Thursday, October 29, 2009

You don't need to carry, you're in a public place, right? WRONG.

There's a debate brewing over whether witnesses to a serious crime must report the crime to police. What's stirring this up is a gang-rape of 15-yr old girl at a school function, where 20+ people saw what was happening and didn't report it.

The lesson to media? We should question whether you have to call the police in such a situation. The lesson for us? Protect yourself-- you can't rely on others to help. Even when it's obvious that a serious, even violent crime is being committed.

Monday, October 26, 2009

CNN last place, newspaper circ down again (one-sided coverage'll do that)

Just because you shoot back doesn't mean you'll live

Two things about this story. First, both teens were illegally carrying (bad guys don't care about the law). Second, just because you're armed doesn't mean you will survive a confrontation, so never put yourself at additional risk just because you're carrying.

Investigators say it appeared each had opened fire on the other during a confrontation.

Man, Woman Found Shot to Death at Day Care

At Gun-free zone day care: Bodies found in parking lot of Jellybean Junction in Fairfield

Saturday, October 24, 2009

For Sale: 20" iMac 2Ghz, 250GB HD, excellent condition

2GB Ram, Leopard, DVD burner, slim keyboard & mighty mouse, runs like a super-star. All the bells & whistles, and looks awesome (pic doesn't do it justice). Great media-center computer, work computer, all around sweet system. Shoot us an email w/ an offer $700+

Friday, October 23, 2009

Police: 70 year-old woman with concealed handgun license saved lives by shooting robbery suspect

By Chad D. Baus

Columbus news media are quoting police as saying a woman who shot an armed robber when he entered her hotel room with a gun may have saved the lives of her friends.


The incident happened at about 9:15 p.m. at the Continent Inn Motel at 6225 Zumstein Dr.

The door was standing open on a motel room. The suspect walked into the room, showed a firearm and started to rob several people who were in town for the Quarter Horse Congress, CPD said.

A 70-year-old woman pulled out a handgun and shot the robbery suspect, investigators said.

The suspect fled to the parking lot.

Columbus police arrived on the scene at about 9:20 and found the suspect in the lot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the woman might have saved the lives of the people with her in the room.

The heroic robbery victim, who the Columbus Dispatch is reporting is an Ohio concealed handgun license-holder, was interviewed and released from custody, Police say she won't face charges, because the shooting is being considered an act of self-defense.

Under the Ohio's Castle Doctrine law, if someone unlawfully enters an occupied home or temporary habitation (such as this woman's hotel room), or occupied car, citizens have an initial presumption that they may act in self defense, and will not be second-guessed by the State.

Click here for many other examples of concealed handgun license-holders acting in defense of their lives in Ohio.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Classes scheduled: Point Shooting, Youth, Personal Protection, Pistol Marksmanship!

Just added several more class dates on our schedule. What we have coming up (besides CCW classes):

Oct 24 - Pistol Point Shooting - learn how to point-shoot, draw from a holster! 2 hrs at the range plus online classroom at your leisure.

Nov 1 - Pistol Marksmanship - 2 hrs at the range with an instructor helping you get on target!

Nov 14 - Youth First Steps - teach your 7+ year old how to shoot a 22 rifle!

Nov 14 - Assault Rifle Basics - learn to shoot an AR-15 and AK-47! 3 hrs at the range with an instructor plus online classroom at your leisure.

Dec 12 - Basic Shotgun - learn to shoot trap with our shotgun instructor! 3 hrs at the range with an instructor plus online classroom at your leisure.

Feb 20 - Personal Protection - learn what to do if someone breaks in your house, point shooting, 3-shot groups, drawing from a holster, and much more! Total of 8 hours including range time and classroom.

Sign up today at for any of our classes! Hurry, all have limited spots available!

If there's a bump in the night...

We often get the question--what do you have in case you think someone's in your house at night?

I have a locking box by the bed that has a Springfield XD 40 S&W and a Surefire LED flashlight. Plus my wife's purse is in the bedroom, which has her car and housekey in it, and both our cell phones are charging on the dresser.

Here's why:
- the Springfield is a high-capacity, easy to shoot handgun that I'm very comfortable with. I'm usually a 45-guy, but my wife isn't. Which means if she'd have to use it I want the gun to be a caliber she can shoot. Plus I don't feel under-armed with a 40--it's a great bullet, especially when you put good hollow-points in it. Plus there's a second 9mm locked in our closet in case I need to go investigate and leave her in the bedroom or with the kids.

