Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Case shows you have to be careful in unfriendly states

Seven years in prison, all for trying to legally transport guns in New Jersey. Take this as a warning- you need to be crystal clear of the rules of having a firearm in the state you're in.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How do I sight in my AR scope?

Had a question this week from a student who picked up a new Bushmaster AR15, threw a scope on it, and isn't sure how to sight in the scope, sometimes called zeroing. Here's the process.

What you need:
- Your gun
- 20-30 rounds of ammo
- A set of binoculars or spotting scope
- Some sand bags to rest the front of the rifle/shotgun on (or a gun rest like a Lead Sled if you have it)
- A laser bore-sighter if you can't see through the bolt (see 1 below)
- A few targets with a clear bullseye
- A range with a 25 yard and 100 yard distance

1- Bore-sight the gun. Some gun shops will do this for you when you buy a scope. In this case, skip to 2. If not, here's how you do it.

If you have a bolt that pulls out where you can see from the back of the gun down the barrel, pull the bolt out. Put the gun in a rest, look through the back of the barrel and down range at a target at 25 yards. Put the bullseye dead-center in the bore, then adjust your scope so the crosshairs of the scope are on the center. This works especially well with a bolt-action rifle, like a Remington 700. If you can't see through the back of your gun out the bore of the barrel, buy a laser bore sighting kit. They're only about $30 and let you get the barrel lined up to the scope. Pop the laser in the barrel and put the crosshairs on the laser dot at 30 yards.

Bore sighting is an important first step. It'll save you a lot of ammo and frustration so you can start hitting the paper right away.

2- Start shooting. With the gun securely rested on the bench, load a round, put the crosshairs on the bullseye at 25 yards, and slowly pull the trigger.

Here's the important trick. With the gun steady and secure, aim the crosshairs at the bullseye and adjust the scope (holding the gun very steady) so the crosshairs move from the bullseye to the hole.

Now shoot again. You should be nearly on the bullseye. If not, try again. Remember, not holding the gun steady will goof up this process something horrible.

Also, take breaks when the barrel starts to get hot. A hot barrel will shoot differently than a cold barrel, and in most cases you want the gun sighted in so it'll get the shot right when the barrel is cold.

3- Move out to 100 yards. Take a shot at 100 yards, and point crosshairs at the bullseye then adjust to the hole. Aim at the bullseye, and repeat this process until you're dialed in. That's it. Easy, eh?

A few key things to remember:
- Bore-sighting your gun first will save you a lot of time and ammo.
- Make sure you hold the gun very steady, squeeze the trigger very slowly, and take your time. Most guns shoot much more accurately than the shooter, so take your time so you don't goof the shot and blame it on the gun.
- Shoot a few rounds to confirm you're on-target.
- It's a good idea to re-zero every few months, especially if the gun was bouncing around in a case or in the safe a long time.

Good luck, and shoot safe!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More celebs carrying guns

Not shocking, but celebs are getting carry permits in big numbers according to People magazine. Too bad a normal citizen can't be just as protected in cities like NY.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Really nice safe on sale at Costco

Fits handguns in the door, has a built-in light, and they ship it to you for free. Very nice at a very good price ($599). Check it out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family dies as police set up perimeter

When you read a story like this one, you have to wonder why some people insist that calling the police is a solid alternative to owning a gun in the home for self-protection.

The police aren't a personal bodyguard service. They can't be everywhere at every moment, just waiting for you or your family to be in danger.

Take it upon yourself to protect your family. Don't be stupid about it--lock up your guns, practice the 3 rules (safe direction, finger off trigger, unloaded until you're ready to use it), and hit the range a few times a year to stay sharp.

Relying on the police might just get you killed, like it did for this poor family.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tomorrow 10p - Top Shot on History

This series seems to have some potential. Starts Sunday at 10p on History Channel.

Another advantage to NRA membership

Sure, you get to help the organization that has kept the gun-grabbers at bay, get firearms and range insurance, and a good magazine with your NRA membership, but I discovered today how good the discounts are.

As an NRA member pushing 10 years, I've never thought to use the discounts, until I had to rent a car for a month. It saved me over $125-- well worth the $35/yr membership.

So next time you're wondering if you should renew and he anti-gunners aren't enough for you to write that check, Google NRA discounts and see how your membership can quickly pay for itself.
Advanced Shooting
(513) 549-4045

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A great example of active shooter on Grey's Anatomy

People run and hide, helpless as a mad man is on the loose. Begging for their lives, concealed carry in this fictional hospital could save lives and stop the killing.

In Hollywood, a person defending him/herself with a legal firearm is nearly unheard of. Concealed carry is the solution to active shooters, hell bent on killing as many innocents as possible. Maybe one day a prime time drama will tell it how it is- one brave person with a CCW can save lives.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Vote PRO-GUN today!

Download your voter guide here.

