Thursday, January 31, 2008

CDNN specials

Good deal on a Sig 229 here...


Beretta 92D
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Claridge C9R Hi-Tech
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Glock 23
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Glock 23
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Remington 870 WingMaster
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Remington 870 WingMaster
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Walther P38
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Buckeye Firearms News

SB184 (Castle Doctrine): Senate Proponent/ Opponent hearing scheduled January 30
Senate Bill 184 will have a third hearing next week. The bill has been added to the Senate Judiciary on Criminal Justice Committee's agenda for January 30 at 10:00 a.m. in Senate Building, North Hearing Room. This legislation would restore the right of individuals to respond in force in defense of their lives and family without fear of civil lawsuits by criminals.
Read more >>>

Time is Running Out - Register to Vote!
If you have not voted in the past four years, if you have moved, or if you need to register to vote for some other qualifying reason, please act quickly as you must register no later than 30 days prior to the election. The last day to register to vote for the upcoming March 4th Presidential primary election is February 4, 2008.
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Militia, you say...? Arms Within Easy Reach
Today, we are having a debate we should never have. We are squabbling about the force which backs our authority under our system. Can you imagine some people actually rooting for the disarmament of the force which backs their very Citizen Authority in this country? They root for the disarmament of the people in the name of safe streets.
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D.C. v. Heller: Militia, you say.. Part II
The District of Columbia, which had gotten justice three times in adverse decisions that its gun ban was unconstitutional, does not debate, nor follow the law ­ it quarrels with a civil right. That quarrel involves defying the rulings handed them and trying the case in the media after it's already been ruled against them in their own back yard.
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Op-Ed: Bush Administration Wrong on Guns
The fallout continues over the Bush administration's Russian roulette-style legal maneuvering on the D.C. gun ban case. Following are excerpts and links to two excellent op-eds examining the potential motives, and the obvious mistakes, being made by the Bush Justice Department.
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Balance of power: The Second Amendment and self-defense
The debate surrounding the Second Amendment generally falls into one of three categories – esoteric and philosophical, emotional, or practical. The esoteric, philosophical approach tries to discern the amendment's meaning by parsing and deconstructing the language of the amendment. The Court's ruling will be interesting in light of a recent poll that shows that two-thirds of Americans believe that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right.
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Op-Ed: Justice for gun owners
Martin Luther King Jr. put it best: "A right delayed is a right denied." The lesson appears to have been lost on the Department of Justice and Solicitor General Paul D. Clement in the amicus curiae brief submitted recently for the government in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, which challenges the city's 31-year-old handgun ban, a horrible gun law that has had its day in court and lost.
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Attorney General Mukasey, Charles Schumer’s Trojan Horse?
From where the Bush administration’s Justice Department began, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at where we are now. In 2001, Senator John Ashcroft was appointed Attorney General. Shortly thereafter John Ashcroft put forward a statement concerning the fact the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was in fact an individual right.
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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman coming to Northwest Ohio!
There is a Lt. Col. Dave Grossman seminar in NW Ohio on Tuesday, Feb. 5, and it has only recently been opened up to the public. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world's foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.
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Op-Ed: Gunning For Gun Makers
Idaho has taken its first step in an aggressive campaign to attract gun manufacturers and other outdoor recreation industries.
Known as the Recreational Technology Campaign, Idaho Department of Commerce is partnering with the state's regional economic development groups to market Idaho as the best state for gun manufacturers to do business.
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Pro-Gun Punditry: Wednesday's Buckeye State Roundabout
There are more stories pertaining to our gun rights in Ohio then we can possibly draw attention to with individual daily commentary. But they are all worthy of mention. From a shooting at a recreation center to a pizza delivery driver getting robbed, these articles should be a part of your required reading!
Read more >>>

Another sign John McCain is the wrong choice for gun owners
As if there wasn't already plenty of evidence that Senator John McCain is the wrong choice for pro-gun Republicans in the Presidential primary, the Columbus Dispatch has added one more item to the list: The specter of Mike DeWine as U.S. Attorney General.
Read more >>>

Op-Ed: Damon Wells wants his gun - and his life - back
Grassroots gun owners have likely not forgotten the name Damon Wells, the concealed handgun license (CHL)-holder who defended himself from a violent attempted robbery in his front yard back in April 2007. Not only was Damon Wells made victim by his attackers, and subsequently his neighbors, he is now being made victim by the City of Cleveland's police department. That's because, 9 months later, Wells is still waiting for CPD to return his confiscated firearm.
Read more >>>

Russia: Gun-free utopia

In Russia, you have to be a security guard, in the gov't, or a police officer to even own a gun, much less carry one.

