&w · Stainless · Fixed Sights · 1-11rd Mag Case · Excellent Condition #SMI888 $299.99
Smith & Wesson 910
  • 9mm · Marked w/# · 1-15rd Mag · Case Good Condition #SMI910VG $239.99
Smith & Wesson 6906
  • 9mm · Stainless · 1-12rd Mag · Case Good Condition #SMID11 $289.99
Smith & Wesson SW99
  • 40s&w · Night Sights · Decocker · 1-12rd Mag Case · Walther Frame · Excellent Condition #SMIP99 $339.99
Smith & Wesson SW99
  • 9mm · Decocker · 1-16rd Mag · Case Walther Frame · Excellent Condition #SMIP99F $339.99
Smith & Wesson SW99
  • 9mm · Night Sights · Decocker · 1-16rd Mag Case · Walther Frame · Excellent Condition #SMIP99LN $349.99
Smith & Wesson SW9V SIGMA
  • 9mm · Tutone · Stainless · 1-10rd Mag Case · Very Good Condition #SMISW9VU $229.99
Smith & Wesson 64
  • 38 Special · 4" Pinned Barrel · Matte Stainless Case · Excellent Condition #SW644HBGVG $269.99
Winchester 70 Carbine
  • 223 · 20" Barrel · Weaver Base & Rings Control Round Push Feed · Very Good Condition #WIN70C $339.99
Palmeto BH15A1
  • 223 · Lower Receiver w/A2 Stock · Excellent Condition #PALBH15 $129.99
Verona LX501R
  • 2 Barrel Combo · 410/28" and 28/28" · Stock Ding Auto Ejectors · Gloss Finish · Over/Under #VERLX50128410 $899.99

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Buckeye Firearms News

Another newspaper op-ed recognizes the folly of Mayor Jackson's gun control
As an anti-gun politician, you know it's a bad, bad, really bad day when not just one, but two newspapers publish editorials against your latest legislative proposal on gun control. And that is just what has happened concerning Mayor Frank Jackson's proposal to ban firearms ownership for persons under 21 years of age.

Several previous Buckeye Firearms Association endorsees consider run for Congress
The Toledo Blade is reporting that a special election will be held on December 11 in Ohio's 5th Congressional district so that northeast Ohio voters may chose a replacement for the recently-deceased Rep. Paul Gillmore. Perhaps more interesting will be the primary, scheduled to coincide with the statewide general election on November 6.

Tim Inwood: Challenges lie before us
For many years, the enemies of gun ownership have hatched various plots to take our firearms. Outright bans have been met with resistance, and so these folks have had to resort to less overt, but just as nefarious, plots to reach their goals. I have noted that there are several things coming together at this time that are a huge threat to we, the gun owners in the United States.

Dispatch/Blade editorials reveal media misunderstanding about CHL records
With each newspaper editorial expressing journalists' misgivings with the pending changes to the media access to concealed handgun license (CHL) records loophole, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Cleveland Plain Dealer isn't the only newspaper to fail to read legislation before editorializing on it.

Chad D. Baus: Columbus Dispatch editorial: Amend law on conceal-carry records
When Ohio House Bill 9 was signed into law, the media gave it surprisingly little attention. But now that a provision modifying how Ohio's sheriffs are to handle the confidential records of concealed handgun licenseholders is about to take effect, the editorial boards are beginning to give it much more attention.

Gerard Valentino: The Cost
Imagine that someone broke into your house and forced you to defend your family by using the gun kept stored in your nightstand. The instant you pulled that trigger your life has changed in ways you cannot fathom.

Chad D. Baus: Plain Dealer Editorial: New gun laws wouldn't solve Cleveland's crime problem
After years of documenting these types of unethical journalistic activities (the Plain Dealer was first to publish the confidential information of concealed handgun license-holders), I had little hope in ever witnessing a change. But change is exactly what we have been witnessing over the past few months.

Another murder, in another “gun free” zone
Recently, a former employee killed a current employee while she was working. The victim could not legally defend her life because she lived and worked in Wisconsin, one of only two states that have no concealed carry program.

The cost of ammunition is rising
The Fresno (CA) Bee is reporting that the cost of ammunition is rising, with retailers saying prices have climbed between about 10% and 20% this year -- and some even higher.