Monday, May 03, 2010


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Jon Husted

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As the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jon Husted was instrumental in passing Ohio's “state preemption” legislation, assuring equal rights for all law-abiding firearm owners across the state.  Today, he continues to be a vocal advocate in the fight to protect the rights of Ohio gun owners.


If you are a registered voter, you are eligible to participate in this election!  Be sure to spread the word to your family, friends and fellow gun owners to vote for Jon Husted on Tuesday, May 4! 




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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bud's Gun Shop sale, opening new range in Lexington!

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The opening of the new 25 lane indoor shooting range is also set to kick off on the weekend of June 26 & 27th ! We have a very exciting weekend planned, including a shooting exhibition by world famous Jerry Miculek with Smith & Wesson. This state of the art Law Enforcement and Public shooting range by Action Target systems will accomodate calibers up to .50 BMG and offers many other features found only in a handful of other range facilities across the United States. Enjoy shooting year round in unsurpassed comfort and safety. Our indoor range is temperature controlled for your comfort and features a constant negative pressure ventilation system for your safety. We now have a very limited number of advance range memberships remaining for purchase on www.budsgunshop.com. Click HERE to view all membership options.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Arizona allows carry without permit (3rd state)

And the media drags out the same old crap to try and derail it. Theories of blood in the streets, accidental discharges, etc., though all have been proven to not happen in states that loosen restrictions on right-to-carry.

A very telling quote from the article:

"However, the measure was supported by police unions representing rank-and-file officers, who said their best friend on the streets is a law-abiding citizen equipped to protect themselves or others."

Amen to that. Read the whole article here.

Neighbors cheer Ohio CHL-holder for fighting back during attempted robbery

Cincinnati's CBS affiliate, WKRC, is reporting that "a neighborhood beaten down by crime in the last two weeks is cheering one of its own for fighting back."

From the story:

Three masked men tried to rob a man on Rosemont Avenue in West Price Hill Monday night. But the trio didn't know their victim had a concealed carry permit- and was prepared to shoot.

Troy Hammond and Tremaine Hughes are charged with aggravated armed robbery. Officers say they were both shot at during the incident -- but they are not the real victims.

Police say Hammond, Hughes, and another man jumped the victim, whose name has not been released. The victim has a concealed carry permit -- and fired a shot, hitting one suspect. That suspect is still in the hospital.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lots of handgun ammo at Walmart Fields Ertel!

Including 100rd 9mm value packs. Get it while it lasts!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Amid Cuts, Ohio Judge Warns Citizens To Arm Selves

The warning comes from Ohio's mostly rural Ashtabula County, where the sheriff's department has been cut from 112 to 49 deputies.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How young is too young?

A question we often get: how young is too young to take my son/daughter shooting?

A good rule of thumb is when your kid understands the difference between life and death. Shooting is serious stuff, and you want to be sure your child understands that not taking the rules seriously could result in irreversible consequences.

Most kids have a clear understanding of life and death by 7 or 8 years old. A good first step is a clear respect for common household items that have some inherent danger, like the lawn mower, weed wacker, kitchen knives, etc. Another is the ability to list and explain the importance of the three safety rules (safe direction, finger off the trigger, unloaded until you're ready to shoot).

Taking the mystery out of firearms and teaching children to respect guns is important at an early age, but starting too soon could result in an irrational fear of guns or an accident.

For kids not quite ready to head to the range, we highly recommend the NRA's Eddie Eagle youth safety program. We also offer Youth training classes, which will show you how to teach your child. Details at CinciCCW.com.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't listen to the 'where they came from' twisted logic

When someone uses a car as a runaway vehicle in a crime, does the media run out and see where they bought the car? Or when a man beats another with a bat, do they call Louisville Slugger or the sporting goods store for comment? Of course not. So why do people get all twisted in knots about where a legally acquired gun came from?

The fact is bad guys can get a hold of guns, even in countries like Russia, England and Mexico where they're illegal. Sure, we should work to keep guns out of the criminal's hands, but making such a big deal out of the origin of a gun is foolish. It's the crime that matters. Law enforcement should be working to put bad guys in jail for the illegal acts they commit, not the legal ones.

And would have the source of the gun (or car or bat) stopped the crime? No, the bad guy would have just found another source.

So next time you hear the media panting about where someone got the gun, dismiss it. Remind people it's the crime that's important, not the means.

From the story: "The guns used in the shootings at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse this year were traced back to the police and court system in Memphis, Tenn. Authorities originally seized the weapons, which were then sold to licensed gun dealers, before making their way to the shooters. State Sen. Doug Jackson, who co-sponsored the measure that limits law enforcement's ability to destroy seized weapons, says the sales help in raising funds.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good deal on used Sigs at CDNN Sports

SIG 220 · 45acp · Blue · Night Sights ·1-7rd Mag ·
Very Good Condition

SIG 229 · 40s&w · Blackened Stainless · Night Sights ·
1-12rd LE Marked Mag · Very Good Condition

Go to CDNNSports.com for their contact info. Good deals!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homeland Security officers have lost 200 guns

USA Today is reporting that the Dept. of Homeland Security has reported nearly 200 lost guns from its officers.