Yet Russia's most famous female security specialist (ex-KGB) was killed the other day during a car-jacking. In fact, it's the second time it's happened to her.

Russia is a perfect example of a large population disarmed - and the result is the highest crime rate in any industrialized nation, INCLUDING deaths by guns.

Anytime an anti-gunner says if we just made guns illegal the problem of crime would go away, point to Russia. And England. And Australia. And the dozens of other places where crime has gone UP when law-abiding citizens are disarmed.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CDNN weekly deals

EXCELLENT price on a S&W M&P, Glocks and a few Springfield XDs! They go fast, so call CDNN if you want the deal today!


Browning Cynergy · 12/28/3.5" · Mossy Oak Brush Camo · Dura-Touch Finish · Adjustable Comb ****$500 BONUS REBATE**** CALL FOR DETAILS
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Glock 32C · 357sig · Finger Groove & Rail · Ported · Fixed Sights · 2-13rd Mags
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Charles Daly HiPower · 9mm · 4.5" Barrel · Single Action · 1-13rd Mag · Tiny Blems
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Kel-Tec P11 · 9mm · Compact · Blue · 1-10rd Mag FLUSH FIT 12RD FACTORY MAG $9.99 WITH PURCHASE!
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SIG 220 · 45acp · Night Sights · Rail · Nickel Controls · 2-8rd Mags
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SIG P239 · 40s&w · Fixed Sights · DAK Trigger · Rail · Blackened Stainless · 2-7rd Mags
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SIG P226 · 357sig · Night Sights · Blackened Stainless · Rail · 2-12rd Mags
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Smith & Wesson 460XVR · 460/454/45C · 2.75" Barrel · Red Ramp/White Outline · NO Lanyard RING

Smith & Wesson 36-10 · 38+P · 3" Barrel · Blue · Classic · Diamond Walnut Grips · 5 Shot
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Smith & Wesson 36-10 · 38+P · 3" Barrel · Nickel · Classic · Diamond Walnut Grips · 5 Shot
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Smith & Wesson 500 · 500S&W · 8 Shot · 3/8" Barrel · Stainless
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Smith & Wesson M&P · 40s&w · Black · Fixed Sights · 2-15rd Mags · Safety · 3-Grips
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Smith & Wesson/Walther SW99 · 40s&w · Night Sights · DA/SA · Decocker · 2-12rd Mags · Case
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Springfield XD9 Service · 9mm · 4" Barrel · Black · Accessory Kit · 2-16rd Mags
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Springfield XD40 Service · 40s&w · 4" Barrel · Black · Accessory Kit · 2-12rd Mags
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Steyr MA1 · 40s&w · 4" Barrel · Blue · 2-12rd Mags · Case
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Steyr MA1· 9mm · 4" Barrel · Blue · 2-15rd Mags · Case

Taurus M171B · 17HMR · 1.75" Barrel · Stainless · DAO · 8 Shot
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Monday, January 28, 2008

IL proposes concealed carry, again...

IL and WI are the only two states without any form of concealed carry legislation, yet they act like this is a new thing... Anyway, let's see if it goes anywhere this time.

Important self-defense bill needs help in KY!

Ohio to hear Castle Doctrine legislation

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hamilton Cty giving away gun lock with a CHL

Just had a report from a student that Hamilton County is giving all CHL applicants a free gun-lock with their CHLs.

Good move, Hamilton County!

Anyone who is applying outside of Hamilton County, ask your sheriff for a gun lock and they should give you one, as well. It's part of Bush's Project Safe Neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VA students trying to stop a second shooting by pushing for carry on campus

Texans can now car carry without a license

Same old worriers on the anti-gun side - it's a loophole that criminals can use!