New ATF report again shows Bloomberg lies about trace data
The recent release of aggregate gun trace data in the New York City region by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) once again puts the lie to long-standing claims by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that this data is not available to law enforcement, the Second Amendment Foundation said.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Great pistol deals at Bass Pro this week

If you didn't get the circular this week, know that Bass Pro in Forest Park is running some great deals on pistols Monday and Tuesday. They've got a Sig .40 S&W, model P226 (certified pre-owned) for $499. That's DIRT cheap for a Sig.

They also have Smith & Wesson's on sale (including the M&P - a great new gun!), and a number of revolvers.

Go check out Bass Pro Monday and Tuesday if you're in the market for a new handgun!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Confused about reciprocity?

You're not the only one. We get the reciprocity question a lot. Some states recognize Ohio's license, some don't. Some recognize Florida's permit, and some recognize FL's permit only if you're a FL resident. Here's a guide, straight from the attorney general's web pages of each state.

As an Ohio resident with an Ohio CHL (total of 20 states):
Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware Florida Idaho Indiana Kentucky Michigan Missouri North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Utah Virginia Vermont Washington West Virginia Wyoming

As an Ohio resident with a FL non-resident CCW (total of 25 states):

Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware Georgia Idaho Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Missouri Montana New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Wyoming

As an Ohio resident with an Ohio CHL and FL non-resident CCW (total of 28 states):

Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Missouri Mississippi Montana New Mexico South Dakota Pennsylvania Texas North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wyoming Vermont

As an Ohio resident, with the FL you gain: Georgia Louisiana Mississippi Montana New Mexico South Dakota Pennsylvania Texas

With just the FL and no Ohio, you lose: South Carolina Washington West Virginia

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A new snub-nosed .38 for classes

Many of you will be happy to know we've purchased a new Taurus snub-nose, double-action only 38 special for our class/range use. And it's even ported (not an easy feature to find these days).

If you sign up for our NRA Basic Pistol or Pistol Marksmanship classes you'll get an opportunity to try 'er out!

Buckeye Firearms News

Former Attorney General Petro to run for state Supreme Court in 2010
The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Northeast Ohio native and former Attorney General, Jim Petro, has set his sights on becoming Ohio's next Supreme Court chief justice.

Ohio Sheriff: Concealed carry works for citizens
It was a law that had the support of politicians and law-enforcement personnel, alike, three years ago when it was enacted. The so-called "concealed carry" law gave honest citizens the right to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon - legally.

Claims of 'huge' anti-gun protests were lies, says CCRKBA
A Brady Campaign news release headline claiming that "huge" crowds turned out across America for anti-gun protests was both false and misleading, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Media Aim at Gun Rights with 'Loaded Coverage'
The Cybercast News Service is reporting that, as gun-control advocates prepared to hold a "National Day of Protest Against Gun Violence," a group dedicated to correcting misconceptions in the media about social conservatism and religious faith issued a study claiming that news outlets regularly "take potshots" at rights provided by the Second Amendment.

Brannon Howse: Why Are Pastors Agreeing To Violate The U.S. Constitution?
The same federal government that has outlawed a pastor or priest from offering an invocation or a benediction at a high school graduation ceremony now wants to use them to usher in martial law.

D'Arcy Egan: Dove season takes flight
The Ohio dove hunting season opened Saturday, and veteran hunters know the more the merrier. Dove hunting on opening day is best when there are lots of hunters surround the dove fields to keep the swift-flying birds on the wing.

John R. Lott, Jr. and Maxim C. Lott: More Guns, Not Less, Would Prevent Shooting Massacres
Few tragedies make their victims feel more helpless than multiple-victim shootings. Imagine the terror: Unable to escape, simply waiting for the killer. With school starting, the April 16 attack at Virginia Tech that left 32 dead is still on many people’s minds. Some are looking for guarantees that such an attack won’t happen again.

John Longenecker: Ask Me About: ''Shall Not Be Infringed.''
Reasonable people don't dislike guns, they dislike crime, and that includes the hundreds of thousands of the non-gun incidents of knifings, beatings, carjackings, rape, abductions of adults and abductions of children. Use of citizen authority can stop many, many of these.