Sunday, November 29, 2009

Desantis Ankle Rig rocks

After a full week of wearing a new Desantis Ankle Rig, purchased at the Ft Worth, TX Cabelas (or the Disney Land for Shooters as I call it), I can easily say this holster rocks. It's easy to wear, comfortable, and stays put. I highly recommend for anyone who needs to tuck their shirt in, needs to carry seriously concealed, and wears long pants.

Sure, access to your gun suffers in any ankle rig, but I would argue that if you have to tuck your shirt in this is the easiest, most comfortable way to have a carry gun close at hand. And if you drive a lot or sit at a desk all day, this is much more comfortable than waist-band carry and allows you to actually access your gun faster (IWB holsters tend to be hard to access when sitting).

Buy it at here for $38. Worth every penny.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finger off the trigger!

Some unlucky shooter at the Bass Pro shops in Dallas, TX managed to shoot the roof of their indoor gun range, blowing through the range's sprinkler system. I happened to walk in while a fire engine was waiting outside to disable the sprinkler system, and the Bass Pro maintenance crew was busy cleaning up all the water.

In fact, the box of the gun I purchased, which was stored in the basement of Bass Pro, was wet due to the flooding that ensued.

Remember your rules, folks. 1) Safe direction, 2) Finger off the trigger (this is where he broke the rule), and 3) Keep the gun unloaded until you're ready to use it.

Follow these three rules and no one, including any harmless sprinklers at Bass Pro, gets hurt.

New gun for classes: Taurus PT1911

We love 1911's, as most gun guys do. Taurus has been a descent discount-firearms brand for us, especially descent for their revolvers, so we decided to give their 1911 a try for class use.

We've shot them before, and they live up to modern 1911's wonderful-ness. We'll see how this gun holds up and report back.

As always, our guns are free for any student attending a class to try. We'd rather you try with our guns than buy something on your own and regret the decision.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New ankle holster

Got a Desantis Apache Ankle Rig from Cabelas while in Dallas--it's AWESOME. Much more comfortable than my normal Bianchi, though doesn't hold as tight (we'll see if this becomes a problem). Highly recommend!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Great deal on S&W AR-15

Smith Wesson M · .223 · 16" Barrel · Optics Ready Flat-Top Receiver · M4 Handguard ·
6-Postition Stock · Bird Cage · 1-30rd Mag · New
#SMI811003 $749.99 for details and for the number to call! .

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tragic shooting is another example of a "gun-free" zone incident

Believe it or not, most soldiers are not allowed to carry on base. It appears MPs acted quickly and stopped the shooter, but still, a dozen soldiers lost their lives and many more were injured.

No idea if allowing soldiers/civilians to carry on base could have reduced the carnage, but it is clear that many were left defenseless against a crazed attacker.