Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How young is too young?

A question we often get: how young is too young to take my son/daughter shooting?

A good rule of thumb is when your kid understands the difference between life and death. Shooting is serious stuff, and you want to be sure your child understands that not taking the rules seriously could result in irreversible consequences.

Most kids have a clear understanding of life and death by 7 or 8 years old. A good first step is a clear respect for common household items that have some inherent danger, like the lawn mower, weed wacker, kitchen knives, etc. Another is the ability to list and explain the importance of the three safety rules (safe direction, finger off the trigger, unloaded until you're ready to shoot).

Taking the mystery out of firearms and teaching children to respect guns is important at an early age, but starting too soon could result in an irrational fear of guns or an accident.

For kids not quite ready to head to the range, we highly recommend the NRA's Eddie Eagle youth safety program. We also offer Youth training classes, which will show you how to teach your child. Details at CinciCCW.com.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't listen to the 'where they came from' twisted logic

When someone uses a car as a runaway vehicle in a crime, does the media run out and see where they bought the car? Or when a man beats another with a bat, do they call Louisville Slugger or the sporting goods store for comment? Of course not. So why do people get all twisted in knots about where a legally acquired gun came from?

The fact is bad guys can get a hold of guns, even in countries like Russia, England and Mexico where they're illegal. Sure, we should work to keep guns out of the criminal's hands, but making such a big deal out of the origin of a gun is foolish. It's the crime that matters. Law enforcement should be working to put bad guys in jail for the illegal acts they commit, not the legal ones.

And would have the source of the gun (or car or bat) stopped the crime? No, the bad guy would have just found another source.

So next time you hear the media panting about where someone got the gun, dismiss it. Remind people it's the crime that's important, not the means.

From the story: "The guns used in the shootings at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse this year were traced back to the police and court system in Memphis, Tenn. Authorities originally seized the weapons, which were then sold to licensed gun dealers, before making their way to the shooters. State Sen. Doug Jackson, who co-sponsored the measure that limits law enforcement's ability to destroy seized weapons, says the sales help in raising funds.