- the Surefire, while very expensive ($90-ish), is the brightest, toughest, easiest to use and most compact tactical flashlight I've ever seen. It's an LED, which means the batteries last a long time, and it's built for the worst of situations. It's instant-on button is made for sweeping hostile environments--turn it on with just a bit of pressure of your thumb (with it in your hand like a baton, flashlight side down) and you can easily search a space without giving away where you are. Just let go and the light goes off. Plus it's bright as hell and light-weight.

- keys for two reasons. First, using the 'panic' button on the car keys is a great way to scare the be-Jesus out of someone in the house, and second because if we're trapped upstairs with a bad guy downstairs and cops outside I want to be able to throw my keys down so the Police don't have to kick in a door.

- cell phones because you can't cut a cell line and it's a portable connection to 911, which is always the first step if you know someone's broken in.

So there you go. Not too complex. If you want to learn more about how you can prepare yourself and your family for a potential break-in and learn what to do if you're confronted with an intruder, check out our Personal Protection class. Visit for more info.

Two weeks with an ankle holster--and I'm a convert

I'm a convert. While disparaging ankle holsters for nearly 6 years, I never really tried one for any length of time. Access, comfort, I had a lot of excuses. But my only exposure had been 15 minutes of ankle-holster time.

Now that I've put a Bianchi ankle holster through the paces, I can easily say that this is a viable option for carry, especially for those who tuck in their shirts.

Yes, it'll take a while to get a hold of your gun. Longer than some situations might allow, but when there's no other easy way to carry or you're dressed in a way where inside-the-pants or belt holsters just don't work, an ankle holster is a great option.

I especially like the ability to drive in comfort (and with easy access to the gun).

Some tips:
  • Get a holster that fits your gun. Strapping a big chunk of steel and material to your leg isn't comfortable unless everything works well together.
  • Experiment with which gun fits best in the holster. I found small revolvers worked much better than autos, mostly because the grips were shorter and didn't stick out.
  • Having an ankle holster on takes some getting used to. Don't give up quickly--I made that mistake years ago. Give it a couple of days. Maybe start by just wearing the holster by itself for a few days. Get used to the feel before you go full-out and carry.
  • Adjustments make a huge difference. Sometimes you'll have to scoot the holster up, down, and around your leg to find the perfect fit.
  • Tight is good--the more snug I have the holster the less it feels like it's there. Not saying you should tourniquet yourself, but make sure the holster allows for a tight fit. Any looseness can cause the gun to flop around, which is very uncomfortable.
  • When necessary, go to the bathroom and make any adjustments. Once in a while, like any holster, things get out of whack. A trip to the restroom gives you an opportunity for a fix. Don't let something nag you or look weird--fix it.
I'll be regularly carrying in this fashion from now out. Let us know your experiences with your ankle holster (or any other holster) and we'll share them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pistol Point Shooting Class scheduled for Oct 24 10am-noon. $50.

Want to get the most popular part of our Personal Protection class--the range time where we teach point shooting and holster draw--without killing a whole Saturday? What if we told you it was only $50?

The first Pistol Point Shooting class of the season will be Oct 24 10am-noon. You take the classroom on the web and spend two hours at the range learning the techniques! Sign up today at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Video of bullets in super-slow-mo

Very cool video. Watch about 2/3 through for the hollow-points expanding in ballistics gel.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Military M4's failing in battle?

Every shooter needs to go once: Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

If there were seven wonders of the shooting world, Knob Creek's machine gun shoot would definitely make the list. We decided to head down this year and check it out. Very, very cool. Especially the night shoot (about 1/4 through the clip).

Thursday, October 01, 2009

DUMBASS shows gun at Kenwood Towne Center

Once in a while, a dumbass slips through the cracks. 99.9% of CHL holders are good folks (that's an actual stat - less than 0.1% of CHL holders are convicted of a crime with a gun, that's 30x better than the average citizen). Here we appear to have a moron.

Let's hope people learn from this. You CANNOT brandish a firearm. Not as a joke, not as a threat, not for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. You have a concealed weapon to protect yourself if you're attacked. No other reason. Ever.

One note, however. In the 5+ years since Ohio passed concealed carry this is the FIRST incident we've ever heard of where a CHL holder brandished a firearm. And it appears it was not in violence, probably a stupid (very stupid) joke from a guy with too much testosterone.

Given the rarity of this situation, let's hope the anti-gunners, always looking for a reason to over-react, don't take this as fodder to do things that hurt us all.

Typical for an anti-gunner: something is evil (but I'll gladly profit from it)

Moore hates capitalism--the system that's made him filthy rich (though he claims a few hundred million bucks isn't much).

He also hates guns, but has armed body guards... Ugh.