Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New versions of Gun Law Guides are out!

Check out the national guide to gun laws here: http://gunlawguide.com/

and the Ohio guide to gun laws here: http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/gun-law-guide

Both updated for 2009! Excellent books we highly recommend.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cameras won't save you

Chicago doesn't allow law-abiding citizens to have a firearm for self-defense, and is apparently getting ready to jump on another, already proven ineffective, plan-- closed circuit security cams

These cameras have been proven time and time again to not effect crime. Look at England, for example. Instead of going with methods that have been shown to work, like concealed carry, they stick to the tride-and-true big-brother method that just makes us all lose a bit of privacy and still get mugged. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real-world isn't like CSI

One interesting note to those supporting a ballistics database (or gun "fingerprinting") - it doesn't work. Shown in the billions spent by Canada, NY and others. Now by a Federal report that also calls out several other areas that aren't accurate.

A cheap, bright flashlight for by the bed

We get the question all the time - where do I get a super-bright flashlight for by the bed, like you advise having in your Personal Protection class (next one scheduled for June 13, by the way).

Here's a cheap route. LED flashlights are SUPER-BRIGHT, and the bulbs and batteries last a really long time. Harbor Freight for $3 with this coupon (and you get two). While you're there, check out the spotting scopes for $60!!

CDNN Para Ord. sale - including CCW and Warthog!

Personal Protection class scheduled!

June 13 is the day. Sign up at AdvancedShooting.com!

NRA membership for $25

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Basic Shotgun class scheduled for May 16

Dems muscle through bill with no one reading the final draft

You've heard it in the news, but the biggest bill in our nation's history was approved yesterday. No, there aren't any provisions against gun ownership/registration/etc. as was reported briefly yesterday (the NRA verifies this).

What you should be concerned about was the way this went thorough. 48-hours of public viewing and debate was promised, and not given. Dozens of little-known and barely debated provisions were slipped into this bill, though not called "earmarks," despite the president's promise to be completely transparent. On top of this, many in Congress admitted that it's impossible to read such a massive bill in the time given.

Watch out for gun-related legislation to be pushed in this same fashion. Ramming huge changes through with little debate, very little time to react, in the name of some emergency, and even Congress not completely understanding what they're doing or how it may effect you. The Holt bill is one to pay special attention to... it's a gun registration scheme.

Be vigilant and contact the media to make yourself heard.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dropped off Mon, back on Wed

Just got a report from a student who dropped off his CHL application on Mon. and got a call today, Wed., that it's ready to be picked up. Clermont County. Nice!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Why a bar manager might want to consider a CHL

You can't carry into places that serve alcohol, but you're OK to carry if you have a CHL and are the principle owner or operator. Might be a good idea, since some people mix drinks with violence, as happened here.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why it's called the First Freedom

The Second Amendment is often referred to as the "first freedom" of the Bill of Rights. The reason is very simple -- the right to bear arms protects all other freedoms.

No where is this more on display than in Russia, where journalists who are critical to politicians, criminals, etc. are often gunned down (and guns are illegal, rendering law-abiding citizens defenseless and criminals with free-reign).

We must never allow our First Freedom to be denied, even under the auspices of "change."