Saturday, September 27, 2008

S&W M&P 45 for $549 at Bass Pro

Good deal on a good auto-loader. Check it out if you're in the market.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ruling handed down today means that local ordinances related to concealed carry are a no-no, as the Atty. General has said.

*Hat tip to SW for the head's up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reminding me why I am a gun owner

A fast-food restaurant less than two miles from my home was robbed at gunpoint tonight, the criminal fleeing on foot. This is a place I've taken my wife and young son on several occasions. I know it well, and I know the surrounding area. It's where my family spends nearly all our free time, including this evening until about an hour before the incident occurred. And it's a nice part of town.

This is why I own a gun, and more specifically, why I carry a gun. Not because I think I'm a cowboy or an action-hero, but because bad things happen, everyday, in places we all think are safe. If I would have been there, unarmed, and the criminal had intentions beyond just the cash in the drawer, my family would have been helpless.

You cannot rely on the police when a crime in in progress. You must be able to protect yourself and those you love. This is the fundamental reason why I am a gun owner and why I have a concealed carry license.

If you ever need a reminder that bad things happen to good people everyday, watch your local newscast. Hopefully you, or someone you love, won't ever be featured in it.

High court ruling triggers gun ban repeals, NRA suits

Monday, September 08, 2008

UC campus crime update

Sept. 4, 2008

To: UC Community

From: Eugene R. Ferrara

Director of Public Safety/Police Chief

The University Police have received information from the Cincinnati Police that there was a robbery that occurred at approximately 3:00 AM on Sunday, August 31st. This crime happened in the rear of the building at 20 W. Daniels St. This location is one block east of the Uptown campus between Jefferson Ave. and Short Vine St. The victim was approached by two suspects carrying handguns who took money from him. The victim was struck in the face by one of the suspects during this offense. Both suspects were wearing masks, and the victim is not able to provide any description useful in identifying the suspects, nor did he see the direction and method of travel for the suspects as they fled the scene.

There has been an increased activity in street robberies in the neighborhoods around the Uptown campus, and the Cincinnati Police are implementing additional police resources in an attempt to catch the criminals. The University Police are also increasing their presence in these neighborhoods. These crimes are following a pattern regarding times and methods. They are occurring between the hours of 10:30 PM and 3:30 AM, with multiple suspects, most often armed with handguns. If you must be on the streets during these times please remain aware of your surroundings and other persons who may be present on the street. Stay in well lit areas and travel in groups whenever possible. If well-populated areas are available, go to such locations if you feel you are being followed. Notify the police of any suspicious activities.

The University Police disseminate information about crimes on and near campus to allow members of the UC community to be alert to times and places of such crimes and avoid possible repetition of the crimes. You are also encouraged to provide any information you may have regarding crimes by calling the Cincinnati Police at 352-3587 or Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

# # #

Hat tip to SW for the info.