If they'd just breathe into a paper bag for a second and calm down, they'd realize that if the person was being stopped by a cop in the first place, odds are they are in the commission of a crime, which means that the gun on them is illegal (and they'll be arrested for the crime).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Have some skills to further gun rights?

While we aren't directly affiliated with Buckeye Firearms Assn., it is an excellent group and anyone willing to lend a hand should contact them!

Job Openings at Buckeye Firearms Association

Buckeye Firearms Association is looking for volunteers with specialized skills, lots of energy, and high motivation to defend and advance gun rights in Ohio. If you believe you have the right skills and mindset for one of the jobs below, e-mail us your resume / qualifications with complete contact information.

These are all unpaid, volunteer positions that require a few hours a week as you are available. We're looking for people who can work with us for the long-term and have the persistence and patience for the hard battle ahead of us. You will work with a fun, dedicated group of pro-gun supporters and have the opportunity to get directly involved in the political process at the local and state level. If you believe in second amendment rights and you're willing to take a leading roll in shaping the future of Ohio, this is a great opportunity.

If you don't fit these descriptions, but know someone who does, please ask them to contact us.

Send resume / qualification and contact info to:

Fundraiser / Development Director -- We need someone who can find donors for our organization and develop and coordinate fundraising events. Nonprofit fundraising experience is helpful, but not necessary. We already have a variety of fundraising resources, but we would expect you to take over and improve these efforts, brainstorm new sources of funding, and work with volunteers and leaders to make your ideas work. The ideal candidate will have the ability to meet with a wide variety of people and have the ability to "close the sale" to secure donations.

Volunteer Coordinator -- This position requires a "people person." You will be asked to recruit, develop, motivate, and organize volunteers throughout the state of Ohio. This will require a little travel, but not much. During political campaigns, we try to provide volunteers to pro-gun candidates to help hand out literature, and you will help coordinate this effort. It is also important to keep volunteers active and we would like you to arrange regional meetings and develop activities and routine tasks for volunteers to make our organization more efficient. You must be independent, energetic, and a self-starter. Experience with volunteers or non-profit organizations is a big plus, but not required.

Website Designer / SEO Specialist -- We are taking steps to improve our website and boost our traffic and search ranking. This is a hands-on and highly specialized position and requires knowledge of SEO, online marketing, site design, and other relevant skills. Experience with CMS, especially Drupal, is a major plus. This is a part-time position that requires your time on an as-needed basis to work with our web master and marketing department to carry out specific tasks. It also requires the ability to independently find and solve problems and provide consultation to our leaders.

SF gun ban overturned

San Francisco Gun Ban Ruled Null and Void

NRA Wins Big in California State Court of Appeals

Fairfax, VA - The California State Court of Appeals announced today their decision to overturn one of the most restrictive gun bans in the country, following a legal battle by attorneys for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a previous court order against the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

"Today's decision by the California State Court of Appeals is a big win for the law-abiding citizens and NRA Members of San Francisco," declared Chris W. Cox, NRA's chief lobbyist.

In 2005, NRA sought an injunction against the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to prevent them from enacting one of the nation's most restrictive gun bans. NRA won the injunction, but the City's mayor and Board of Supervisors ignored the court order and approved a set of penalties, including a $1,000 fine and a jail term of between 90 days and six months, for city residents who own firearms for lawful purposes in their own homes.

"We promised our California NRA members in 2005 that we would fight any gun ban instituted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and we haven't given up that fight," continued Cox. "Today we see our second win for the Second Amendment against the San Francisco gun ban. We beat them once in court and the City's attorney appealed based on his personal disagreement with the court's first decision to overturn the ban. Now we've beaten them again. The California State Court of Appeals has upheld the state preemption law."

Today's decision came in the form of a 3-0 opinion in favor of the lower court ruling overturning the gun ban.

"This decision is a thoughtful and well-reasoned legal opinion," concluded Cox. "I'd like to thank our approximately 4 million members, including the hundreds of thousands of members in California, for their continued commitment to protecting our cherished freedoms."

Friday, January 04, 2008

USA Today poll

To vote in the USA Today poll, click on the link below.

Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right

to bear arms?

Vote here:

*Hat tip to SW for the link