This is important for anyone who carries-- eventually, your gun does become like your cell phone, keys, or anything else you might lose on a regular basis. You must treat your gun with respect, always know where it is, and lock it up when it's not on your person.

Sounds crazy, but lost guns happen. And you don't want your gun to end up in the wrong hands.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Great price on Bushmaster AR-15

At CDNN they have a Bushmaster M4A1 AR-15 for $749.99. Awesome rifle at a great price! Call them at 800-588-9500 to order. If you need FFL instructions, let us know!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gun With Wireless Arming Signal Goes On Sale Soon

Improving safety and technology is nearly always a good thing, but keep in mind the very specific tasks for a gun. They must work, every time and under nearly any condition, or you could be killed.

This type of tech must be vetted to the same standards of every other gun -- bury it, run it over with a car, throw it in water, etc. I don't know about you, but I certainly won't trust my life to something that could get as easily goofed up as a bluetooth headset or garage door opener. Failed batteries or loose circuits could get good guys killed, so take all these advancements with a grain of salt.

Even more important, let everyone know about the potential limitations (and consequences) of these technologies. Some local governments have already passed laws requiring all guns to be 'smart' as soon as the technology is available. We must push that this not be the case until all smart guns are reliable as regular guns, and make sure older guns don't get banned in the process.

From Slashdot.com:
An anonymous reader writes "Armatix has built a pistol that will disarm itself when it is taken away from a watch that sends it a wireless arming signal. The .22 caliber guns will go on sale in the US within months, and the initial price is 7,000 euro. Higher caliber models will follow. To activate the gun, users must enter a pin code on the wristwatch, and then keep it within roughly 20cm of the gun. If the person is disarmed, the gun can't be used against them. Also coming soon this year, civilians will also be able to buy three-shot Tasers, rubber bullets, as well as Heckler and Koch black rifles." This might not be good news for the citizens of New Jersey.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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Some great prices at Jerry's

Jerry's Sports Center 1-800-444-6744

Rossi 351 or 461 - $256 Blue $297.50 SS
XD $414.50 for sub-compact, hi-cap
PT940 Blue $419.90
PT1911 $489.90
PT111- $304.50

The FFL we mention in-class is on file with Jerry's--get these deals while you can!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Otis Cleaning kits- $45

If you're looking to seriously scrub your guns, Otis is the way to go. One of our instructors has acquired several marine-issue-style Otis kits and is selling them for $45. Let him know if you want one-- joe@cincinnaticcw.com.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What happens in a serious disaster? It's every man (and family) for themselves.

In the wake of a disaster, environmental or otherwise, there is often chaos. Today's example is in Haiti, where gangs are fighting in the streets for food.

This is yet another reason why self-defense and gun-rights are critical. After the LA earthquakes, OJ trial, the floods in New Orleans, and countless other US-disasters we experienced similar disorder. The government can't and won't protect you when order is truly lost. It is your responsibility to protect yourself. And time and time again, it's been proven that a gun is the best way to do just that.

So remember when anti-gun folks say "why do you need a rifle in the city--there's no hunting," that this issue is much bigger than hunting.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A CHL is a good I-D, too.

Got a surprise at the airport today--my driver's license is expired. That means I don't have the required identification to fly. Oh, wait, I have a CHL. On the plane, no problem!

Another nice feature of having a CCW license--a state I-D that's still valid, despite the expired license.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Does class get cancelled if it snows?

No, but don't put yourself in danger if you're uncomfortable driving. Call 549-4045 if you need to re-schedule.

Will we survive the cold at the range?

If you've got a class coming up, you're probably a bit concerned about the frigid weather we've been having. Do we shoot outside? is a big question. Yes, we do, but there are good reasons.

First, most indoor gun ranges are not well heated due to ventilation requirements (the big range in Sharonville included). So it's just as cold inside as it is out, even at most indoor ranges.

Second, indoor ranges are much louder and more cramped than outdoor, making it very difficult to hold a class indoors. Especially for new shooters.

And finally, indoor ranges, especially older ranges, force you to breathe in pollutants as you shoot, including lead. We'd rather not do that, so we prefer to shoot outside for the health of our instructors and students.

Nothing wrong with going to an indoor range-- we go every now and then-- but an outdoor range tends to be better for classes and better for your health, and is typically just as cold as the indoor version.

So bundle up, jump in your car if you get too cold, and we'll get the fire pit and propane heaters cranked up so we can all survive the outing!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Need metal fabrication done? Talk to Dave.

A friend of the group just started his own metal fabrication company. Need machining, design or installation? Call Dave Schultz. 513-383-3131. Let's hope he starts working on guns--can't have too many good gunsmiths!